Uno Premier Review – Should You Join Or Stay Away?

A new network marketing company has launched and it’s stirring up a lot of hype and buzz.  I decided to find out what this company is all about and make sure it’s legit…

In this Uno Premier Review, I am going to go through the company, product line and compensation plan so you can make an accurate decision to join it or not…

Pay attention and read this all the way through to avoid disappointment…

Uno Premier Review – The Company


Website:  http://www.unopremier.com

Even though the company launched in October of 2014, the company claims that their main company “UNO” or mother company started 8 years ago in the Philippines…

The company is the brain child of a man named William Barbo who is the president and has been in the network marketing industry for 17 years and counting.

I did a back ground check on William Barbo, but I couldn’t find anything prior to UNO Premier…

Hmmm…That’s interesting.

The website also states something interesting…

They apparently created over 800 Philippine millionaires in the span of 8 years and have over 100 offices spread through out the nation.

Again, I can’t find anything on that to make sure these claims are true…

Next, let’s take a look at the product line…

The Uno Premier Review – The Product Line

The company far as I know has three products listed on their website…

  • Pro Cardio – “improves your HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and much much more”.
  • Sante 8 Berries – a “One stop all” supplement that covers all your nutritional needs… (Apparently).
  • Nutrifab – a weight loss product that detoxes at the same time… (So you can lose weight and go to the bathroom at the same time LOL).

I tried searching for the prices, but nothing came up.  All I saw was this…


The only way to buy the product is if you buy the packages that rank from $309 to $3404 and it varies in different countries.

For example for the Philippines, the price is $765 to $3060 (A little steep if you ask me).

Other countries Uno Premier packages are sold in include, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, Hong King, and Dubai.

I did notice that these packages have more than the “Three” they have on their website.

But they are not branded “Uno Premier” for some reason…

Keep reading.

The products bundled in these package include:

  • Juice
  • Coffee
  • Kryptorganic (I don’t think Super-man will like this).
  • Vitalife 365 (Possible Vitamin supplement?)
  • Choco 8 (Chocolate drink it seems like)
  • Magic Cream (That’s the actual name, I wonder if it has Magic)
  • Grapeseed
  • Fitright

And many many more…

From what it looks like, Uno Premier isn’t the actual manufacture of these product or even the BRAND.  They seem to be selling third-party health and wellness products.

Let’s check out the business opportunity…

Uno Premier Reviews – The Business

Like all MLM companies out there, you get a commission for enrolling someone that buys one of those product packages I listed before…

Instead of me trying to explain the compensation plan…

…Watch this short video all the way through:

(NOTE:  I do not endorse this video, it’s for education purposes only)

The compensation plan is profitable for the right people…

The keyword there is “RIGHT” people.

The cost to join depends on which package you purchase:

  • Platinum – $309
  • Premier – $925
  • Premier Elite – $1741
  • Global Premier – $3404

Uno Premier Scam – Does it really exist?

Overall, I don’t see this company as a scam…

But the only thing I am concerned about is the lack of information about the previous company and the president…

I personally wouldn’t join this company just yet and wait it out until they get a little more established and maybe sell their “own” products and not a third party brand…

I am sorry to disappoint you if you were excited about this company and were ready to join, but I am just sick and tired of people getting scammed.

There are thousands of other Network Marketing companies that are much more established that you can join and feel confident they won’t be going anywhere…

Of all the companies I have reviewed…

This is my #1 recommendation click here!

The reason for it is simple…

The biggest problem people have when they join a business is sponsoring people…

If you can’t sponsor people, you won’t make any money.

Some people might say “You can sell the products”.

Well, you can, but can you make a full time income from minimum profits?

I don’t think so…

This is the only opportunity I ever seen that doesn’t require recruiting and you can make a fortune if you take action and can follow simple instructions.

Click Here To See What I Mean!

I am just looking out for you…

I hope you enjoyed my Uno Premier review and if you are in the company, please comment below about your personal experience about the products and the company in general…

Until next time!


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God bless you all,

uno premier

-Jesse Singh

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Joannie - May 21, 2015

are you sure about the number of branches uno has? You said that you could not find evidence on the 100 branches… why don’t you search harder.

    Jesse Singh - May 22, 2015


    Time of the review I had an insider source tell me.

