World Ventures Review – Great Opportunity or Scam?

There has been a lot of buzz going on about this company…

…so I decided to investigate it.

I am shocked how many people search for “World Ventures Review” because normally only very large MLM companies get that kind of volume…

Chances are you are on this blog post because someone approached you about this opportunity and you decided to do your research before joining.  Great decision because in this review, I am going to break down the company for you…

All I ask is to pay attention and read this all the way to the end because you don’t want any surprises after you already joined.

World Ventures Review – The Company


The company was launched December 10th, 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcure who have had a lot of success in this industry in the past…

In 2015, the company has over 120,000 independent representatives in over 24 countries…

World Ventures specializes in the “TRAVEL” niche and it’s one of the biggest in the industry…

Many companies like “Wake Up Now” came and went, but this company is still going strong…

Now let’s take a closer look at the products…

World Ventures – The Product Line

The product from this company is pretty much everything to do with traveling and find deals…

Here are some of the costs involved for their memberships:

  • DreamTrips  ($199.95 One-Time then $26.99 per month)
  • DreamTrips Life ($199.95 One-Time then $54.99 per month)
  • International DreamTrips Life ($199.95 One-Time then $49.98 per month).
  • Luxury DreamTrips ($999.99 One-Time then $99.99 per month)
  • DreamTrips U ($99.99 One-Time then $20.99 per month)

To become a representative ($99 One-Time then $10.99 per month)

Note:  None of the DreamTrips include the cost of flight.

The costs are pretty standard compared to other travel sites, but the advantage with World Ventures is you can make commissions for referring people.

Other companies in this category are Paycation, MWR Life and Motor Club Of America.

Now let’s take a look at the business opportunity…

WorldVentures Review – The Business Opportunity

Like all Network Marketing companies, you get paid commissions for referring people into this business…

This what gives this company the advantage over regular travel sites (They don’t pay you anything).

I was looking to find out their latest compensation plan overview update…

…and I found it!

 Note:  I do NOT Endorse this video, it’s for education purposes only!

Now the compensation plan is fair, but it falls short compared to these two companies…

You can check out the reviews here:

1)  DS Domination Review – Pays 50% commissions.

2)  Empower Network Review – Pays 70% commissions but has pass ups (More like 50% commissions).

Now the moment you have all been waiting for…


World Ventures Review – is it a SCAM?


NOT… I am just seeing if you are paying attention still… LOL

NO It’s not a scam, for the right people there is a lot of money to be made…

The problem is the percentage of these so called “Right People” is around 2 % of our population.

That is why 98% people fail…

The biggest challenge for these 98% percentile people is they can’t recruit for the life of it…

And to be honest, that is the most profitable way to earn in Network Marketing period.

I personally don’t have any issues recruiting because I used this system to recruit over 2000 people into my primary business…

So if you are serious about recruiting, I would look into this click here.

For the people who are sick and tired of the whole recruiting thing and want to earn from home…

I have been doing something on the side where I generated an extra $100,000 in profits in 12 months…

The best part is I didn’t recruit anyone in it…

Click here to see what I Mean.

Heck, if you are in Network Marketing or World Ventures, I would HIGHLY recommend this system because it will pay for any extra expenses you have for business…

Click here and Check This Out.

I hope you enjoyed my World Ventures review

If you are in this company, please share with us your personal results in the comments below.


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Bless and Be Blessed,


– Jesse Singh

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Alecia Stringer - December 11, 2015

Thanks for your honest review. It takes a study to see what is best for you.

Nuno Cação - December 16, 2015

Thanks for the Review.
i´m on WV for 1y and 6 months, and i have enjoyed a lot. we have a team with more then 1500 members now, and lot of ppl is going on nice income values.

Something that really made me more happy about the company, is the fact that the product as been improved, and we haver better experiences now.

The big difference and the big big thing of this company, is the training system. Marc Accetta is a legend, and he is doind such an amaizing job on this company, developing a culture around it, with one big team mindset! I´ve seen lot´s of trainings, but this guy is something amaizing!

