Young Living Essential Oils Reviews – Great Business in 2018 or Scam?

You are on this blog because you are thinking about joining Young Living because someone approached you about it or you just want to try out their products.

Unlike all the other Young Living Essential Oils reviews, this is completely third party unbiased.  I have no relationship with this company what so ever so when you read this blog post all the way through and pay attention, I can assure you that I am not going to ask you to join or buy.

First, let’s take a look at the actual company history…

Updated:  January 18th, 2018.

Young Living Essential Oils Reviews – Company

Young Living Essential Oils reviews

Website:  http://www.youngliving.com

I am going to start this review by saying Young Living company celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in business last year, which means it has a very strong presence in the industry.

Most companies don’t make it past 5 years let alone 20 years…

Like most of the best MLM companies, Young Living started out as a real brick and mortar business.

It even had it’s own small organic farm and distillery.

The man behind this very successful company is D.Gary Young that has spent the last 20 years researching and developing this brand…

When it comes to high industry standard, Young Living has one of the purest products and never use any synthetic ingredients.

Now you got some background information on Young Living Essential Oil, let’s take a look at the actual product line inside of this Young Living review…

Young Living Essential Oils Review – The Product

Young Living reviews

When D. Gary Young started Young Living Essential Oils, the marketplace had no clue what the benefits were to your well being…

Now, there is a ton of scientific research to back up the positive effects of these essential oils.  While the years go by, more and more people are looking for alternative ways of healing and maintaining health.

They have a few categories of products and many different variations.

Home Products

  • Healthy Cooking
  • Pets
  • National Cleaning products
  • Family health
  • Tools


  • Join & Mobility
  • Weight Management
  • Multivitamins
  • Energy & Stamina
  • Age-Based Nutrition
  • Antioxidant Support

After actually searching the internet to see if there are any negative complaints about the product, I couldn’t find any…

That’s a good sign.

Now, let’s take a look at the business opportunity inside of this Young Living Essential Oil review…

Young Living Compensation Plan

Unlike all the other Young Living Essential oils reviews, I want to be unbiased…

Having that said…

Like all the great network marketing companies out there, you get paid commissions on all the product sales when you sponsor someone into the business.

This my friend is called MLM recruiting which is very profitable if you know how to.

Now instead of me trying to explain it, why not listen to what this company has to say…

Before you watch this video all the way through, I want to tell you that I do not endorse this video it’s for educational purposes only.

The compensation plan is fair, but a little complicated.  Hey, as long as it works who cares… LOL.

The moment you have been waiting for in this Young Living oil review…

Verdict On Young Living Essential Oils

Overall, the company has a great reputation and has been in business for over 20 years now…

It would be stupid for me to say it’s a scam or this company wouldn’t have been here right now.

The products are great, but there is a major flaw when it comes to the business opportunity…

Now pay attention to what I am about to say, it could save you a ton of headaches and wasted money.

The biggest issue you are going to have is sponsoring people into the business and sadly this is the most profitable way to earn.

The average person only recruits 2 people into a company which isn’t nearly enough!

You have to be a sponsoring machine to do really well…

So you either become a great recruiter in this business or you find a different business model.

Now personally, I don’t have a problem recruiting people, in fact, I have sponsored over 1900 people in my primary business.

BUT, that isn’t very duplicatable!

I have found a solution for you though.

Learn how to drive internet traffic to high converting offers…

And it’s MUCH easier than recruiting people…

You don’t have to talk to anyone, you send the traffic to the offer and you get paid.

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This works so well, just take a look at my 7 week results:

Young Living

That’s NET earnings by the way…

The biggest reason for my success was because I got a one on one coach in this system who helped me every step of the way.

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You will thank me later 🙂

If you are in Young Living Essential Oil, please comment below your experience with the products and the business opportunity.  Please do not post your affiliate links because I will not approve them.

I hope you enjoyed this Young Living review!


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Bless and Be Blessed,

Young Living Essential Oils

-Jesse Singh

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Donna - February 16, 2015

Interesting word – “Duplicate able” ?
Unlike your blogs, which I have now read three of and each is almost a cut and paste of the other.

What first impressed as an objective assessment now bears more resemblance to the scam you are claiming to be reviewing.

    Jesse Singh - February 16, 2015

    That is an interesting word.

    Are you a spam robot by any chance because you don’t make any sense lol.

    Looks like you can’t read properly because no where in the blog post I called this a scam.

    It looks like you can’t follow simple instructions that a 10 year old can either…

    I asked if you are in this company please share us with your experience in the company.

    I guess even in the MLM world there will be trolls lol.