      Mer - May 26, 2015

      Hi jesse! I have been a member of UNO since 2009, when I was still a call center agent in Cebu City. Our products range from beauty and health products. I have been doing UNO now for 6 straight years and I have been to several countries including USA, UAE and Japan for trip incentives by the company. And that 800 Millionaires, 15 of that is coming from my team. 🙂 I too have a blog but i dont spend even a dime of my time reviewing under companies, I would rather invest that on a course, learn and teach it to my team. Anyway, you have a great day and wish you the best in your MLM Profession!


        Jesse Singh - May 26, 2015

        Hey Mer,

        I see you don’t spend time on your blog and would rather invest it on courses…

        Mer, my blogs get me over 200 leads per day and I sign up on an average of 5-10 people ALL online…


        Why isn’t that worth the investment? lol.

        Axel - July 11, 2015

        How much were you paid for this comment ?
        or are you a relative of your boss

        Uno is 1 huge scam to make mangers rich,
        But the people who work hard to sell there products not only do they get such small percentage, they are asked to pay for privilege.
        Uno takes advantage of the poor
        Makes them believe they can get dream cars but actually they just abuse their employees
        Wake up

          JJ - March 27, 2016

          Hi Axel,

          I believe that you have not yet understood the system of network marketing. Network Marketing is for everyone, but not everyone is for network marketing.

          Raine - March 28, 2016

          You know what axel. Youre a close minded cheap motherF*ther that opens his mouth and doesnt open his 2 ears to listen. Probably you tried UNO but you didnt study to better, didnt use the tools and did the wrong moves to grow in MLM. You should be the one telling it to yourself Wake up!!! Coz if you die poor its just because of your own rot. -Raine,Canada

ivy - June 24, 2015

thanks for the tips….very helpful…

G man - July 13, 2015

UNO is just starting out here in the US. My friend sponsored me and my wife to join. We agreed since the business seem to make sense despite the unpopular reputation of multi-level networking. The big draw is actually the prices of the products. Affordable and competitive. Then our package came first week of June with a new price list. PRICES OF ALL THE ITEMS INCREASED BY MORE THAN 100%. Example their 8 in 1 coffee was from $7 a box to $18 distributor price, to be sold at $23. A box of juice to be sold at $38. Who would in their right mind buy an overpriced, unknown product that came from the Philippines? A sudden jump in the prices without even the top earners here in the US knowing about it is very suspicious. I am from California. My wife and mother-in-law also just joined this June. Waiting for a reply from the president or whoever is in-charge. Until this issue is resolved, I’m treating it as a scam. If the prices are confirmed to stay as is, then I would request for a refund.

    May - July 17, 2015

    i think your too late for a refund…you have to face it! think of it as a charity or donation..! SCAM for sure 110%

      G man - July 23, 2015

      I’m not convinced quite yet. It remains to be seen. I have word that my refund is on it’s way. I am hoping this company is honorable enough to fulfill it’s word. If they do then I would retract my previous statement for it being a scam. I’ll keep everybody posted.

        G Man - July 25, 2015

        I’m thankful that I finally received my refund. UNO may not be a scam after all, but the damage has been done. It could have been a good business venture since they have a system that pretty much makes sense but with the recent undisclosed price hike I would rather think twice. I still have my doubts about multi-level networking systems but these types of decisions has made the stigma even worse. I will not be joining in one anytime soon.

George Emmanuel - July 20, 2015

Jesse,I ve gone through ur review of UNO,It’s really an interesting informative piece.
You said you don’t consider it a scam,therefore I think it is worth trying.The price hike is truly an aspect to worry about.Thanks all the same.

Jonalyn Myr Ramos - August 19, 2015

I don’t like the way they convince people. They convince you as long and any way they can and even they are lying just to make you sign up.

    Jesse Singh - August 19, 2015


    Yeah I agree.

    I don’t like it when people approach me and try to sell me their deal.

    That’s why I am apart of a program that doesn’t require recruiting 🙂

      Y - December 16, 2016

      Jesse,You created this blog to destroy other and promote your business.

      Dirty Marketing Strategy.

        Jesse Singh - December 16, 2016

        Actually, no I haven’t.

        I just reveal the truth and I personally could have joined a million things myself, but I only
        start businesses that give real value and help people succeed.

        So get off your high horse and stop being so negative.

