Valentus Review – Legit MLM Business in 2018 or Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Valentus Review!

So it’s 2018…

A lot of people asked me to do a review on this company so I decided to do one.

You may be on this blog post because someone pitched you on the business opportunity or maybe asked you to try their product.

Am I right?

I have been there many times so in this blog post, I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

I am at the end of the blog post going to reveal some shocking truth that can actually lead you to failure…

So pay attention to this review and read it all the way to the end…

It could be the difference between success and failure…

First, let’s see what the company is all about…

Valentus Review – The MLM Company

Valentus Review

Valentus MLM is the brain child of Dave Jordan who happens to be the founder and CEO.

The company was in pre-launch until September 1st 2014 and then officially launched just after that date.

After doing some investigation on Dave Jordan, it looks like he is very experienced in this field and has been very successful.

Which is a great sign because the wrong leadership can destroy a company…

But it looks like he checks out good 🙂

One word of advice, stay away from companies that don’t fully disclose their leadership when you are doing any kind of research on a company.

Alright, now let’s take a look at their products inside of this Valentue review…

Valentus Reviews – The Products

Valentus had 4 products as of September of 2015, they could always add more later on.

All of the products are in powder form so you can pour it in a glass, add some water and stir.

Valentus Products

Here are the four products:

Prevail Energy – This is an energy drink and apparently all natural.

Prevail Immune – This has anti-oxidants and vitamins that support the immune system.

Prevail Trim – This is a weight loss drink

Slim Roast – This is a weight loss healthy coffee

I was trying to find product prices, but it’s next to impossible unless you know a distributor.

All companies should at least disclose the retail prices…

When I was looking for some Valentus product reviews, I noticed 99% of them were done by distributors so It’s hard to gauge if the products are any good…

Other companies in the coffee niche are:

Alright, next let’s take a look at the compensation plan inside of this Valentus review…

Valentus Compensation Plan

Unlike all the other Valentus reviews out there, I am going to go in depth so pay close attention…

In the Valentus compensation plan, you can get paid in 4 ways.

1) Fast Start Bonus (Up to $100)

2) Retail Commissions (25%)

3) Binary Commissions (Up to $100,000 per Week)

4) Matching Binary Commissions (7 Generations Starting at 25%)

5) 1% Global Volume Shared Enrollment Pool

6)  Car Bonus ($400-$3000 per month)

7) Legacy Coded Bonus ($100 unblocked to unlimited levels)

Below, I actually posted some videos of the compensation plan done by Dave Jordan.

Now before you watch them I want to let you know that I do NOT endorse these videos, it’s for education purposes only.

Fast Start Bonus:

Duel Team Commissions (Binary)

Duel Team Check Match (Matching Binary Commissions)

Legacy Coded Bonus

Next, the moment you have been waiting for inside of this Valentus review…

Valentus Review – The Verdict

Alright unlike all the other Valentus reviews out there I am going to stay unbiased here and tell you how it really is…

So pay close attention and keep reading…

So does the Valentus scam actually exist?

Of course not!

Valentus has legit products and a fair compensation plan that rewards distributors to sell to retail customers and to build a team.

This is how you leverage other peoples efforts to make you money and the biggest companies in the world use that method.

Unlike the other Valentus reviews out there, I am not here to bash it…

If it’s legit…

It’s legit…

The best thing to do really before joining is to purchase some of the products and see how you like it…

Let’s face it…

If you don’t like the product, it would be hard to sell it…

But why would you join something that you don’t enjoy anyway right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Valentus review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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Multiweb - November 4, 2015

Great review!

Joe - November 24, 2015

The coffee you get 22 packs that cost 60.00 they say you should drink 2. Pack a day.for a 11days of coffee you pay 60.00.so right around 180.00, for 30 day supplyment of coffee.

    Jesse Singh - November 25, 2015

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks for clearly that up!

    Wally - February 18, 2016

    Joe, it’s 24 packets per box. Not 22.