Also de comp plan have some improves too.


    Jesse Singh - December 18, 2015


    Not a problem, thanks for coming by 🙂

      JAVED KHOKHAR - July 8, 2016

      Hey Jesse on the infinii website, there is an option of with partner or none, on the registration part, what does that entail. Thanks

        Jesse Singh - July 12, 2016

        Hey partner means you can promote the offer if you wish to.

    Sunjoo Lee - December 23, 2015

    This company will be collapsed soon and it should be.
    It seems that the company looks legal. but it is absolutely illegal.
    The company is selling the distributorship not the trip related products.
    If you really understand the MLM system and related laws, you shouldn’t be able to continue the business. You were possibly making the decent profit, however, a lot of it coming from the money that your unknown distributors who quit the business.
    I lost all the money which was being accumulated, call it – dreamtrips points, the company closed my account without my consent and took all the money.
    They even took my money that I got from my downline – because I wasn’t able to use during the treatment – what a stealing.
    The company keeps stealing money from those weak distributors who were not able to continue the business or travel. No mercy for the cancer-fighting distributor like me. The company shouldn’t set the policy that takes money from the distributors who were not able to use it within whatever the period – year or so.
    One of MLM company which was collapsed not a long ago, FHTM, please try to find out similarities in between those two companies.
    I want to have a real explanation from the owner of the company.
    My opinion for this company will go on and on.

    I really hate this company. Such a liar!

    Rob - July 8, 2018

    Anybody who agrees to do all the work and only make 65% has mental problems.
    For the amount of work a rep does, they should be making 95% in commission. Especially since WV does next to nothing for their reps, except constantly charge them for training and events.
    Why should WV get 35% of YOUR profit, for doing nothing???
    Oh well, no matter.
    Since September of 2017, WV hasn’t been paying their reps their commissions, residuals or dream car/house payments.

Whitney - December 22, 2015

I’ve been a member of this club for a yr and it’s been an amazing experience. And been on 3 vacations In this yr alone. And made some money as well

Shakina - December 22, 2015

World ventures has changed the outlook of my life n my son’s future.before seeing this concept I was lost on where I was going in life.anyone who post negative about network marketing is just someone who didn’t work hard enough to get a outcome or people who quit! If u stay excited use the product and never quit ,you won’t lose.

Oki - August 2, 2016


Bruno Duarte - September 28, 2016

Great opportunity!

Aaron - January 30, 2017

I love WorldVentures because it pays my bills every month. Thank you WorldVentures

    Jesse Singh - January 30, 2017

    I am glad WorldVentures is working for you 🙂

Everyman - February 18, 2017

World venture change my life. Now i can’t afford anything. This company is the worst 👎

Zach - July 10, 2017

Back in 2010 I joined Worldventures and really enjoyed being part of the company. The atmosphere at the events is so addictive and amazing. Although I dopped out because I wasnt willing to work. I was a kid and wanted to make money and not do anything. Well at the base of things if you work it like a business you can get paid like a business. If you work it like a hobby you will get paid like a hobby (not very well). Since then I have rejoined and working on building the team and I am happy that I did. This year there are some huge things comming that I believe could change my life for the better.

levy musende - July 19, 2017

i have just joined wv and im yet to see if really world venture is real.

Cruise - December 21, 2017

I joined this in Oct of 2017, looked at using for travel Dec 2017. Book Travel has issues.
1. Navigation of the tool has issues ” not able to add travel companions on your profile”, who goes on vacation alone?
2. Online Chat app support has issues ” logging on requires to type credentials, then once the agent comes on they ask for information all over AGAIN, In asking questions it appears they are going through a script and don’t read and the response appear this is overseers agent”
3. Calling into the customer service unit has issues “Again appears agent is overseas and language barrier, once they start to assist with making a reservation they even have system issues and want to call you back.

I am not a person that is shy from systems nor internet and travel for a living. I was very frustrated in use of technology and phone conversations.


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