ZynTravel Review - Zyndio Good MLM or Scam?

ZynTravel Review – Zyndio Good MLM or Scam?

Hey, welcome to my ZynTravel Review!

There has been some buzz about this company lately and decided to investigate what it is all about…

You probably have been approached by someone or you were spammed on Facebook about Zyn Travel and now you are reading this review because you want to make sure it’s legit… Right?

Trust me, I have been approached and spammed many times before but the one thing I always did was do my own research before joining a business opportunity…

So good news!

I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can see if it is for you or not…

All I ask you to do is pay attention and read this blog post all the way to the end…

I will be sharing deep truths and you should know about it.

ZynTravel Review – The Company


Website: ย http://zyndio.com

On their official website (Zyndio), it actually doesn’t talk about who is running the show here…

I clicked on “COMPANY” on the website and just found a sales pitch and asking to join…

Then I decided to dig deeper and looked at the “WHOIS” information on the domain…

I found out that the email address used to register the domain belongs to a fellow named Anthony Powell who used to be in Vemma…

If you didn’t know this, Vemma at the time of this review is going through some legal battles against the FTC.

Personally, I think Vemma shouldn’t have been targeted because there are so many real ponzi and pyramid schemes out there…

Anyway, back to this review lol.

I am a very strong believer in leadership and it’s very important when it comes to a network marketing company.

Bad leadership can destroy a company…

I just don’t like the fact ZynTravel doesn’t talk about their leadership which always throws the red flag for me…

Anyway, let’s take a look at their products…

Zyn Travel Review – The Products

Zyndio operates a travel portal called “ZynTravel” which apparently provides access to 65,000 resorts and 200,000 hotels worldwide with discounts up to 85%.

Yes, if you didn’t know this, it’s another travel MLM company.

Depending on how much is spent on the affiliate membership to join, Zyndio members are given ZynTravel credit when they sign up:

– Silver Package ($69.98) – $75 Credits

– Gold Package ($219.98) – $300 Credits

– Platinum Package ($469.98) – $750 Credits

Alright next, let’s take a look at the comp plan ๐Ÿ™‚

Zyndio Review – The Compensation Plan

Like all MLM companies, you get paid commissions when you sponsor someone in the business.

It’s no different here with Zyndio compensating you for bringing in customers and affiliates.

I wish I could find a video for you all, but this company just launched so there is barely any information on it…

I did find some info for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Travel Commissions:

If travel is booked through a Zyndio member using the ZynTravel portal, commissions are paid on travel booking to that member.

The amount of commissions you earn will depend which package you signed up with.

– Siliver ($69.98) – You Earn 25% Commissions

– Gold ($219.98) – You earn 50% Commissions

– Platinum ($469.98) – You earn 100% commissions

Please realize that these commission percentages are not calculated on the price paid at the time of booking, but the commission paid to Zyndio (Zyntravel) by third-party travel companies the booking was made with…

In other words, it’s a percentage of a percentage…

Recruitment Commissions:

ZynTravel members also get paid to recruit new affiliates down two levels (Unilevel).

The amount of commissions earned here depends on what level the member came in with.

Recruiting a Silver member = $10 on Level 1 (Personally recruited) and Level 2 is $2.50.

Recruiting a Gold member = $40 on level 1 and $10 on level 2.

Recruiting a Platinum member = $90 on level 1 and $22.50 on level 2.

Residual Commissions on Referring Members:

On the top of the unilevel, there is a 3×2 Matrix where affiliates are placed.

There are total of 12 positions.

Top Positionย = You

Level 1 = 3 spots

Level 2 = 9 spots

You only get paid on the levels you currently have…

– Silver affiliates receive a silver matrix position

– Gold affiliates receive a silver and gold matrix position

– Platinum affiliates receiver silver, gold and platinum matrix position.

Commissions are paid once a matrix across any tier is filled up:

– Silver – $150

– Gold – $600

– Platinum – $1350

To be qualified in this matrix, you must sponsor 3 people and once you have been paid in this matrix, you start over again.

Cycle Matching Bonus:

Once you go through 50 or more cycles, you can earn 25% match on level 1 (personally sponsored and 10% match on level2.

People with less than 50 cycles get paid less… This info was no where to be found.

Lifestyle Bonus:

You get products based on how many cycles you have gone through…

– 5 Matrix Cycles = Mini iPad

– 10 Matrix Cycles = GoPro Hero Camera

– 25 Matrix Cycles = MacBook Air

– 50 Matrix Cycles = a “Mastermind Session”

– 1000 Matrix Cycles = BMW or Mercedes car plus $10,000

That’s all I know as of right now…

Cost To Join Zyndio (ZynTravel)

There are three price points for the Zyndo affiliate membership which is called the ZynTravel Club membership:

Silver – $69.98 plus $12.99 per month

Gold – $219.98 plus $12.99 per month

Platinum – $469.98 plus $12.99 per month

The Verdict – ZynTravel Review

Overall it’s tough to gauge this company because it just launched…

It does have products which are through third party sites which is okay…

With this kind of compensation plan, there won’ t be many customers but just affiliates recruiting people.

This can be on the dangerous side and can get this company in trouble with FTC.

Also, I don’t like the fact the leadership driving this company isn’t disclosed at all.

I would never join a company before finding out who is running the show…

And for that reason I am out…

There are a ton of business opportunities that disclose the leadership and isn’t driven by recruitment only.

Network Marketing companies should have more customers to affiliates to be on the safe side.

So what is legit?

There are tons of companies that are legit, but the biggest issue with them is the big money is made through referring people…

A few years ago, I decided to look for a business model that anyone can join and actually start profiting without recruiting a single person…

It was actually hard to find because so many businesses are recruitment driven…

I did find one where recruitment side was completely optional and majority of the money was made through the actual product…

Click here To See What I Mean

They leverage the biggest marketplaces in the world to make you money without any up front costs…

Now there is a small investment to get started depending on where you want to start, but compared to 99% of other companies, it’s VERY affordable and you can actually be in the profit in your first week.

I just want to be honest with you…

Nothing is free that actually works so if you are looking for that magic business with no investment, it doesn’t exist.

Those are all scams.

Remember, a business requires an investment.

Look at McDonalds…

To start that business it costs $1 million up front and roughly $50,000+ per month in overhead…

It will even take you 3-4 years to make your money back…

You have to put it in perspective ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, it’s not going to cost you $1 million dollars and take you 3-4 years to make a profit…

The business I am talking about can be profitable in your first week because the investment is less than $100!

And it can pay you MORE than the McDonalds business if you really take it serious.

Click Here and Start Profiting Now

I will see you on the inside…

If you are in ZynTravel, please share with us your personal experience in the comments below…

No affiliate links please.

Also if you already joined ZynTravel, the no recruitment business I am talking about will work hand to hand with anything…

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-Jesse Singh

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