    Leo - May 4, 2016

    Try javita 24 per box

    Lila - May 25, 2016

    Replying to the statement someone made about how to use SlimRoast. I recently started using this product and the directions on the box actually states: “Take 1 SlimRoast pack per day NO MORE THAN TWO (2). It DOES NOT recommend using 2 packs per day as a Normal course of action. Of course each person has to see how their body responds regarding when they start experiencing hunger pangs after the initial packet is consumed. I’m an early riser and drink my first cup around 6:00-7:00 am and don’t feel hunger pangs until around 2-3:00 pm, well after normal lunch times. Sometimes I may drink a low calorie high-protein shake in the afternoon just because I don’t want my body to go into a starvation mode and start storing everything I eat later as fat. Later, in the evening I eat a small sensible meal. The reason I say “small” is because I’m not really that hungry and my stomach has been shrinking, so, I get full faster. So, I use only one (1) pack of SlimRoast per day but do whatever works best for your body and weight-loss goals. I have lost weight despite being on prednisone (steroidal medication) which generally packs on the pounds. Next I want to try the carb/sugar-blocking product Prevail Trim to help me deal with diabetes. VERY SATISFIED CONSUMER!

      sue - October 5, 2016

      very nice…Im using valentus my self too…first time i drink i only eat small amount cuz i fill full already..But funny thing now my appetite is coming back..Why is that? I dont know.. But i dont fill hungry but i eat anyway.. Its really effective and proven…

    tonia - August 1, 2016

    it’s actually 24 packs in a box and one/day

    Gina Noirot - March 12, 2017

    Your information is not correct.
    There is 24 packets of product in each box. The plan is called 12 in 24. You drink a Slimroast in the morning, along with 12-16 oz of water with each beverage. Trim in the afternoon about 30 min.before your biggest meal and an Immune Boost in the evening before bed.
    You do this Monday through Saturday and take Sunday off (or any 6 consecutive days and 1 day off) for a total of 4 weeks. That’s 24 days.
    When the plan is followed correctly a person can lose a total of 12lbs/inches in 24 days.

      Jesse Singh - March 21, 2017

      Thanks for the correction 🙂

      Lea-Anne - July 24, 2017

      Hi there,

      I am in South Africa and wish to purchase this slimming coffee. Where do I go????

John - December 7, 2015

Great review! The products are amazing!

    Jesse Singh - December 7, 2015

    Hey John,

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Yvonne Dollard Perc - July 9, 2016

      You actually get 28 in a Package of Slim Roast Coffee.

travis - December 29, 2015

total mlm scam.

    Jesse Singh - December 29, 2015

    Hey Travis,

    Well, MLM’s are not a scam.

    It’s just people who get started have no skills and refuse to get them…

    Then they fail and call everything a scam.

      Joe - January 20, 2016

      not a scam you gotta work the business..

        Jesse Singh - January 20, 2016

        I didn’t call it a scam, but yes you have to work your ass off 🙂

          Mark - January 22, 2016

          Hey Jesse, I think Joe was replying to Travis’s scam comment. Great review, someone pitched this to me earlier today, they are a facebook friend who are trusting. As you say it’s not a scam, but needs to be worked.

          I get your emails and will be joining you in DSD very soon, just need to get my restrictions on Paypal removed by selling 25 items. Unless there’s a way I can get the money in Paypal instantly as someone purchases from eBay.

      Velvet - August 10, 2017

      You got that right.

    Shelly - February 15, 2016

    why do you say this is a scam

Iman - January 2, 2016

I need to purchase the Slim Roast. Can this be ship to Malaysia?

    Jesse Singh - January 2, 2016


    I am not in Valentus, I decided to take a different route where
    I use eBay and Amazon to make me money with no inventory.

    Becky - February 24, 2016

    Valentus will ship all over the world almost all of the distributors are users of the product. I use Valentus and sell it! The best is doing the 12 in 24 where you drink the COFFEE, TRIM and IMMUNE BOOST they garentee you loose 12 pounds or 12 inches or combo of both. my first try I lost 16 inches and 9lbs it was amazing! I went off of Valentus for 2 months and I lost 3 inches! It works and you don’t gain the weight back!!

James Reilly - January 10, 2016

I’m quite surprised you couldn’t find prices. I found them quite easily when I was researching them. They are a relatively new company compared to the others.

You pay a One Time affiliate fee which is $20, they have 4 products, I use the slimroast, purely because I wanted to suppress me eating the fridge all the time. However as a Type 1 Diabetic, the results I have been having are amazing.

I do talk about it now and then as I am an affiliate for it now, I paid so i might as well. The income side doesn’t really bother me, I like the coffee and I love what its doing for my health, there is no stupid exercise routines, tablets or crazy shakes.

