Wealth Start Business Review - Real Business Or Money Scam?

Wealth Start Business Review – Real Business Or Money Scam?

Welcome to my Wealth Start Business Review!

There are so many different MLM businesses out there right?

So how on earth do you decide which one is a legitimate business opportunity and which one is a money-grabbing scam?

It can definitely be overwhelming with so many to choose from, so your best bet is to research them and learn more.

And that’s how you ended up here at my blog!

In this blog I will run through the company background and get into its products and compensation plan.

Let’s get started shall we?

Wealth Start Business – The Company Review

wealth start business review

I wasn’t able to find too much information about Wealth Start Business and the company website doesn’t offer any insight as to who is running it either…

I did, however, discover that the domain name, “wealth-start-business.com” was purchased in 2010 on March 25th.

One piece of information I did find was the owner, Turan Uzunsokakli extended a personal message on the company website that says “You’re Invited by: Turan Uzunsokakli”.

Uzunsokakli has previously promoted a few different companies, such as Magic Seven and 12 Week Millionaire.

Both of which were clearly pyramid schemes with no products whatsoever…

Okay…moving on to the products!

Wealth Start Business Reviews – The Products

Just like quite a few of my other blog reviews, when I looked through the company website I couldn’t find any retail products or services of any kind.

The only thing you can promote is the membership itself…

It’s glaringly obvious that this company doesn’t focus on products when you visit their website…

The first thing you see on the very first page is their “pay-plan”…

So yeah…

Unfortunately I couldn’t get any more information than that!

Wealth Start Business – The Compensation Plan

According to the Wealth Start Business Compensation plan, you will be paid just like a millionaire and all without investing a dime from your own pocket…

At least that’s what they claim…

Allegedly, this is done by spending just 15 minutes a day watching ads that you can find on their website.

It should be noted that Wealth Start Business doesn’t actually pay you directly for watching the ads, only on how many people you sponsor.

Commissions from these sponsorships are delivered through a 5×4 matrix that has a total of 780 positions.

Each position is filled either directly or indirectly by the people in your down-line.

The commission structure is as follows:

  • Level 1 – 50 cents per month per position filled (5 positions)
  • Level 2 – 25 cents per month per position filled (25 positions)
  • Level 3 – 25 cents per month per position filled (125 positions)
  • Level 4 – 50 cents per month per position filled (625 positions)

I was able to see that there are some other memberships available that have monthly fees, but I couldn’t find any more information about it on the Wealth Start Business website…

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealth Start Business

Currently, an affiliate membership with Wealth Start Business is free.

Apparently there will be a paid portion in the future, but as of right now, when that will be is not available on the website.

Wealth Start Business Review – The Verdict

The company just pushes the business opportunity and makes BOLD claims on how it will make 100 millionaires by March 2017:

As a WSB member, you will spend daily 15 minutes only and your task will be watching advertising! If you can click a link, then you are the right person to earn up to $11,912.50 per month from all 4 levels.

Join now and start sharing your WSB referral link with your contacts to become one of the 100 Members for the 15 minutes per day Millionaires challenge.

So you can make $11,912.50 per month, but they are claiming you can become a millionaire by March 2017…

You have to make more than $80,000 per month to become a millionaire in a year…

And this is all done by watching some advertisements?

Let’s get real here…

It takes a lot of work to become a millionaire and a company like this will never get you there…

You have to look into something long term and build it over time…

Wealth Start Business is a straight up pyramid scheme, it doesn’t even make an effort on the product side at ALL.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Wealth Start Business Review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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Wealth Start Business

-Jesse Singh

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