John de Leon - September 7, 2015


Just because you think your’e right doesn’t mean your’e right. Its not a scam until its a scam. Its a budding MLM with actually good products. Especially the supplements for people over 40 years old. I am a skeptic too. I joined UNO Premier USA last July30 here in southern California and I have already earned more than I have invested last August 31. A $309 investment is good enough for me. So far so good. BTW, I own a small business to boot. Which means I’m not even trying that hard to earn from UNO. I just attend their webinars online and attend as much presentations they have here in California to educate myself more on how I can help people set up their own small business with UNO. I actually went to their main office here in Long Beach, CA to see if there is really an office before I joined.

You can’t have an instant gratification when it comes to business ventures. It takes feasibility study, time study, motivation, self-study, planning, forecasting of goals, patience and most of all humility and integrity to succeed in whatever business you invest in.

And last, if it doesn’t work for me along the line; that’s just fine with me because I already got more than my money’s worth. No risk no progress.

    Jesse Singh - September 8, 2015

    Hey John,

    No where in my blog I called it a scam and all i said was wait until
    the company is more established.

    So why are you getting all emotional here?

    Erik - June 4, 2017

    Anyone can put up a business and rent an office space and close it once it’s done. a 2 year business can’t justify “stability”. others say they left their Jobs!! but, i know one who joined but keep her job. Assurance yeah! Fall back yeah. Why would you leave your salaried job for a not stable business!! Id rather have starbucks for $5 than $38 from unbranded coffee.

Lampi - September 14, 2015

My KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) question is: WHY DO I NEED TO PAY to join and sell the product?

example: To be a premier member, I have to pay $925 to sell. Per presentation, half of the $925 ($425.50) you paid will be used to purchase the products. Ok, Good.

What about the other half ($425.50) – where is this going? OK, say you used part of it to pay for the $30 and certificate for the other guy before you.

Do the math on the other half of the $ you paid (since half was used to purchase the product) and see who gets the LION share of the money you paid.

A - September 23, 2015

I’m thinking to join the company but I need some advice coz I been joining mlm but nothing going on its so hard to convince people to join.

    Jesse Singh - September 24, 2015

    Well sadly, you have to convince people in UNO…

    I personally don’t do Uno and do a different business model that doesn’t require recruiting.

    If you would like more info on that, let me know.

      Oliver - October 25, 2015

      Hello Jesse,
      I’m interested to know about your business model. Hoping for your reply. Many thanks.


      Peter - September 9, 2016

      Jesse Singh get me hook up to your own idea

    Markus - September 29, 2015

    All MLM benefits only a few, the majority, say 90%, will destined to loss because this is inherent to the system and you can’t do about it. The best thing for you to do is work your way up to the top. Working your way up to the the top takes a lot of effort, patience, time, and even deception.

    I’m a member of UNO International Corporation – Philippines because my friend invited me in, she already spent a lot of time and resources just trying to get me in so I joined with no intention of doing business but for me to avail of the 25-30% distributor discount as im frequently buying their products for personal use. The pay-in i made that time was Php8,100 ($170), that was a dead money for me so i care less about the returns. I got Php5,000 worth of products in return, the remaining Php3,000 go to some other costs which i think actually cost around Php500.00. The remaining Php2,500 will be shared by my friend who referred me and also to the persons on the top of the pyramid.

    Products of MLM Companies are usually overprice for end users, but you can offset it up by being a distributor because of the distributor discount. This means that you will find it hard, very hard, to market the products which in return, your main income will be from the pay-ins of the prospective distributors. And this is the fault of the system why only few will actually benefit, but some find it an opportunity if they have already a lot of prospective recruits/invites. So the key is invite and invite and invite more persons.

    Look at this illustration, say if i paid Php8,000 for a product worth only Php5,500 meaning i have a lost of Php2,500. I can recover my lost of P2,500 by having successful invites of two persons because i can have a referral fee from them. But inorder for you to gain reasonable amounts, you should have atleast 10 successful invites, with this you already recover your entire Php8,000. Then the burden of recovering cost is pass on to your downlines. If you want a real stable business you will fail because of overprice products which is very hard to market and much of your profit will come from future successful invites. Later on, distributors will find it difficult to direct sale and will dropout, leaving you none to earn commission and you will force to recruit again to replace the dropouts, this is also the reason of their very aggressive recruiting activities. No new recruits means dead UNO.

      Sam - October 3, 2015

      Thank you so much for your explanation . I’m surely not join it !

Ivy Baltazar - September 29, 2015

Hi Jesse,

kindly give some info with regards to your business model that doesn’t need recruiting. I joined so many MLM coz I don’t want to say no to my friends who recruited me, but I warned them I will not recruit hehehe. I don’t join MLM w/o products, at least if it have products even though it’s scam or not popular or whatever, you get something out from the money you invested, not totally lose it.


