Wealthy Affiliate Review – Biggest Scam of 2018? Find Out Here….

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate review!

This company has been in business for a few years and continues to fly under the radar…

It’s kind of like a watered-down Empower Network, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely bad.

On a side note, the main promoters of this company are a little annoying…

All of them do “Scam Reviews” and call everything a scam but not “Wealthy Affiliate”.

Now before we get started, I am going to go in FULL detail on the company, products and compensation plan (Well more of like an affiliate plan) so you can make the right decision to join Wealthy Affiliate or not…

Is Wealthy Affiliate the biggest Scam of 2018?

Keep reading and make sure you pay close attention, I am going to tell you actually what they are about…

Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Community

Wealthy affiliate review

When it comes to building an online business, it can be lonely work…

You know there are no co-workers to talk to or college classmates for advice, it’s just long hours in front of a computer…

Just you and the internet…

Unless you have Wealthy Affiliate, that is.

I do have to admit they have a big and helpful community that is full of entrepreneurs who are doing exactly what you are doing…

So you can start asking for advice!

Did you know the main advantage of getting an advanced degree is making connections with people at that level?

Remember, your network = net worth.

Let that soak in your mind for a moment…

That’s because the business world is all about making connections and networking with like minded people…

Most of these people are very successful…

You are the average of your 5 best friends…

There are other companies out there that do have a big community like Empower Network, but there are not many of them…

Now in Wealthy Affiliate, you get people that are like minded that are solving mysteries of making money online and the process just gets easier and faster.

This is done by pooling your knowledge together in one place where you are putting all the data together from working the business…

From there people know what works and what doesn’t…

And when you are making a website and trying to rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo, you need a big community to keep on top of things.

Because let’s face it…

Google specially is constantly changing and bringing out new rules and you need to be in a community that can help you with those changes right…

Wealthy Affiliate Chat Feature

They do have an instant chat feature which seemed to be cool, but after getting some advise on there I saw a huge problem…

Most of the people there don’t know what they are talking about and it’s pretty much the blind leading the blind…

Sure you can talk to someone on the fly, but you won’t be getting the best advice…

Let’s continue on in this Wealthy Affiliate review….

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – The Classroom

Wealthy Affiliate University

Before we dig in, just want to to know that unlike all the other Wealthy Affiliate reviews, I am NOT in this company lol.

Now that you know what the community is all about, let’s talk about the actual product or classroom they call it is all about…

In Wealthy affiliate, you will learn a ton of stuff from making websites to SEO to doing PPC marketing etc.

They do get into a lot of detail which is great, but because SEO is very complicated, it can be a little overwhelming…

The biggest issue I had with the classroom was the way you are told to market your website…

Wealthy Affiliate actually endorses calling everything a scam but join them instead.

This is one of their main strategies and if you ever landed on a Wealthy Affiliate members website, you will know what I am talking about.

Here is what you get in Wealthy Affiliate

  • Getting Started Training course
  • TWO Great-looking websites
  • Hosting for your 2 websites
  • Beginning video training

Wealthy Affiliate Expert training 

When it comes to the expert training, you will be taught on the following topics inside of Wealthy Affiliate…

  • Keyword Research
  • PPC Marketing
  • SEO
  • Website development
  • Local marketing
  • WordPress
  • Social media marketing

If you want to be good in SEO, you must know at least those things…

However, website development isn’t really a must, you can just go on upwork and have someone make you a WordPress site fast with it properly setup for cheap…

Sometimes it’s good to outsource things that you are not good at and focus on your strengths.

Again, their main tactic is to call everything a scam so they can push Wealthy Affiliate…

Wealthy Affiliate Certification courses

Overall Wealthy Affiliate has 60 lessons in all (This is in the paid membership) and this is where you need to be if you want to make any kind of money…

Free membership is bare bones just so you know…

But again, their main strategy is make a scam review website…

Anyway let’s keep going inside of this Wealthy Affiliate review…

What’s The Catch in Wealthy Affiliate?

The thing is you don’t get everything for free in WA…

But when you are a Premium member, you get access to everything.

