Wake Up Now Reviews - Top MLM Company or Scam?

Wake Up Now Reviews – Top MLM Company or Scam?

You are on this page because you might have read countless amount of wake up now reviews out there and you just want to know the truth.  Some people are saying it’s a legit business while other’s say it’s a big scam.

I decided to get to the bottom of this and put some rumors to rest.  Find out in this blog post the truth about wake up now.

The Company – Wake Up Now Reviews

Wake Up Now Reviews

Website: www.wakeupnow.com

Founded in 2009, Wake Up Now actually did’t start off that well, in fact, it was at a loss business wise.  When I dug into this company even deeper, I found out it’s a publicly traded company and has been at a loss since it’s first launch.

Now, sometimes mlm companies do that purposely to avoid any extra taxes. Whatever the case may be, the financial security of a company is one of the most important things to look for!

Why would you join a company where you put your heart and soul into that goes under in a year.

I am not saying Wake Up Now will go under, but it’s financial track record doesn’t look good.

Wake Up Now Review – The Products

When it comes to products, Wake Up Now has interesting ones.  They are mostly virtual products which is okay as long as they have a product or it would be considered a pyramid scheme.

Some of the products they carry are travel discount programs which will save you money on time-shares, condo’s and other things.

When you do decide to go on these trips, they include an iPhone app that tracks your mileage by GPS so you can write business expenses off.

The Wake Up Now products also include cyber identity protection, the choice of 3 magazines, corporate discounts at AT&T , grocery coupons and other companies.

What’s the price to get started?

Here is a picture of their packages to start.

Wake Up Now Products

It will run you $99+ per month for all of these products and to be honest, I am not sure if you will even get the full value for these products.

Hear me out…

There are tons of places you can find travel and lodging discounts on the internet for as little as $99 per YEAR membership.  You can purchase identity theft protection at $20 per month at the high end and magazines and grocery coupons, well you know where to find those lol.

I noticed just the GPS app alone charges $20 per month and I am not even sure if that’s worth it.  You could technically just write down your mileage for book keeping and sign it off for free.

I am just being honest with you guys and obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not many Wake Up Now Reviews even talk about that…

The Wake Up Now Compensation Plan

After doing some research, the Wake Up Now Compensation is a uni-level pay out plan which is great.  I tried to find out some more details like compression or not, but in my opinion it looks decent.

This company’s whole thing is find 3 and your membership is free.  Here is a detailed chart of what your residual override would be according to your groups volume.

It appears you won’t get paid more commission until you reach a certain level within the company.  I noticed this residual override relies completely on the percentage of the volume your team produces from a certain number of legs.

The information that wasn’t available to me was if this means you are limited or it completely eliminates it.

What I found fascinating about the perks you get when your at the top levels is…You can earn 2 hours per month towards the use of the company jet!  How cool is that!

Here is the picture of the chart if you can make sense from it.

Wake Up Now Compensation Plan

That is called “Baller” status..LOL

To get to this “Baller” status, you need a total volume of 240,000 which according to my calculations you need 2400 people at $100 per month.

At that level, you would be making $25,000 per month…you must be a network marketing guru to pull those numbers thought.

You can make that kind of money without even recruiting with this company click here.

Wake Up Now Scam – Does it exist?

Want me to be honest?  It’s a SCAM, just kidding.. No it’s not.  The company has products, it has a compensation plan and it has leadership. I know there are a lot of Wake Up Now reviews where it’s calling it a scam, but that’s FAR from the truth.  If it was a real SCAM the FTC would have shut it down by now…

Not only that,

The products themselves are unique in the network marketing arena, but you can find them cheaper if you just do some research.

This is for the distributors…please stop spamming all of social media about your company.  The number one networkers that bombard me with their opportunity on Facebook is….WAKE UP NOW.

Chill out!  Build some relationships before you throw your links around.  I am sure not ALL of you do that, but I am just talking to the ones that do.

If you want to join Wake Up Now it’s safe to do it, but there are WAY better opportunities out there that will make you more money with less effort.

Click Here To See What I mean!

I would love to hear you thoughts about Wake Up Now if you are a distributor.  Let me know how it’s going and what would you recommend new members when they first get started?


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Wake Up Now

-Jesse Singh

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