      Ray Santos - May 25, 2016

      We as distributors and customers, are requesting the following answers from Young Living Essential Oils, regarding the cinnamon bark testing of Young Living oil.
      1. Please provide a response to the C-14 testing done showing 56% synthetics by the University of Georgia on Lot#15B10032
      2. Why have you not provided the mass spectrometry output and tabulation for the testing done by Chemtech, in house testing, or Herve Casabianca?
      3. Why was the test preformed by Chemtech only a 20 minute test, when industry standard is 90-120 minutes for complete separation of co-elution?
      4. While coumarin can be expected in cinnamon bark, the LEVEL of coumarin suggests this is cassia oil. Remarks?
      5. In the Chemtech testing, the compound (1-Ethylbuta-1,3-dienyl) benzene is actually the Phenylpentadienal, it is not present in the NIST library. It also should not be present in the oil. Why is it in there?
      6. Chemtech is a lab not associated with the testing of essential oils. Why was this lab used?
      7. Why have you not provided us with the detailed ‘in house’ test results, or the test results from Herve Casabianca?
      8. Although plinol has been found to naturally occur in grapes, the analysts who issued the ‘failed’ report have stated that plinol is not a compound that occurs in cinnamon bark oil. Why is this found in our oil?
      *** 9. Can you explain why your own 3rd party testing lab, Chemtech-Ford Laboratories, found 1,2,4,5 – tetraethyl-benzene (Durene) which is a petroleum by-product of gasoline production was found in the oil tested by that company?

        Jesse Singh - May 29, 2016

        Hey Ray,

        You need to actually contact the company.

        I am not actually in Young Living Essential Oil.

          Tj - July 31, 2016

          You were doing research on the company and their practices. You should find out about this and make a follow up article. Or is that just too deep?

          Jesse Singh - August 1, 2016

          Hey TJ,

          Not sure what you mean by that…

        Margo - November 28, 2016

        Thank you, Jesse, for your company reviews! You do a great job of being fair and balanced! I’d like to respond to the request of YL distributors to contribute comments and say I’ve been with YL for more than 6 years and am beyond thankful to the woman who introduced me as well as the company that has the most wonderful oils and business model of integrity and graciousness that anyone new to MLM could hope for!! 😊
        As for Ray and TJ, unfortunately, they seem to be trying to instigate an issue where one doesn’t exist, however, Ray’s accusations of YL cinnamon bark has been fully addressed and is easily obtained at YL. 😉

Joy - March 1, 2015

I have been with Young Living for almost a year now. I can say for a fact that my family is living healthier because of these products. I am doing the biz side. I am not a huge go getter but I make enough to pay for what I use so I am happy with that for now. I an most impressed with the Essential Rewards program. It’s their version of auto ship. The difference is (and if there are others like this I just didn’t know) I can change my ship date each month if I want. I can also change the products I get each month. I also earn points toward product. Months 1-6 I earn 10% 7-12 15% 13- 20% I love it. The leadership I am under is great. I know I am blessed like that. And the integrity the company holds for its products and people is awesome. I have met the COO and he is approachable,kind,and loves his company.
I had no experience with ANY MLM befor this and I am glad this is the one I jumped on board with.

    Jesse Singh - March 1, 2015

    Hey Joy,

    Thank you so much for coming on my blog and commenting.

Reynolds Chase - July 20, 2015

Young Living is pretty much a scam. Sign up for their auto ship program and then try opting out. Nothing on their site on how to do it. Google it and you see thousands of links to self serving zombie distributors telling you how great auto ship is. Plus YL takes away all the points you’ve earned if you can figure out how to cancel. I’m guessing you have to call them to do it, but they don’t tell you anywhere on their site – why would that be? Cause they want to sucker you in and make it hard to get out. Plus, most of their non-oil products are horrible. Their toothpaste is the worst I’ve ever used or tasted. Their deodorant is equally horrible. They sell a digestive product that contains gluten?!? WTH? They are useless and of course their oils are WAY overpriced. I’d suggest Native American Nutritionals. Once I get out of YL’s scammy Essential Rewards I will start buying my oils there.

By the way, can you send me more information on DSD, I would love to start a business that doesn’t require recruiting!

    Jesse Singh - July 20, 2015

    Hey Reynolds,

    I just added you to my mailing list for DSD, look out for an email that says “Jesse Singh – You’re All Set”.

    Yeah, recruiting sucks period, that’s why the people who joined me in DSD are already profiting.

    Carrie - May 28, 2016

    All you have to do is cash in your points so you don’t lose out on free product (after you cancel you lose your points you’ve accrued) & then call Customer Service to cancel your Essential Rewards. It’s super easy!

Kira - December 26, 2015

Company has been reviewed and cited by FDA as falsely advertising their concoctions as drugs, and given 15 days to reply as to how they will remedy the situation. I just happened upon it researching the company. I am an MD, and reading their recommendations for ingestion of all these substances to cure diseases without the rigorous research that drugs have to go through to prove their safety is absolutely irresponsible and could be dangerous. Where did they get these doses and recommendations from! Here is FDA letter

    Jesse Singh - December 28, 2015

    Hey Kira,

    Thank you for that website, I am sure it will help my readers 🙂

      Margo - November 28, 2016

      Actually, FDA came down on all oil companies–not just YL– because people were using verbiage only allowed by medical communities like “cure”. Now that all the companies have been trained in speaking “compliantly” my hope is to see many more people come to understand and receive the benefits available with essential oils!