The FREE Starter kit gives you a taste…

By the way, this is how they suck you in…

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Kit

wealthy affiliate starter kit

It gives you a taste so you want more!

Now you can stay in the free membership as long as you want, but the real meat and potato’s is in the paid membership.

The good news is you have a 7 day trial for the premium support within the community.

I know you have seen Wealth Affiliate members with glowing reviews on how it’s free, but that information isn’t going to get you anywhere…

Personally if it’s free, it usually means you can just go on YouTube and find that type of information.

I don’t mind paying for information that will benefit me…

Paid membership In Wealthy Affiliate

Below you will find out what is actually in the paid membership inside of Wealthy Affiliate and what you can expect.

  • Live Help & Support
  • Hosting for unlimited websites with 24/7 support
  • Live video training
  • Website backup
  • Website security package
  • Forum
  • Premium video training
  • Premium Courses
  • Premium Bonus Offers
  • Continued affiliate bootcamp training
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Private Messaging

The premium membership is $19 your first month and then $47 per month after that…

This is pretty much their “upsell” which Wealthy Affiliate says they don’t have…

Going “FREE” to $47 per month is an up-sell…don’t kid yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate Review –  Overview Video

In case you want to watch my Wealthy Affiliate review, you can check out my video below that explains it as well…

Other companies I reviews in this niche are:

Now, the moment you have been waiting for inside of this Wealthy Affiliate review…

Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Verdict

You see, unlike all the other Wealthy Affiliate reviews, I am actually going to show the flaws…

Their affiliates never tell you the dark side to this company lol.

Recap On Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate PROS:

Here I am going to list all the Wealthy Affiliate pros that you might want to look into…

  • Free to start
  • You don’t have to buy anything else – no upsells.
  • Useful for total newbies
  • Premium membership is affordable $47 per month
  • No obligation to sell WA to others but there is an affiliate program
  • Been around for almost 10 years

Wealthy Affiliate CONS:

This is what the affiliates inside of Wealthy Affiliate don’t want to talk about because it will discourage people, but because I am not in this company, I am going to tell you how it actually is…

  • You need a TON of time to invest to get through the courses and viewing videos.  There is quite the learning curve as well.
  • The free starter kit is good for newbies, but pretty much useless who know a thing or two about online marketing.
  • No money-back guarantee.
  • The big promoters of WA are annoying and call everything a scam.

The reason why all of these affiliates call everything a scam is because that’s what they teach you to do…

And they make it seem like it’s so easy and very newbie friendly.

They fail to tell you there is ton of hours of training and then the learning curve to follow it.

It’s NOT as easy as they make it seem.

You have to put a ton of hard work in it and could take you several months before you get the hang of it…


Wealthy affiliate members didn’t tell you that?

Also I got a few sources saying that Wealthy Affiliate encourages negative reviews about everything…

So that’s something to think about as well…

In addition, the TOP PRODUCERS or “Super Affiliates” don’t make more than a few thousand a month…

Plus the advice you will get from the community isn’t the best…

It can actually hurt your SEO…

Because of that, I give it the following:  

Before you continue reading…  This is TRIED, TESTED and GIVES TONS OF VALUE.  If you are struggling online and want to finally succeed with actual training, tools and mentorship to get you there…  Click Here and Watch This Video Right Now!  Plus if you are already in a Network Marketing company, this will work for that as well…  Just imagine getting customers on depend that are LOOKING for your products.  How would that change your life?  It would be HUGE!  You can start doing the things you love 🙂  That could be taking a vacation with your family, or buying a nice home or car…  Whatever floats your boat, it’s ALL possible.  Test it out for yourself below…  Click Here For More INFO!  You will thank me later 🙂  Follow me on Social media below:  Follow Me On Facebook Here.  Subscribe To My YouTube Channel Here.  Follow Me On Instagram Here.  Follow Me On Twitter Here.  Add Me On SnapChat:  snapcode  Snap Chat I.D:  MillDrive  See you at the top,  my lead system pro  -Jesse Singh  P.S. Sign up for my news letter below and transform your life (serious people only…)

Yeah I gave it 2 stars mainly because Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to call everything a scam and promote their company which isn’t the right way…

if you are going to write ANY type of review, make sure you do it right…

If you do want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, you can still have your number 1 recommendation, but STOP comparing a MLM to this company.

