ViSi Reviews - Should You Join Or This A Scam?

ViSi Reviews – Should You Join Or This A Scam?

There are lot of Visi-reviews on the internet and most of them are biased.  I know it can be difficult to which review to trust so I decided to investigate this company.  The reason is there isn’t enough third party reviews out there.  What I am going to do is go through the company, products and the business opportunity so you can make the right decision.  Find out if Visi is a legit business or a big scam…

First point… Let’s check out the company.

Visi Reviews – The Company



The company launched in April of 2012 under the supervision of Kent Lewis (CEO & President).  His history is impressive and has been involved in direct sales or network marketing for well over twenty years…

He has been in the trenches as a distributor, consultant and even corporate executive.

What makes Kent different is he has tons of distributor experience so he knows how to grow businesses…Now let’s just hope the company provides the right marketing tools to help new members to be successful.

The other leader involved in the company is Mr. Bill Perry who is an investor and actually finances Visi.

You always need one person that has real business experience and Bill has created several multi-million dollar companies with this real estate investor and developer experience.

The company has really exploded in Canada in recent years and there is a ton of buzz which is a good thing…

Plus the overall internet traffic to the website has increased which means it’s getting more and more popular and people are interested in this company.

Now, let’s take a look at their product line…

Visi – The Product Line Review


The company is in the health and wellness market which is one of the biggest market places you can get into…BUT it’s one of the most competitive with over 1000 other mlm companies in this field…

The Products:


This is meal replacement with vitamins, protein and anti-oxidants.  What makes this meal replacement different is it’s packed with Artic Cloudberry which has a lot of fire power when it comes to antioxidants.


This is a supplement that helps burn fat, suppress appetite, heighten metabolism, increase energy and helps with mood and mental clarity.


This is pretty much a protein shake with hydrolyzed collagen making it very absorb-able.  That just means your body will actual take in the protein.


This is a multi-vitamin/mineral powder to help you through out your day.


This is pretty much a pre-work out or energy drink without the heavy sugars and synthetic caffeine’s like what the mainstream energy drinks have.


This is an all natural product that encourages and metabolizes stored fat.  In other words, it’s a fat loss pill.


Rensa is a clensa… get it?  LOL  okay, it’s a de-tox cleanser to help eliminate toxins in your body.  This is always good to do once in a while.

Now overall, I haven’t heard any negative Visi reviews on the product on the internet which is a good sign that maybe they do work.  However, I haven’t tried any of them so I am not 100% sure.

Now, let’s check out the business opportunity….

Visi Review – The Business Opportunity

Like all the network marketing companies out there, you get paid commissions to recruit people into your business.  In fact, this is the most profitable way of making money period…

You don’t make much through retailing the actual product…

Anyway, I checked to see if there was a good video on the Visi compensation plan and I found a pretty good one for you all..

(NOTE:  I do not endorse what this video is saying, it’s just for educational purposes only).

Overall, the compensation plan is fair…

…and is pretty average compared to the industry…

Visi Reviews – The Conclusion is it a Scam?

You might have ready some Visi reviews where they were calling it a scam, but the truth of the matter is it’s not a scam.

You can’t simply call a company a scam if you failed.

The sad reality is 98% of people fail in network marketing anyway…

…but it’s their own fault.

You see…

They don’t get the right education to train themselves to become a recruiting master.  That is the skill set you need in this business and the average person sponsors 1.6 people.  That’s why the math never adds up…

So you can see why that is a problem right?

Well, you have two options really… You can either get the skill sets to do well in your business or you have to find something that doesn’t require recruiting.

And YES, there are businesses out there like that where you can do from home.

So for the people that are sick and tired of recruiting people and just want to make a real profit from home…

Look no further, click here and check this out.

I have personally used that system on the side of my primary business and with in 10 months made over 6 figures…

The best part was…

  • No recruiting
  • No blogging
  • No marketing
  • No technical skills


Click Here and See What I mean.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am showing you a real way out…

The fact you are on this blog post and read it all the way through means you were mean’t to be here for a reason…

Don’t let this opportunity slip you by.

For the people that are in Visi, let me know your thoughts about the company so far when it comes to the products and the actual business opportunity… How many people you sponsored?


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