VidCommX Review - Real Opportunity or Scam?

VidCommX Review – Real Opportunity or Scam?

I was searching for the newest mlm companies out there and I came across VidCommX which seems to be the new craze.  What your going to learn in this VidCommX review is the absolute truth because unlike many reviews out there, I am not affiliated with this company.  In other words, I will not sugar coat anything. 🙂

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So what is VidCommX?

Main Website:

When I dug into VidCommX, I noticed it’s primary focus is on video emails and video marketing.  Another thing I dug up was it’s actually taking the video email ad exchange route as well.

What VidCommX allows you to do is earn money through ad’s placed in the videos.  Which is basically like the other massive video platforms like Youtube and Dailymotion.  The only difference is VidCommX allows you to use the video email side of the marketing business.  What you can do is embed videos you create or even use them in your emails when you send them to your family, friends, prospects etc.

So instead of traditional email marketing where it’s plain text, now you use the power of video to get your message across which I have to admit is very powerful.

VidCommX Review – The Opportunity

Like any network marketing business, you have the ability to earn money from home with it.  Let me rephrase that, it’s more like an affiliate marketing/network marketing company like how you get paid in YouTube when you are a partner with them.

So you earn money by advertisements placed into your videos just like YouTube.  You know when you watching a video and you get an annoying ad pop up LOL.

The more views you get to your videos, the more money you will earn with VidCommX just like how YouTube does it.

There is another option with this company unlike YouTube.  You have the ability to earn commissions on the people you personally sponsor to this business.  The compensation plan is based on a BINARY system where PV runs through both side’s of the leg and you get paid on the shortest leg.

Here is their Compensation Plan Video…

The Cost To Join?

The cost to join ranges from $100 all the way to $5000.  Like the compensation video says, you made different commission percentage according to where you join in the company.  VidCommX encourages you to even join with multiple accounts to increase your earning potential, but if you come in at the $5000 level, I don’t think you will be going to pay that a few times… LOL

PRO’s And Cons With VidCommX

Like any other company, there will always be pro’s and con’s.  Let me focus on the strengths first…


The vision of VidCommX is great  and how they are focusing on video marketing and email video marketing is the wave of the future.  This system will make the right people a lot of money no doubt about it.


What VidCommX is going against is the biggest baddest son of a “BLEEP” in the internet world.  They are called YouTube and Google :).  I know VidCommX has the whole network marketing side of the business, but the majority of the people would join this platform for the video creation and earn money through the ad revenue.

Another thing people don’t realize is by just making a video won’t make you any money.  You need to become a good marketer and learn how to make capture pages, a high converting email marketing campaign and learn how to drive traffic to these videos.

 VidCommX Review – Conclusion

So is this company a scam?  No way, it’s far from a scam. For the right people there is a ton of money to be made with this, but the keyword is “The Right People”.

You see… you have to already have an vast amount of knowledge and skill to actually be good at internet marketing before you even get started with this company.

For example, you need to learn:

  • Drive Traffic
  • Generate Leads
  • Convert them to sales
  • Make a great sales funnel

And Much much more…

If there is anyone tell you that’s not necessary…they are LYING to you.

So if you have no desire to learn to become a great marketer, than this program isn’t for you.

So if your thinking to yourself “Man, is there anything out there that doesn’t require recruiting or marketing?”

The answer to that question is…


Click Here To See What I mean.

If I could start all over again, I would have joined that program because I make a full time income without recruiting a single person…

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Now, if you are in VidCommX, please leave a comment below on your success and what kind of challenges you have faced.  My readers would love to know.

Until next time, I will see you in the next blog post!


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