Young Living Has Michael Buch As Chief Science Officer

Young Living Has Michael Buch As Chief Science Officer

There has been a lot of essential oil companies coming about and other MLM companies going this route, but the biggest one of all is Young Living Essential Oils.

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On November 18th, Young Living announced that Dr. Buch will be the Chief Science Officer.

The reason for that is pretty clear, he has a ton of experience in product formulation, advanced analysis techniques, regulatory affairs, product formulation and open innovation models that will take Young Living to the next level.

What also helps is he has over 30 years of experience in scientific  organizations for large global companies like Young Living….

Jared Turner (COO) said:

Dr. Buch has taken members of an already skilled team and expanded their scientific capabilities, while enhancing the company’s ability to stay on the cutting edge of innovation.

Because of Dr. Bach’s experience, they launched two over-the-counter (OTC) products earlier this year.

This makes Young Living the only essential oil company to create products int his category.

The products launched are called Thieves, Cough Drop and Cool Azul Pain relief cream which are all oil-infused with medical claims that fall within the FDA guidelines.

Dr. Buch is also working on higher quality products and purity assurance by becoming the only essential oil company to test their products all in house.

If you don’t know this, Dr Bach has been part of many associations, including the institute on Science for Global Policy, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

His work overall has resulted in a dozen patents in the health care field, several books and many published articles in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Looks like Young Living will be going in the right direction with this big move…

Another company has been creeping up on them called DoTerra, but it looks like that  Dr. Buch might give Young Living the edge to be on top…

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Young Living Appoints Michael Buch As Chief Science Officer

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