If you work from the Product side of things, for me its a great company, I have told many diabetics now about it and I wanted to see if my results were unique but they are getting similar results.

For me the Products are brilliant, well the slimroast is, i don’t use the other ones, and a bit of a bonus is the income that I am starting to generate from it by sharing my Bayer Contour Blood testing machine and me and my thoughts on it.

Cheers for your Post Jesse


    Jesse Singh - January 13, 2016

    Hey James,

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Cindy - May 20, 2016

      Can this coffee be delivered in Philippines? Do you accept PayPal as mode of payment? Thanks

    Marilyn - January 24, 2016

    James, how does drinking coffee help with your Diabetes? And do you give your clients a Bayer Contour Testing machine or do you let them use it? Not sure what you meant there. I just started on the Valentus and have family with diabetes, I’d like to help them any way I can!

      James Reilly - June 13, 2016

      Hi Marilyn

      No I don’t give them a Bayer Machine, that is part of my Type 1 Diabetic Kit. I honestly hope that you never need to have one or use one. The Bayer Kit records my blood tests, on average i do way too many per day. I test my blood before meals, after meals, when I wake up, before I do activity, before I drive my car, if I am doing any exercise. The bayer machine records my sugar level. Drinking the coffee i get a better sugar level which means i have a better diabetic control. If you have too much sugar in your system then you will suffer long term diabetic problems.

      Eye sight, feeling in your feet, kidneys and all sorts. Since taking the coffee from August 2015, My feet circulation has got better, my energy has went up a great deal, I now am able to do a lot more than I could ever do. My sugar level, as a diabetic we get yearly checks and this year my HBA1 was the best it has ever been since getting Type 1 Diabetes in 1995.

      Because I write about SlimRoast and Diabetes I have found myself connecting with a lot more diabetics, not my intention lol, however when I show them my results, it’s not something that I can fake it inspires them to try it. What I also say is, do half a sachet in the morning you can mix it in with your regular coffee if you want, and then do half a sachet in the afternoon. This way you can get your body used to the changes easily without it jump starting you. I wish I had listened to my own advice, I only say this through experience, when I got the coffee, i took one sachet straight away.

      I cleaned the house, did the kitchen, walked into town shopping, went up to the doctors then round to the supermarket. It wasn’t even 10am yet. Wife got up and I wasn’t in, everything was done around the house, I hadn’t been out the house for years for no reason, she actually thought I had left her lol. I had energy like I never had before since getting Diabetes.

      Valentus are opening up a Distribution Warehouse in Germany to deliver to the growth we are having here in the UK, they deliver to every country in the World, with many users becoming Independent Affiliates (IR) for Valentus and sharing it with other people.

      I share a sample with people in the UK, I request they signup, they order their first box if they like it and or get benefit from it, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee with it, whilst they are on their first box they work out their daily routine with it and then usually move to 3 boxes on autoship per month.

      I tell them NOT to advertise it, we are not there to advertise it, we are there to share our own results, and with that you will get people who are interested, people want to know how you are looking soo good, how you are getting more energy and how you are losing weight. People want a magic button, but there isn’t one, there is just Doing It Right, and with SlimRoast Coffee I have found my own solution. One that is working for me.

      I admit I have had a few people NOT like it, thats fine, we can’t all be 100%. My wife, since August 2015, HATED IT, every bad thing under the sun, but she saw me change over this last year, so she gave in and asked if she could “Try” it, that was May 2016, since then she has been out and about, done everything she wants, and now does around 15k steps per day. She was house bound to a degree before, I had to drive her everywhere.

      I just wish she had tried it a LONG TIME AGO, can you imagine the peace and quiet I could have experienced lol.

      I do hope that people do see the benefit of it, it’s not a cure or a wonder drug, it’s just something that tastes better than shakes and crazy diets.

      I admit, all over the internet I am, that I haven’t lost lots of weight, but thats not the coffee, that is me, the more energy I have the more I can use my kick bag, I can use my weights. I hated loosing me over the years and now that I can get me again, SlimRoast is part of my Diabetic Routine. I appreciate the fact that it has gave me a second chance at life.

      The more people I have spoken with and helped they are getting similar freedom with it.

      James Reilly

    Angela - February 18, 2016

    I am also using Slim Roast to curb my sweet addiction and it works amazing !

