Vfinity Review - New Company Launch Should You Join?

Vfinity Review – New Company Launch Should You Join?

A new weight loss and nutrition company has launched, but not many people know about it.  Is this just another nutritional mlm company, or does this bring something new to the table?  Find out the truth in this Vfinity review…just so you know, I am not affiliated with this company in anyway.

Vfinity Review – The Company

Vfinity review

The company is the brain child of Kenneth John, Daniele GD Henderson and Lyndsey B Larsen who specialize on different aspects.

Kenneth John is the customer care and operations manager who has 12 years of experience in the MLM environment and is in charge of the customer care vision of the company.  We all know that this is very important and it’s a good thing that Vfinity early on has a strong customer service base.

Daniele G D Henderson is the creative director of the company and is responsible for all the graphics and web design of the company.  She has extensive knowledge in web design and has been very successful in the last five years.

Lyndsey B Larsen is the senior copywriter who has extensive knowledge in the marketing field in general.  She has been responsible for big projects revolving around public relations, re-branding and marketing in general.

The companies mission as a whole is “empowering people to actively change lives.  Our mission is to illuminate a clear path leading towards a fulfilling lifestyle with infinite possibilities to grow wealth, and infinite freedom to live your life on your terms” (Read more here).

Now like every company, the products have to be unique and in demand.  Let’s keep digging deeper into this Vfinity review…

Vfinity Products Review

vfinity products

As of this Vfinity review, there are three main products to choose from and you can buy them all as a pak or individually.

V1 Skinny Smoothie was created to help reduce cravings and protects your lean muscle mass.  It’s packed with protein, high fiver from Quinoa and it has probiotics…

So it helps you go to the bathroom…Cool stuff!

V2 Skinny Greens is a detox or cleansing kit that helps suppress your appetite.  It’s packed with over 72 herbs, extracts and super foods.  In other words, it’s really good for you and they claim you will immediately feel the difference.

Again…probably will help you go to the bathroom…LOL.

V3 MAX is an energy booster kind of like those pre-workout supplements but without the crap inside of them.  This product helps increase your metabolism which means it will burn fat.  Again, this product suppresses your appetite and according to Vfinity, “It’s the most powerful weight loss support on the market”.

That’s a bold claim for a company.

I haven’t personally tried the products, but there are some testimonials on the website which are all good…well, they have to be good or they won’t be on there.

Vfinity Compensation Plan

Okay, it was very difficult to find this information because their website doesn’t say anything.  Well, I found a “Business Opportunity” video for you ladies and gentlemen.  Now it goes through the whole company including the products, but it’s a great overview.

Check out the video here:

I tried to be as detailed as I can because as of this Vfinity review write up, there is NOTHING out there.  This company seems to be on the ground floor right now which can be a good thing… and a bad thing.

Vfinity Conclusion

So is this company legit or a scam?  To be honest, it’s not a scam…

Only thing I would worry about is it’s still VERY new and most companies don’t make it past the 5 year mark.  The fact this is a nutritional company is a good sign because these typically do well in the long run.  If you have been in network marketing in the past and failed miserably, this company won’t make a difference in your success.

The truth of the matter is you need to start working on yourself and improving your sponsoring abilities because lets face it, network marketing is all about recruiting people.

So if you want to join this company, I recommend you working on yourself so you will be successful.

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if you are apart of Vfinity, please share your personal experience with the company so far.


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