They are completely different…

Plus did you know that MOBE sued Wealthy Affiliate for making scam reviews?

The kicker is that MOBE actually won!

But unfortunately, MOBE now is in a legal battle with the FTC.


I will be honest with you, there are MUCH better ways to make money online…

First, I don’t think any of the WA members are 6 figure earners promoting WA.

Again, I just don’t like how the Wealthy Affiliate members rank for all MLM terms and deem them all a scam which is VERY untrue.

After reviewing hundreds of companies, I finally narrowed it down to one…

Before we go into it just want to say I hope you enjoyed my Wealthy Affiliate review and if you have any questions and comments please leave them below…

Now, let’s get into a training with a very high success rate (Higher than WA), keep reading…

My #1 Recommendation

Before you continue reading…


If you are struggling online and want to finally succeed with actual training, tools and mentorship to get you there…

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It would be HUGE!

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Whatever floats your boat, it’s ALL possible.

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You will thank me later 🙂

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my lead system pro

-Jesse Singh

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Travis - August 4, 2015

Thank you for reviewing Wealthy Affiliate, you brought out some good points.

However, I do not think you did the program justice. First off, it’s awesome that WA let’s people use their free hosting, get TWENTY lessons on how to properly set up an online business, and take advantage of getting paid residuals off the free affiliate program.

Secondly, what other hosting service provides members with tons of internet marketing training in any niche, plus 24/7 website monitoring and security, 30,000 WordPress plugins, and FIFTY websites for as low as $29.91 a month? Or free if you host a few websites for clients, family, or friends.

Thirdly, Empower Network doesn’t come close to being as good as Wealthy Affiliate.

Fourth off, WA members have the right to do a bad review just like you did… I personally think your binary options opportunity is gambling, and I would review it negatively.

Fifth off, WA members are taught to build a long-term internet business that’s centered on providing quality info for visitors. Working online is not all about the money…

I hope I have not upset you, I just wanted to add some truth to your review.

    Jesse Singh - August 4, 2015


    I didn’t do the program justice?

    I laid it out from a third party member point of view…

    Of course if I was in Wealthy Affiliate, I would hype it up like all their members 😉

    And how can you get residuals off the free affiliate program when there is no money coming in at that level?


    For your second point, I did write that you get a lot in the paid membership, not sure what your argument is there?

    For your third point, you say Wealthy Affiliate is better than Empower Network…

    Of course you are going to say that, you are in Wealthy affiliate lol.

    I learned my blogging in Empower Network, and this blog gets more visitors than any Wealthy Affiliate member 😉

    Now, I am not going to say Empower Network is better than Wealthy Affiliate…


    Because I haven’t gone through that program.

    Your fourth point, yes WA members are allowed to write bad reviews, but why do they call EVERY single opportunity a scam?

    It could be legit, but they label it as a scam?

    That is my issue with them really…

    In this blog post, I didn’t call Wealthy Affiliate a scam and told you why, but like any program out there it has flaws as well.

    Your fifth point, I haven’t seen any quality information on any WA members blog other than “Everything is a scam, but Not Wealthy Affiliate” LOL.

    You haven’t upset me at all, my blog post was truthful, you just brought in your biased opinion in it…

      Travis - August 5, 2015

      I think you did an okay job reviewing WA, but most of your problems that you attributed to the company were with the independent affiliates… WA is a hosting platform that offers the proper training for anyone who wants to build their own business and be their own boss.

      Why don’t you just do a review of those independent affiliate sites you think call every other program a scam?

      The affiliate program is designed so that starter members can make money promoting the hosting service. (I don’t think you even said anything about their hosting.) The payouts for the free affiliate program are decent, and they continue as long as the referral stays active, plus WA gives credits that can be cashed out for referrals that don’t buy hosting. WA also pays premium members to create marketing training, or simply by helping other members.