    Jessica - July 6, 2016

    Young Living just had products FDA approved. They don’t give you a dosage for anything. They say if you are new to oils start out with one drop and build up if you feel you need to, that goes for using atomatically, topically and ingesting.

    Raymond Perez - July 1, 2018

    Kira, if you are an MD that makes you slightly biased. Most MD’s want you to come in and see them so they can prescribe unnecessary chemicals. Don’t get me wrong I know some meds are necessary. My preference would be a natural cure or treatment over synthetic lab made meds.

Stacy - February 1, 2016

I was truly thinking about signing up. My boyfriends friend sent him an email saying that she has had back problems for 20 years and she used 5 drops of Frankincense, 5 drops of Copaiba and 5 drops Idaho Blossom. I searched long and hard yesterday to find these oils. I found them and we tried 2 different methods of applying them to my boyfriend’s terribly irritated back. Unfortunately they did not work or even remotely remove any pain. I was truly hoping for results and I would have signed up on the spot. 🙁

    Jessica - July 6, 2016

    Not everything works the same for anyone. My husband and I both have severe scoliosis and we use the oils. We use ones specifically for pain such as Deep Relief or I make a pain cream and it works very very well. Try different things until you find what works for you.

    Amie - April 26, 2018

    Sorry Stacy, that neither helped you. We also have both and I have Arthritis and both really help me. A trick you could try that I have done when I pulled a muscle was add some copaiba oil and some extra peppermint with a little carrier to the area. I and many others have had great results doing that. YL has an amazing creme called Cool Azul. Many like that one also. Last Dr Axe Bone Broth Protein or Bone Broth Collegan are amazing!!! Before using them I woke up every day in pain I don’t when using the product! We use it twice a day. Once in our smoothies with frankincense and once in the evenings with water. Frankincense is a overall amazing oil that helps every cell in the body. So keep using it even if you don’t see results yet.

Cedar - August 10, 2016

I am interested but things that seam to good to be true are pretty but something that isn’t real. I am a Young Living consultant so I guess my question to you is if I do this does it automatically link people to me to join or buy products? Is this just to work for your company alone? I would like more details please and I did receive your email. If I do the $1 am I at risk for money to continue to come out? Again there’s missing information I’m not sure about so therefore maybe you can answer my questions.

    Jesse Singh - August 12, 2016


    Its $1 for 14 days and you can cancel that anytime.

Felicia - August 16, 2016

I think yl the oils are way too expensive and so is the ES rewards per month! I don’t have 50 plus bucks a month on $ to blow on this. Just like isagenix a kit 500 bucks! No way! There are better diffusers than YL

Leslie Testani - November 27, 2016

As with any business there has to be commitment, patience & work.
I have found Young Livings products, service & support for MLM to be outstanding.
Pricing is fair for the product at the member level. It is followed up with wonderful support in upline.
Retail pricing is fair for the consumer that wants to test the waters or do a bit of quality comparison.
I agree that there are a few high quality EOs out there however, I will continue with YL for the team support, customer support & opportunity to get my products for free.
(Amazon doesn’t pay me to buy their product or reward me for bringing shoppers on.)
I’m checking out your offer now.
-I like that you kept to the facts.

RL - February 6, 2017

Hi, Can you share with me your business model? I am a YL distributor and find it difficult to invite a friend to try the products. I have been using the oils for 2 years now and find it good! but the selling part is the difficult one. Thanks!

dionisa - March 23, 2017

Hi, can you share with me your business model? I am interested in becoming a YL distributor.

SP - March 28, 2017

HI! I was looking information about YL before I actually make a decision about the business part. However I am interested on your business model right away can you share it with me?

Fay Simpson - April 8, 2017

I am 82 and been with YL 10 yrs. my products are free each month as my commission covers them plus some left over. I have not made a business out of it , just word of mouth. My Dr knows I use the products and he does not have a problem. I know personally that certain oils and products have helped me over a lot of things overs past years. One of their toothpastes I use to cover any cuts I might get which seals the wound and within a few days all is well.

Abby - September 24, 2017

I recently started using YLEO and so far happy witht the benefits. However, it’s too expensive to maintain so i thought of exploring the business side to have just enough for the monthly ER. Do you have any suggestions how to have sign ups each month?

    Jesse Singh - October 6, 2017

    Hey Abby,

    Thank you for commenting and link is below the post 🙂

Jennie Sargent - October 6, 2017

do these oils actually work?

    Jesse Singh - October 6, 2017

    Why don’t you try them out for yourself and see if they do.

Jessie - April 7, 2018

I am a Young Living distributor and avid user. I have a master’s degree from a very well known private college (I do not say this to brag, but to make myself up in what I am saying). I do a lot of research on companies and products before committing to them and I have been very impressed with Young Living in all aspects. I have a solid and rapidly growing team, a duplicatable system that is easy for those who are committed to achieving their results and consistent. For those looking for a business opportunity my number one recommendation it to use and love the products. From there, be sure they are disposable, meaning your buyers will continue to need them month after month in order to sustain sales. If you want more information i am happy to help.


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