Gema Delos Santos - January 19, 2016

I’m loving this coffee and I really lost weight in just 2weeks at same time I’m energetic and don’t feel tired from work after long day of work I’m not very fun of water but now this coffee makes me to drink 8glasses of water a day or even more which is very healthy for the body but how to start this business?pls thx Hongkong

Paul - February 19, 2016

I am interested in trying the products for “health reasons ” especially the weight loss coffee. I was on the site yesterday and read the product info but am always a little hesitant when I read many of the testimonials from their distribution network folks
A friend of mine suggested I sign up but would like to try some product and see its affects on me before I would fly their flag so to speak. Did you say it was cheaper on e bay?

Tks. Paul

    nanci - April 9, 2016

    Yes,I’m wondering too if its cheaper on ebay why pay a higher price from the company?

    Edward Bundy - April 29, 2016

    I just started selling for Valentus. It may be cheaper the first time you buy it, but I think that is to get you in. You need to order under someone (and yes I’d love to be that someone-as I am just starting). If you are interested as someone who has tried it and want to see my suggestions, I created a face book page called “thinbycoffee Edward Bundy Valentus Independent Representative” I am very honest about what I think of the product. It is 24 packs for 59.95 (right now) but…., there is no way I could handle 1 packet of the coffee a day-I tried it and cleaned my entire house and trimmed hedges outside that I haven’t touched in the 5 years I’ve lived in my home. I felt like I could be a rat on a wheel and run and run and run. I did not get a racing heart like I do with too much coffee, but as with anything the company recommends you talk with your doctor. I honestly haven’t sold a thing yet, but if I don’t, I lost $20 bucks-no problem. I love the product. I couldn’t sleep well at night and then was tired during the day before the SlimRoast. No I am so energized during the day and so active that I sleep at night. I feel so much better, and I have to remind myself to eat. I personally lost 5 pounds the first five days or so. I haven’t tried the punch-type drinks, other than for taste (which I liked), but my sister has, and said she did not feel hungry, even after working all day, and was not tired. Feel free to check out my face book page. It’s not real fancy, but it is very detailed for someone who is looking into it for the first time. I do have links to the web sites the company created for me, but I like my face book page because it is more detailed and answers to you, many of the questions I had when I first started using it.

      Maureen - May 11, 2016

      I just looked at your page and it says you have had an adverse reaction – would you share what you have experienced?

The Truth - February 22, 2016

I lost 100lbs in 7 days! THIS IS AMAZING! Lost 25 inches. I look better than when I was 18!

    Jesse Singh - February 22, 2016


    Yeah sure.

    Genna - March 22, 2016

    What a crock

    Dianne - June 27, 2016

    Was this loss just from the product? I’m on anti depressants and I’ve have gained an extra 30 lbs. like everyone I’m desperate for help

Angie - February 25, 2016

I want to just purchase the coffee from the site.How much will it cost?Will I be charged every month on my credit card?Im not interested in auto ship right now……Is it possible to do this without auto ship.I just want to order as needed?

    Robert - March 11, 2016

    Yes you have choice of autoship, preferred customer or buy one with no autoship. You don’t pay the one time $20 unless you want to do the business side. Hope this helps.

Ruud - March 12, 2016

too expensive..

Rick - April 20, 2016

I have to say, I’ve never been a fan of “MLM” pyramid type businesses, but at least Valentus actually sells a product. Some MLM’s like Emgoldex was just a scheme, because the ONLY way to make anything was recruiting, no one ever saw any actual gold.

Anyway, the Valentus Slim Roast does work to curb appetites. My wife likes it and I’ve seen her lose weight in the last 2 weeks, has more energy, feels happier, and starting to fit into clothes she couldn’t before starting on the coffee. She does Zumba classes twice a week, but until she curbed her appetite it was slow and discouraging.

Only complaint I really have about Valentus is the coffee is rather expensive, I think their company would take off like a rocket if the product was somewhat cheaper.

    James Reilly - June 13, 2016

    I don’t see it as expensive. When you see the quality of life you get from it, and you break it down to daily cost, its actually not that much, in fact its cheaper than buying a starbucks coffee each day.

    My new lease on health justify the out going of it.


    Barb J - June 21, 2016

    MLM and Pyramid are two entirely different things. I wish people would educate themselves before making all encompassing comments!

