ViSalus Scam Review - Find Out If This Company is Legit.

ViSalus Scam Review – Find Out If This Company is Legit.

The Visalus Scam reviews seem to keep popping up and you came across this site just to make sure that it’s a great business for the long haul. Who wants to waste time on building a business if it ends up being a big flop…Right?

…In this Visalus review, I am going to go over the company and lay it out as it is… This is completely third party so you won’t find anything biased here.  Find out if this is a company you can invest in for the future.


Visalus Review – The Products

The main product line or flagship is called the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge. This is the main weight loss program that this company is built around.  For 90 days, you go on their supplements and nothing but their supplements.  It is mainly protein shakes, meal replacements and some vitamins.

You can log into your back office in Visalus and set goals and monitor them.  After looking around on the internet, this has been a very successful weight loss program and I have seen a ton of great results.  Plus, Visalus keeps it simple with their products… You don’t see a million things in their product line which is a good thing.

They are BRANDING their stuff the right way which is rare these days.

Now that you know about the products, let’s look at the business opportunity

Visalus Reviews – The Business Opportunity

Like all the mlm companies out there, Visalus has a business opportunity made around their products.  The more products you share and more people your sponsor in your business, the more money you will make…

When you first become a distributor, you have 3 level choices to pick from:

  • Basic:  $49
  • ECS:  $499
  • ESS: $999

And… To be paid in their compensation plan, you need a minimum auto-ship of $125 worth of products every month.  This is quite normal for network marketing companies and that’s pretty much the only overhead you have.

There are several ways to get paid, let’s check that out now…

  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • Product Package Bonus
  • Weekly Enroller’s Pool
  • “Rising Star”
  • The Infamous BMW program
  • Building teams and going through the ranks.

When you are building this business, your first step is to hit “Director”.  Once you achieve that level – you should be making around $500-$1000 per month with 3 active legs in your downline.

The next rank would be “Regional Director” where you build 3 or more “Directors” in your downline.  At this point, you will be around $1000,$3000 per month.

Now this sounds easy on paper, but It’s going to take a lot of work so get prepared…Lol.  There are several other positions and the income just keeps going higher and higher.

Here is their compensation planNOTE, this is made by Visalus so it will have opinions that I may not agree with.  In other words, they are selling you haha.

Visalus Scam – Does it Exist?

The company is not a SCAM and far from it…So ignore those Visalus scam reviews.  The company has been doing well for several years and overall as a company produces a ton of revenue through their distributors.  The problem is the way some of these distributors present this opportunity…

…They make it seem like you are going to get rich over night…

You know.. when you get 2 and they will get 2 and so on..

The truth is you have to be a great recruiter.  You have to learn the right skill sets to speak to people in a way where they just pull out their credit cards and buy into your deal.. LOL

And THAT is the truth.

You have TWO solutions, you can get the skill sets to recruit like an animal… I would recommend looking into this click here.

It shows you how to sponsor people online on auto-pilot like how I do it 🙂

I have personally sponsored over 1300 members in my primary business….


You can look at a business model that doesn’t require recruiting.

This is the business where I made 6 figures profit in 9 months without recruiting a single person.

The options are there for you… Now it’s up to you what you want to do.

If you are in Visalus, please share your personal experience with the company when it comes to products and the business opportunity.  Please go ahead and comment below.


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