USANA Co-CEO Dave Wentz Steps Down After 24 Years

USANA Co-CEO Dave Wentz Steps Down After 24 Years

This is some breaking news, after 24 years being the Co-CEO of Usana, Dave Wentz decided to step down for personal reasons…

To take his place the co-CEO Kevin Guest has been appointed the new CEO of Usana.

The company decided not to go with the Co-CEO management structure and overall Usana now has six Directors and out of those six, four of them are independent.


Dave Wentz said the the following:

I am grateful for my long tenure with USANA and am proud of what we have accomplished over the past 24 years. USANA has always been, and will remain, a positive influence for so many lives, including my own, and I am confident in the company’s future under Kevin’s leadership. ¬†I am looking forward to spending more time with my family and continuing to advocate for the direct sales industry as Chairman of the Direct Selling Education Foundation

According to Gilbert Fuller (Chairman of the Governance, Risk and Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors):

Dave has made an incredible contribution to our organization over the past two decades.

He has skillfully led the Company to multiple years of record sales and customer growth and helped the Company navigate both anticipated and unanticipated challenges. We are grateful for his dedication and hard work in the many roles he has held with USANA and wish him all the best going forward.

Dr. Myron Wentz commented on Mr. Guest as the CEO saying the the following:

We are pleased to name Kevin Guest as CEO of USANA. Kevin has led USANA in a variety of roles for more than 20 years, including President and most recently as Co-CEO.

In each role, Kevin has demonstrated sound leadership, integrity and judgment. Perhaps most importantly, Kevin has earned the trust, respect and admiration of countless USANA Associates, customers and employees around the world as he has served them.

So what does Kevin Guest had to say about this new position?

I am honored by the trust and confidence the Board of Directors has placed in me to lead USANA going forward. Dave and I have worked side by side to achieve many goals over the years, and I have the utmost respect for him.

I also have complete confidence in, and respect for, the leadership team we have in place at USANA. Our team has talent and experience in each of the key leadership positions and is committed to USANA’s mission. As demonstrated by the Board’s recent decision to split the stock, we are confident that the strategies we have in place will help USANA achieve its long-term growth potential.

Overall, USANA as a whole is a very successful MLM company and has been since it first started.

They do have very good products and backed with great leadership that will help the company grow.

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