      With all due respect, how can you say your “blog gets more visitors than ANY Wealthy Affiliate member”? Have you hacked into every member’s analytics accounts? Or, are you God?

      How much did you pay to learn your blogging in EN? I doubt you just paid the $25/mo. subscription for 1 blog only! And WA can’t be a “watered-down Empower Network” when it’s 7 years older and offers tons more for a WHOLE LOT less…

      Your info about WA was basically true, however there are some flaws about your insight on the program itself. I don’t think I need to mention them because unless you waste your efforts on promoting this page, I doubt it will get any traffic.

      I have had absolutely NO intentions of being rude or biased, just honest. I only commented to add some clarity to your article.

        Jesse Singh - August 5, 2015

        I have no problem with Wealthy Affiliate as a program.

        I mention that in the post, it has a lot of PRO’s but like anything, it has it’s CONs as well.

        And for traffic, I know it will take some time, but I usually get on the first page within 3-4 months for a tough keyword 😉

        Something I learned in Empower Network.

        BUT, this blog post isn’t about Empower Network…

        It’s about Wealthy Affiliate.

        I could make a blog posts about those individual Wealthy Affiliate members, but no one searches for them specifically lol.

        Anyway, thank you for your insight and have a great day.

      Karen McFadyen - August 6, 2015

      I need to cancel my account. Please provide me a contact number I did send an email but had another package delivered to my home while I was not here. I need to make sure they don’t send more.

        Jesse Singh - August 6, 2015

        Hey Karen,

        I am not actually in Wealthy Affiliate, contact their support team?

        I don’t know what their process is…

          Arthur Siew - October 1, 2016

          Actually many WA members did tell everyone about the large amount of course material ….. and many of them are very transparent with their income report and none of them give hype about making 1000 dollars a day.

          Jesse Singh - October 2, 2016

          So far Arthur,

          Not one member spoke that way, they just bash everything in sight even if it’s legit.

Zarina - July 18, 2016

After posting my other comment on your DA review post, I decided to check out if you have a review on wealthy affiliate.
You are awesome! Thanks for sharing such valuable reviews 🙂

L. Jefferson - July 24, 2016

I find that a number of Wealthy Affiliate bloggers (not all) that blog about making money online call everything a scam too. Some of them say it is because they do not agree with any MLM models for making money. Therefore, they call MLMs a scam and other opportunities as well. I don’t understand what some WA bloggers are complaining about either, because they too get compensated for someone joining through their link. I know that they will say that it is only a one level system of compensation as I saw one person state, but you are still making a profit from introducing someone to an opportunity. The only thing that I have with some MLM companies like Avon and some other companies, which have mostly low profit sales items, is that they actually have an official home site, where you can go directly and purchase the products on their official home website, so why would someone need an Avon representative to purchase from online? You can also become a representative directly through their site as well, I think but don’t quote me on that. I think that MLM companies and opportunity companies should have an official website to represent their company and protect their brand, but if they are offering you the product that their representatives are presenting too and have the money for advertisement and know-how, a lot more than the average representative, it just doesn’t make sense to try to join companies like that. Some representatives make it, but you really have to know how to brand yourself and you must know some things about marketing online too. You can go directly to Wealthy Affiliate and create an account as well, without using someone’s affiliate link, so why do you need a sponsor if they offer training at the official WA site. That’s what confuses me about some opportunities. In the end it is about money, so the owners of these companies are not just going to depend on representatives to make money for their companies, which perfectly makes sense, but I just don’t see how some representatives make it, if they are competing with the companies official site. If I were to join something, I would use an affiliate’s link, because I would want the same, especially if they were offering value as well. In defense to some WA bloggers, they do give a less bias review on other opportunities and some don’t constantly push their #1 recommended opportunity to you constantly. At the end of the day, everyone wants to make a living online, whether you are in an MLM or doing something else online. There are a lot of scams everywhere and I do mean a lot, but I don’t believe every single thing is a scam as well. Just investigate and investigate several sources! I think that WA is probably a really good opportunity for people that want to blog and the membership fee is doable for many people, but some WA bloggers are the SCAM patrol, top ranking on the google searches and they are making the opportunity look awful. Best of luck to everyone. I’m not here to dislike anyone, but people that are always screaming SCAM don’t convince me, it makes me think that they have their own personal agenda, and that agenda is necessarily not just trying to save society from the next scam. Anyway, the best to everyone here and their business ventures. Jesse, I really like your blog. I want to be like you when I grow up, lol. Keep up the awesome work!

