Yers Review - Legit Cashback Network Marketing Company or Scam?

Yers Review – Legit Cashback Network Marketing Company or Scam?

Welcome to my Yers Review!

This is one of the latest MLM’s to hit my desk, so I decided to check it out for myself and see what is up with it.

Maybe you have been approached by an affiliate inside of Yers and you want to make sure it’s something legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Just pay close attention and read this to the end…

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Anyway, let’s dive in…

Yers Review – Company

Yers review

After checking out the website, I noticed Yers doesn’t provide any information on who runs or owns the business.

Further investigation revealed that the Yers website domain “” was registered on May 23rd, 2018.

The owner listed is Y4ERS and is located in France.

Obviously that’s not a real person…

I know Alexa isn’t the best traffic site to check stats, but does give you a rough indication.

When checking Alexa, 64% of the traffic was from France and Switzerland was a close second at 23%.

Company it self was incorported in Luxembourg and probably is a shell company:

contractual relations between the simplified joint stock company Y4YERS SAS, having its registered office at 5, Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg, registered with the RCS Luxembourg under the number B213932.

Anyway, that’s all I got on the company unfortunately, let’s look at the products next…

Yers Reviews – Products

yers products

Yers promotes a free app which gives you access to cashback, discounts and a concierge booking service.

However, not a lot of detail on their website about their products and services.

It’s very vague actually…

Yers Compensation Plan

Yers members can get one of two subscriptions, €25 or €60 EUR per month.

If you want to qualify to get commissions in the compensation plan, you must spend at least €50 EUR a month through the Yers app.

Yers Cashback Commissions

This company pays you a commission on cashback created by personally sponsored free app members.

This is the formula given to calculated commissions:

The commission calculation formula of Yers Sponsor on Perimeter A is as follows:

Commission on sale of Bundle or Cashback (€ HT) * of Perimeter A = Basic Matrix Income (€ HT) x TCN (%)

It’s math class all over again…

I do have an example, if your referral spends €1666 EUR, you can earn a €41.66 commission.

This is roughly 2.5% commission rate.

Sponsoring Commissions

Yers pays you through a 4×5 matrix compensation plan structure.

These positions can be filled directly or indirectly by your team members.

Commissions are paid on the number of positions filled:

  • Level 1 (4 positions to fill) – €1.5 EUR per position filled
  • Level2 (16 positions to fill) – €2.875 EUR per position filled
  • Level3 (64 positions to fill) – €3.48 EUR per position filled
  • Level4 (256 positions to fill) – €4.75 EUR per position filled
  • Level5 (1024 positions to fill) – €5.39 EUR per position filled

Yers Bonuses

This company pays their bonuses through the same 4×5 matrix positions.

However, they don’t do a good job on explaining this part.

Just check out their explanation here:

The Organization Power is unique to each Yers Sponsor. It serves to enhance the level of development of the downline organization affiliated with it.

It is calculated from the filling rate of the total volume of 1364 places forming the Organization down line of Yers Sponsor.

It is likely to evolve permanently, upwards or downwards.

Yers Sponsors affiliated down line switching to a Freemium Bundle offer are not counted in the Organization Power.

Only Preferred Yers are counted individually for a unit value of 1 each regardless of the selected paid Bundle offer.

Non contractual example for illustrative purposes only

A Yers subscribing to a pay-as-you-go formula has developed a downline Business Organization with 522 affiliated Yers.

That is a total of 522 affiliated Yers out of a total number of possible places likely to form its optimal Downline Business Organization of 1364 Yers.

No idea how that works…

Cost To Join Yers

Cost to join Yers will run you one of the following subscriptions per month:

  • €25 Per Month
  • €60 Per  month

I have no idea what the difference between these memberships are personally…

Final Verdict

Let’s look at some of the facts here…

First thing is we don’t know who runs or owns the business.

Second they do a terrible job explaining their products/services.

For me those are pretty big red flags.

However, I can’t judge too hard because there is a language barrier here.

I would ask a member from the company on how everything works.

If there is a strong retail side to this, hey maybe it will work out.

If you see it’s just a recruitment fest, I would probably stay away from it.

But that doesn’t still help with the first two points I made about who runs it and what are the products.

Anyway, I would hold off on this one…


I hope you enjoyed my Yers Review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask below in the comments.

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