    Jesse Singh - September 29, 2015

    Hey Ivy,

    I will add you to my mailing list, look out for “Jesse Singh – You’re All set”


      stephanie - May 8, 2016

      Please kindly add me to your mailing list, will like to know about your business too

      Teejay - June 21, 2016

      I will be greatful jesse if u can add me to your mailing list of a 1 where you don’t have to recruit people.thanks

Ces - October 7, 2015

Hi Jesse,

One of my friend invites me to joined UNO here in Dubai. It was accidentally joined the UNO (Sept. 27,2015) and the forced me to joined, they gave me the registration form that they even not giving me a chance to read then i signed, i gave my ID & my credit card.
Suddenly my debit card declined but i have money the cashier swipe twice still declined they were suppose to debit 9500 dirhams. I dont know why always declined! Then my credit card from other bank they swipe 3200 dirhams so the transaction was succesful.
I informed my boyfriend that i joined UNO then he was mad, he explained everything to me regarding networking or marketing so my mind was confused then suddenly i told to myself he’s right.
Now i spoke to my friend that i will not continue anymore the UNO and they will returm my money 3200 dirhams and she said you cannot get anymore your money. How come i said? You never give the products. and she said you have already account.
Is there a possible i cant take my money back 3200 dirhams.

    Jesse Singh - October 7, 2015

    Hey Ces,

    If the products haven’t been sent, you should get a refund.

    If not, do a charge-back on the card.

anon - December 30, 2015

You should take a look at some of their newer products.. it gets crazier and crazier… I saw them selling a pendant “that improves health”… and people were actually inquiring about it… poor saps..

Ironically, I personally know the family of its founder… we went to highschool together… they’re really nice people… didn’t know they were con-artists tho’.

Maridean G - January 12, 2016

Hi jesse. Pls give me some info regarding ur business model..I have a friend who kep bugging me and my husband to join UNO and I think their sign up fee is too high and hard to convince people nowadays…Im a full time Mom and looking for a business venture without recruiting people since most of the time, I stay home to attend to my family..Thank you and more power.

"Aria" - January 27, 2016

I’m broke. Really broke. I’m afraid of not being able to finish college because my parents are close to retiring. Someone is recruiting me in UNO here in the Philippines. I’m not that smart so I fell for the sales talk. I knew it was too good to be true but I thought “Hey! Lots of people from my school are in it. How can it be so bad?” so I paid a down payment by selling my unused tablet. I haven’t paid the full registration fee yet but I want this to be not a scam so badly because I want to finish college. I want to help my parents. I don’t know what to do. I confronted them about it. I’m waiting for a reply now…

    Jesse Singh - January 27, 2016


    Sorry to hear that.

    When starting any business, make sure you have a job
    that generates some capital so you can support that

BENJUN - January 28, 2016

Hi Jesse, i guess you have to come over to the Philippines so you can check whether it’s a scam or not. The more than 100 offices in the Philippines is not a myth because i have already gone to more than 36 offices in the Philippines to check if it really exist. i called up some of my friends in different parts of the region and they attest that there is really an office in their ares.I have known the owner Mr. William Barbo for more than 2 years now and this guy has full of dreams and plans to make Uno Premier to be the number 1 network marketing company in the world. He is a very energetic guy who rides his mountain bike everyday together with some of the members of Uno and at 3pm he makes sure that he goes straight to the Uno office and work. I know this because he is my direct and i am a part of his team, The WBM Millionaires Team. As a satisfied Uno Premier member i suggest that you guys stop doubting about the company and instead work it out so you can see if it’s scam or not. For me, when i started Uno Premier i was really broke with only $400 savings in my bank and got a package worth $309 and because i was so desperate to earn i really work hard and got more than 4 globals and 5 elite,1 premier and 1 platinum in 2 weeks after a week i got my check at the head office in Ortigas in Mandaluyong and in just 28 days i was able to earn $3,000 no doubt it’s legit and now i was able to buy a car and promise myself not to ride a jeep or a bus anymore. Jesse, you have to check before making a comment. i am inviting you to come to the Philippines and see for yourself the power of UNO PREMIER.

    Jesse Singh - January 29, 2016


    If you don’t like my review, you don’t have to be here 🙂

Lovethestockmarket - February 12, 2016

Check this out! If this company truly believes in making millionaires then why dont they give me 5k up front and i will pay them back as soon as i make 10k with their business model.

