Young Living Essential Oils Reviews - Great Business in 2019 or Scam?

Young Living Essential Oils Reviews – Great Business in 2019 or Scam?

You are on this blog because you are thinking about joining Young Living because someone approached you about it or you just want to try out their products.

Unlike all the other Young Living Essential Oils reviews, this is completely third party unbiased.  I have no relationship with this company what so ever so when you read this blog post all the way through and pay attention, I can assure you that I am not going to ask you to join or buy.

First, let’s take a look at the actual company history…

Updated:  September 19th, 2019

Young Living Essential Oils Reviews – Company

Young Living Essential Oils reviews


I am going to start this review by saying Young Living company celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in business last year, which means it has a very strong presence in the industry.

Most companies don’t make it past 5 years let alone 20 years…

Like most of the best MLM companies, Young Living started out as a real brick and mortar business.

It even had it’s own small organic farm and distillery.

The man behind this very successful company is D.Gary Young that has spent the last 20 years researching and developing this brand…

When it comes to high industry standard, Young Living has one of the purest products and never use any synthetic ingredients.

It’s direct competition is a company called DoTerra.

For a full review of that company, check out my DoTerra Review here.

In other words, not too much competition in the MLM space, but they do have competition outside of it…

Now you got some background information on Young Living Essential Oil, let’s take a look at the actual product line inside of this Young Living review…

Young Living Essential Oils Review – The Product

Young Living reviews

When D. Gary Young started Young Living Essential Oils, the marketplace had no clue what the benefits were to your well being…

Now, there is a ton of scientific research to back up the positive effects of these essential oils.  While the years go by, more and more people are looking for alternative ways of healing and maintaining health.

They have a few categories of products and many different variations.

Home Products

  • Healthy Cooking
  • Pets
  • National Cleaning products
  • Family health
  • Tools


  • Join & Mobility
  • Weight Management
  • Multivitamins
  • Energy & Stamina
  • Age-Based Nutrition
  • Antioxidant Support

After actually searching the internet to see if there are any negative complaints about the product, I couldn’t find any…

That’s a good sign.

Now, let’s take a look at the business opportunity inside of this Young Living Essential Oil review…

Young Living Compensation Plan

Unlike all the other Young Living Essential oils reviews, I want to be unbiased…

Having that said…

Like all the great network marketing companies out there, you get paid commissions on all the product sales when you sponsor someone into the business.

This my friend is called MLM recruiting which is very profitable if you know how to.

Now instead of me trying to explain it, why not listen to what this company has to say…

Before you watch this video all the way through, I want to tell you that I do not endorse this video it’s for educational purposes only.

The compensation plan is fair, but a little complicated.  Hey, as long as it works who cares… LOL.

The moment you have been waiting for in this Young Living oil review…

Young Living Review Video

Verdict On Young Living Essential Oils

Overall, the company has a great reputation and has been in business for over 20 years now…

It would be stupid for me to say it’s a scam or this company wouldn’t have been here right now.

In other words, the Young Living Essential Oils scam doesn’t exist…

Maybe there are some Young Living Essentials Oils reviews out there that a negative, but some bloggers have other agendas…

The best thing you can do is test out the products yourself and see how you like them.

If you get great benefits from them, you can think about starting a business with the company from there.

If it doesn’t work for you, then it’s something you might not want to start a business with…

Let’s face it…

If you don’t believe in the product, how can you sell it right?

Anyway, I really hoped you enjoyed my Young Living Essentials Oils review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below…

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Young Living Essential Oils

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