      Jesse Singh - June 24, 2016

      Hey Barb,

      I agree.

      98% of the people just throw Pyramid around, but have no clue what it is lol.

      DAWN PARKYN - August 7, 2016

      Amen !

Sarah-Louise Odeje - April 24, 2016

This is a very great review Jesse!

Please keep up with the good work.


Nicola - May 1, 2016

I love the Slimroast so much so I too sell it now. I’ve lost 55lbs in 8 months and I’ve never had this much energy. Thanks for the review. I met Dave Jordan at the 1St International Convention he moved me to tears. This man has heart and passion and I’m so proud to be working for his company.

Greg - May 9, 2016

Hey Folks

Never have I ever sent out an e-mail endorsing a product like this in my life, but I will this one time.
I was approached by an old client of mine about switching my coffee to this trim coffee he was so excited about
Yah right as I rolled my eyes, I just didn’t want to be rude to him and hang up…lol
He sparked a bit of my interest and said the company Valentus was only two years old and there coffee is blowing people away.
With quick weight loss results…ok…you have my attention.
He mentioned it did all of this:
Within 20 minutes my energy would dramatically increase
It would take away my cravings for sugar
It would suppress my appetite
It would block my absorption of carbohydrates
And guaranteed 5-15lb weight loss in one month or the company would refund the cost of my first box.
OK, I told him I would look into it and I bought my first box on line.
I am an early riser as friends and family already know, I took the pack of coffee, made it like I would take my coffee at Starbucks or Timmy’s and within 20 minutes my level of alertness
And energy was very noticeable, my work out was phenomenal.
I craved no snack, I wasn’t hungry for hours, everything he said the product did…it did !!!
6 weeks later and I am wearing belts that I haven’t worn in 5 years, I was close to earing a size 38 jean, my 36s are now too baggy.
I have lost 8 lbs, for me at 48 years old, that’s an incredible feet.
If any of you are low on energy, can’t lose the weight you have gained over the years or decades, this simple one cup a day Coffee is the answer.
There are no lifestyle or diet changes required, just one coffee a day.
I’m completely convinced and passionate about how effective it is.
I won’t be sending out future e-mails so no need to worry about that, I just had to share this with my circle of friends, business associates and Family.

    Cindy - May 20, 2016

    Hey Greg! May I ask where did you bought it? Can they ship it here in Manila Philippines? Thanks

    Jim Marcus - September 25, 2016

    And my story is similar! I started drinking the coffee after being hospitalized for 11 from a dog bite. (Long story) I instantly recognized the mood change. I was hooked on Slim Roast coffee! I drink this coffee daily sometimes twice and I have lost about 20LB’s along the way! I’m an Independent rep in the company and it’s the only MLM I will ever being involved with. Valentus is a perfect storm of great management and ownership, great products that actually work, a great compensation plan, and a great culture that is permeating this company!

Maureen - May 11, 2016

Is it able to come into Canada legally?

    Julie - May 20, 2016

    Yes it is Maureen and people are having great results and being able to manage their weight loss. Slimroast is ( is alkaline )a health alternative….. to regular Coffee that is acidic . And as far as building a business, I have never been in a networking company that has more newbies that are, some of the highest ranking in the company.

    I personally lost 8.2 lbs and 23 inches in 5 weeks and have kept it off . I love the Slimroast ,immune boost , energy and the Trim. Great products and you can take them anywhere, they are in convenient stick packs and all you do is add water.

      Darrin - May 29, 2016

      8 lbs and 23 inches. That makes no sense whatsoever.

    Diane - February 4, 2017

    What does 12 in 24 mean. I cannot find the ratio of what products it is suggested be uses daily for weight loss, trim, and energy.

Zouhir - May 23, 2016

Dear All,

I’m interested to create a network in France. Who can include me into the business? Who can be my “godfather”?
Many thanks

By the way I think the unit price very expensive! 🙁

Dan and Charity Isaac, Canada - May 26, 2016

You can sign up under any Valentus rep. We have only been drinking one SlimRoast coffee first thing in the morning, for the past week, and each drinking a 1/2 sachet of Trim before noon, for 1 week. My wife is down over 10 pounds, and I am down 3 pounds. We both have more energy, and get up earlier. I find it has reduced my late night snack cravings, and I feel full a lot sooner. I still haven’t got used to reducing my portion size to my appetite.!!
A Naturopathic Dr. said to drink lots of water. ” A gallon a day, makes the fat go away,” or something like that.
Really, this product isn’t expensive, if your buying less groceries, and improving your health. Cheaper than Starbucks.!!