    Jesse Singh - February 12, 2016

    Even though I am not in this company, that comment is just insanity.

    The truth is YOU have to do the work to become a millionaire.

    NO company will do that for you.

    Chances are you will give up after a week because that’s what the average people do…

    That’s why people struggle.

BRUME - February 27, 2016


Sophia - March 7, 2016

Regarding dropshipping, do we need to find those items on the two websites ourselves?

    Jesse Singh - March 7, 2016


    Yes but there is a strategy behind it.

    Why? Not willing to put in the work?

tosin - April 17, 2016

hi Jesse
thanks for your review even though you sound sceptical i can see you are keeping it real. UNO premier is here in Nigeria , the products have a mass appeal andare flying off the shelves especially the juice always running out of stock. compared with other companies like TREVO and Organo gold the product prices are friendly only that i cannot attest to their claims as per health, for this reason i decided to be a distributor and hoping to recruit a few serious minded people to help me earn the compensations available, never been too good a recruiter though but at least i know the products have mass appeal unlike the other companies i joined before whose products are priced beyond the common man’s reach. Would like to hear about your company too, if it can work in Nigeria i will give it a try.

    Jesse Singh - April 18, 2016

    Hey Tosin,

    Thank you for commenting my friend 🙂

David - April 25, 2016

Jesse Thanks you for your review.
you are a kind of right,you know some desperate people are being carried away by figures made by some of this MLM companies without underground search and investigations.
my conclusion is,if this UNO is that wonderful and has made 800 millionaires,why are they not listed in *REMOVED LINK* Business from home?

one needs to think twices before getting involve.

UNO is a different thing from UNO premier as i understand.

omeleh - June 28, 2016

Interesting. Add me to your mailing list.

Lendon - July 1, 2016

hmm., interesting! can you add me to your mailing list?

Thank you..

Grace - July 16, 2016

Well, my question is who’s all those 800 millionaires I need to talk with someone of them…

    Jesse Singh - July 17, 2016

    I am not sure, that is what Uno Premier claims…

Tosan Whyte - August 5, 2016

Add me up to your business that’s not a scam.

Fate - September 13, 2016

Hey Jesse, it’s obvious you discredit companies to suit yourself. How about you openly tell us what you do…. you don’t need to convince people but you must put a company in a bad light to suit your selfish purpose.

    Jesse Singh - September 14, 2016

    I actually didn’t put Uno Premier in a bad light.

    Maybe you need to read it again…

Vincent Tawo - January 31, 2017

Actually this UNO just came into Nigeria. And the registration fee is 56, 800+, after which you’ll be given some of their products to sell at choice, while the sole aim is to refer people to join, then you’ll get your percentage. I decided to find out through this platform to know if they are real or fake.
What almost kill my interest in UNO is the condition that if you don’t refer someone within 72hours, your registration or account will be cancelled.
So, I need someone to help my ignorance here.

    ify - April 8, 2017

    Its notbtrue dear, even if you go to sleep for months, whenever you decide to work..your membership will still be there

Carlo - May 7, 2017

Hi Jesse,

I like your review. It’s Straight forward and you clearly said that is is not a scam. It’s been 2years since this review, can you please make an update about this; on how you think this company has been established and everything? I joined UNO Premier a week ago coz I like the concept. I am open in healthy conversation about this. Thank you!

    Jesse Singh - May 11, 2017

    Hey Carlo,

    Can you give me new info on it?

Bea - July 20, 2017

Hi jesse
I joined UNO too just recently, its quite good.not a scam, i can bet on that. It seems that steps given is doable so i joined and i have a strong team around me for full support. Another is youll get know other people from different professions, an advantage to market your business and established new found friendship with the others.

Add me in your mailing list.

jesse gahuman - December 2, 2017

addme your mailing list

K D G - April 27, 2018

I find your review of Uno – factual enough.

I had a friend in Singapore when I went there introduced me to one of the Uno seniors who came from Philippines to “train” the Uno members there. She claimed that shes one of the top earners but I couldn’t really believed that as she’s crashing with someone she knew there.

Just a thought.. if she’s a top earner then she should have been staying somewhere comfortable.. then I asked further and found out that Uno office in Singapore couldn’t even afford to hire their office staffs and their office is close during daytime (weird huh.. for millionaire makers)…

I wonder if the Uno claims are true that they have millions. hahaha! I’m just being realistic.



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