Warning Issued on USI-Tech in Nova Scotia, Canada

Warning Issued on USI-Tech in Nova Scotia, Canada

Looks like another regulatory doesn’t agree with USI-Tech business model.

The latest comes from the province of Nova Scotia in Canada…

Later today, December 21st, Nova Scotia’s Securities commissions issued a warning cautioning investment in USI-Tech.

Nova Scotia Securities Commission is identifying USI-Tech as “an online forex and bitcoin trading platform provider, located in Dubai.”

Anything that shows ROI and makes passive income that way is considered a security and must be registered:

The Commission has become aware that Canadians have been targeted recently through online advertisements and social media.

USI-Tech isn’t registered with Nova Scotia Securities Commission which makes it illegal:

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission is alerting individuals that USITECH Limited is not registered to sell securities in Nova Scotia.

“This is our second investor alert this week,” says Heidi Schedler, senior enforcement counsel with the commission.

“When people are busy, stressed or distracted, it is easier for fraudsters to capitalize on our vulnerabilities.

Stay vigilant. Always take the time to check registration.

Also this:

It is illegal to solicit investments in the province without registering with the Commission and complying with Nova
Scotia securities laws.

This just means anyone promoting USI-Tech in Nova Scotia will get in a lot of trouble… LOL.

They also said anyone that contacts them about USI-Tech should be reported:

Nova Scotians can always contact the Commission to report any scams, or what they believe to be suspect or suspicious behavior from anyone offering investment opportunities.

This is the THIRD warning inside of Canada…

First it was warning alert in British Columbia, followed by a fraud alert in New Brunswick.

There was also a cease and desist in the state of Texas as well…

So far I haven’t seen the USI-Tech management team respond to all of these warnings, but stay tuned.

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USI-Tech Warning Alert Issued By New Brunswick, Canada

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