Lauren Kinghorn - December 13, 2016

Hi Jesse, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), who is not doing scam reviews of other programs on either of my websites. I’m also very Pro MLM. I have been successful in more than one network, and was even promoted to Head of Network Marketing for a local (South African) company.
I thought your review of WA was great, pretty accurate considering you aren’t actually a member. I would just add a couple of benefits that I particularly enjoy. WA also include a few invaluable tools in their Premium Membership. I use their Keyword Tool and Site Comments tool on virtually every article I post. When in doubt about theme choice or design aspects I also make use of their Site Feedback tool.
(Membership fees: I pay $299 a year, on their annual Black Friday Special. Monthly Premium Membership fees went up to $49 a couple of months ago, although existing members are locked in at the old price of $47 a month.)
I think your assumption that none of the WA members are earning 6 figures might be incorrect. You are accurate about the time it takes though. I’m a year in (learning and building very part-time though), and I haven’t earned any money from my sites yet, which is why I’m interested in trying out your program.

    Jesse Singh - December 14, 2016

    Hey Lauren,

    Thank you for your input much appreciated!

    That is the problem with Wealthy Affiliate, their affiliates tell you how
    everything is a scam and there is great, but when you actually get started
    it’s a VERY long learning process and could take years to get going…

    I am not saying all members are like that, but the more popular ones are…

    Yes, my program doesn’t take years to get going, a good 90 days in and you
    will see results.

    I hope that help!


Chris - December 16, 2016

Hey Jesse,

I too am a Wealthy Affiliate member, and I also believe in the MLM model. Let me tell you first that just like with all opportunities, you will have those members who are a little bit over the top, and all rah rah rah when it comes to their company. I have witnessed it with both Wealthy Affiliate, and with Empower Network.

Now, as a premium member, there is nothing that states that you will be a six figure earner, just the idea that if you follow the training and work at your business, you have all the potential in the world to become a six figure earner. Which is true…
But instead with products like Empower Network, Digital Altitude, MOBE, MLSP, all of the “I made $70,000 in my sleep” claims make them seem like scams. Not saying that the people making those claims are liars, but I will say for the average person, it’s not likely. And they push those opportunities down your throat as well. I’m on a few email lists of people who promote those products, and I really need to unsubscribe, as they get annoying too.

All in all, I just wanted to say that while your review of Wealthy Affiliate was somewhat accurate, it’s definitely not an MLM, and you don’t ever have to promote it to actually make money. I, like you promote affiliate products and have created a business in doing so, which is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches. Promoting Wealthy Affiliate is not the premise of the training they offer, but it is offered as an option to those who can’t or don’t want to come up with a niche website idea.

Whereas with Empower, that is the premise. And Mobe, and just about any other MLM. You recruit to make more money, period. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, I think that the problem lies with poor training in just about EVERY MLM, where far too many people can’t recruit, end up losing money, and then the MLM is now a scam.

Since you don’t have to recruit in order to make money, and you are provided with real training on how to make money online, and the tools necessary to do so, I think this is where Wealthy Affiliate trumps all of those other opportunities.

And your cons aren’t really cons at all, it takes time to build an online business. Researching products and keywords and writing posts and creating videos are all time consuming. And if you’re already a successful marketer, you wouldn’t NEED Wealthy Affiliate unless you wanted to make more money promoting their platform.

It is easy, there is a ton of training, it is newbie friendly. You will have to work to see results. Your business will not be some fly by night success. But when it does become a success, after you have followed the training, it’ll also stand the test of time. I’d be wary of DS Domination and their claims of quick profitability if I were anyone, and in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is better than that, too.