Lana - June 7, 2016

Good news, but for how long we have to take them, and it is ok if we just drink slim roast coffee, or I have to mix the four products.


    Mary Sassara - June 16, 2016

    Hi Lana,
    I just started with the coffee, but people get better results with then take the trim and the slimroast.

    To your success!!!


Tami - June 16, 2016

I can’t get a refund from Valentus on product I sent back. Does anyone have a contact other than support? They are useless. Thanks

Mary Sassara - June 16, 2016

I have tried all the shakes, pills and bars out there. Atkins, HCG you name it.. What I was looking for was something simple that I didn’t have to make in addition to my normal eating habits. I decided to try Valentus. Granted I am not a fan of instant coffee, I love my Keurig.. but after I had the first cup, I started enjoying the taste and now actually add it to my regular coffee. Total to date, I have lost 6 pounds, and its not alot, but I have really just had the coffee and no other changes. It was surprising to me and my husband how it curbed our appetite and put us in a better mood. The energy boost was nice.. note: its not off the charts energy, just a nice steady stream of energy.

Does it work, Yes! My husband has lot 9 pounds just with this coffee and he is really a hard one to try anything. So I decided to share with my friends and family. What a great way to lose weight and help people get their life back!



    James Reilly - June 18, 2016

    Hi Mary

    Congratulations on your Journey with Slimroast. My wife has had carpal tunnel for many years, it’s caused her great pain and suffering. She was due an operation however all the lumps have gone. She hasn’t had any pain since starting on SlimRoast Coffee. She is now a lover of the coffee.

    In one sense that is brilliant but in another, shes drinking my darn coffee. Now I need to up the coffee autoship so that I can afford for us both to have this lol.

Jackie - June 21, 2016

I started using the slim roast and the trim for about a month now I have lost about 10 pounds and love it…

T - June 23, 2016

Scam. I returned product and they will not refund.

Beau - June 27, 2016

Love the slim roast..

Dianne - June 27, 2016

What is so special with this and why do you lose weight when everything else fails

    Pam Hunt - August 7, 2016

    The products are scientifically formulated with so many natural ingredients that address every issue concerning weight loss: they block sugar & high glycemic carbs absorption, burns fat, detoxes, speeds up metabolism (without jitters), significantly reduces appetite, kills cravings…these last two being the demise of most diets! A restrictive diet is not necessary because of these ingredients; however most people who follow the recommended way to consume the product, find in time they just start to naturally eat more healthy as your addictive cravings no longer drive you to eat sugary, processed foods, and as you detox you are filled with renewed energy, your mood is enhanced so you don’t emotional eat. There are just so many benefits in all the VALENTUS products. People are sleeping better, their blood pressure is lowering, they are able to reduce their medication for diabetes, etc! Hope this helps!

Johnathan - September 3, 2016

Valentus new product, “Kool-aid”

Jenn - September 8, 2016

Sounds like another pyramid scheme like QuickStar, you only make money by recruiting others. The product seems to have very little scientific research to support the claims of supposed testimonials from ” real people”. I have 2 friends trying to sell this junk as a weight lose product, try eating health and exercise people, come on do some research.

    Jesse Singh - September 8, 2016

    Hey Jenn,

    I am not in Valentus, but this isn’t a pyramid scheme.

    It has products you can sell.

Pete - September 28, 2016

Hey Jenn, Be careful what you call “Junk” I find your comments offensive. I am “Real People” and perhaps you should think before you speak. My results are also “Real” Maybe you should also learn the difference between a Pyramid and Multi level Marketing before you shoot off your mouth.

Bonna fe - October 1, 2016

Hi I just ordered online at http://www.valentus.com I ordered their slim roast coffee as I really wanna try it. So I paid 20$ for membership I guess and paid total of 92$ plus, anyway to make story short, I got an email sept.21/2016 that my product has been shipped and sent me a code for DHL and another code for deutschepost. So when I put the code in DHL to track my order it says no match found, so I click in that deutschepost link and it says it was shipped in Germany. So I’m wondering how it goes to Germany where I thought I ordered it from US and also it says on their web it takes 5 days of delivery so now it’s more than 5 days and I’m wondering how long it will take to deliver in Cebu Philippines. Plsssss enlighten me as I’m really worried as I can’t track it now 😭😭😭

Lili - October 4, 2016

Is that coffee not gone increase the blood pressure level?
If i can get the answer i’ll be appreciated

vanhoutte gino - October 9, 2016

Is it able to come into Belgium legally?

    Sebastien TRIPPELSDORF - November 4, 2016

    Hey Gino ! I’m belgian too I received the products without problem 🙂
    If you want more info we can contact each other by mail. I’ll give you mine : sebastien.trippelsdorf@gmail.com

    Hey Jesse, it’s a nice review but I have a question. You say it’s far from a scam but if the core of the business is based on recruiting it’s not far from that right ? Let me know 🙂

      Jesse Singh - November 5, 2016

      It’s about selling products and getting business partners.

      So if both are happening, it’s not a scam.

Angry reviewer - November 27, 2016

I tried one pack and followed the lady’s instructions to a t and have been drinking Valentus prevail energy all day and not once has it given me a boost of energy.Instead it made me tired and sore and not wanting to move at all.Fail for the energy for the one pack test.I have a pack of immune boost and am very doubtful of it working.So am tempted to not even try it.

Leanne Reilly - December 26, 2016

I am an independent representative for Valentus and I have personally lost over 8 lbs in such a short amount of time. I feel 100% better.


CarolDesabrais - January 2, 2017

Hi I have been on the Valentus products for one month. I was not trying them initially for weight loss as I am a physically fit person, but my friend encouraged me to try them anyways. What I did find the Slimroast coffee did was give me energy and put me in a very good mood. This has translated into being more productive and happier and losing about 4lbs (bonus)! I am an independent distributor now and using the products myself so have no problems telling people about this product!

kattine - January 10, 2017


I am a night shiftee, how can i take this coffee rightly?

Wes Pruett - January 30, 2017

Valentus is exploding with massive growth! The 12in24 weight-loss plan works. So say my 10 customers and myself. I lost 10 pounds and 2 inches on it. It works.

For the MLM haters: Do you call everything in your life that didnt work for you or your uncle joe a scam?…. “Your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with you…so I guess dating is a scam?” ” Your car broke down..I guess driving is a scam?”….there are 20 million people involved MLM…someone must be something right!!

re recruiting…..everything you are involved in life.. you were recruited into… Do you go to church? you were recruited, sold on the idea going to that church would be good for you….Do you have a favorite restaurant?…you were recruited, sold going to that restaurant would be good for you……Action, Skills, Attitude= Success…this applies to any endeavor…including MLM.

Kari - February 22, 2017

Unfortunately, Valentus does NOT stand behind their products! If you have a reaction from taking this product or it simply doesn’t work, they will not issue a refund…because the box was opened! How are you supposed to try the product without opening the box? Customer svc was quite snippy with me as well. Can not recommend!

    Keltie Smith - April 20, 2017

    Im very sorry you had a bad experience with a Rep who didn’t give you any samples. We are all about the samples before buying.

cissy - May 22, 2017

Its two months since I placed my order and I have not received it. I have written , complained but all in vain. I was told that my money cannot be refunded and I find it strange especially where the product is not delivered . I dont want to question the credibility of Valentus considering the positive reviews.

    Jesse Singh - June 2, 2017

    Maybe you need to contact their customer support?

UniqueThrows4Less - May 30, 2017

My advice, before declaring MLM a scam etc- try the product samples. Then leave an honest review 🙂

    Jesse Singh - June 2, 2017

    Actually if you read the review, I said it’s NOT a scam but thanks for coming out lol.

Ali - June 15, 2017

How much did Valentus pay you to create this blog promoting their products?

    Jesse Singh - June 28, 2017


    I am not promoting their products, but thanks for NOT paying attention and assuming stuff 🙂

hacene atmani - June 30, 2017

Good pro valentus

VitalizeOne - July 19, 2018

Valentus is an excellent lifestyle choice for all who seek that “something” to a better life. #VitalizeOne

Cheryllynnecorcoran - July 26, 2018

Friend is selling the spray,does 85.00 sound right to join including the spray in the mouth?


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