Maybe I have just proved your point about WA members lol! But also, maybe you should join us. I love it, I’m making money, and I’m sure you will too.

    Jesse Singh - December 16, 2016

    Hey Chris,

    Actually 99% of the people who told me about Wealthy Affiliate and said why they
    failed is because it’s not very newbie friendly, they told me it was information
    overload and didn’t know where to start.

    Now I am not saying all Wealthy Affiliates play dirty, just the more popular ones.

    For example, got one guy named Nathaniel, or however you spell his name, says that Affiliate marketing
    is better than MLM because it has a higher success rate.

    The truth is, BOTH models have the same success rate which is around 3% and 97% of people fail period.

    Now DS Domination for example, yes there is quick profitability because I had members who listed their
    products on eBay and sold within 24 hours and were in a profit of $20.

    So that they were in the profit in 24 hours which is pretty quick to me, but not everyone will have that
    quickness of course.

    But it’s certainly possible.

    Anyway, I am a 7 figure entrepreneur because I leveraged the right systems and Wealthy Affiliate won’t get you there sorry to say if you are promoting it…

    Sure you can maybe use the skills and promote something that will, that is a possibility.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting and I wish all the success to you 🙂


Anis Chity - April 1, 2017

Hi Man I am a premium WA member and I appreciate your honest review, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to learn affiliate marketing, some members of WA do call everything a scam but like you said it’s not WA’s fault.

I am a WA member and I really recommend it but just because I have a high opinion on WA does not necessarily mean everything is a scam.

You’re the man! I wish your WA review was in the top search instead of that lopsided review that unfortunately is ranking there on the first page.

Zoro - October 12, 2017

Your no. 1 recommendation is a high ticket sale. I wonder how much you invest in it to become profitable.

    Jesse Singh - December 1, 2017

    Actually you can come in any level and different price points.

    Depends on your goals…

    I had big goals so I invested big and got paid big.

Jason Turnbough - May 22, 2018

Hey Jesse,

LOVE The Review Man! Hey, did you hear that MOBE actually SUED Wealthy Affiliate (and Won) because of Wealthy Affiliate (and their affiliates) flat out calling Matt Lloyd and MOBE a scam?

Funny, they finally got (some of) what they deserve for all their slander, lies, and deception.
The reason for this lawsuit: Slander

You can read about it for yourself on the Canadian legal websites here:
and here

They lost because they REFUSED (MULTIPLE TIMES) to give up documents on their affiliates also writing negative reviews, with the excuse (lie) that they didn’t know who the affiliates were, LOL.

Hopefully, much more of that to come 🙂


    Jesse Singh - May 22, 2018

    Hey Jason!

    Thank you for letting me know, much appreciate it!

    Yeah slandering every company isn’t the way to go, no wonder they got in trouble.

Joey Washington - May 30, 2018

Hey Jesse. I am looking into working from home opportunities. I was contacted by Home Jobs Pro also doing business as Home Pros. The initial offer was to join for 37.00 than a fee of 97.00 for their best support package. (and was double billed). Had a call from them & was screened by an agent whom asked a lot of financial & personal questions, which I didn’t provide. I went thru this last year with when I was considering an online marketing business & was contacted by one of their recruiters whom was asking for like 3,500.00 – 4,000.00 to come on aboard. They want you to dream big as like Amway & say to get ready for your life to change. You said you came in big, so how big is big. I thought this was outrageous unless they were actually going to build my business to a point where I had enough residual income to take it over. I didn’t get any guarantee that I would make 50k – 60k my 1st year as proposed or 6 figures in my 1st year & a half as proposed. I will look to hear your feedback.

    Jesse Singh - June 5, 2018

    Hey Joey,

    If the business is completely legit, $4K isn’t much considering a brick and mortar business will run you $50K or more.

    Like business, nothing is guaranteed, it will really depend on your efforts.

Jerry Burns - September 12, 2018

This is a scam. I’m joking.


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