Unit Of Prosperity Review - Is this Legit System?

Unit Of Prosperity Review – Is this Legit System?


I NO Longer support the Unit Of Prosperity because of Reginald Stinson’s unethical ways…

Reginald Stinson has been terminated from DS Domination for reasons I don’t want to discuss here…

I will not go into detail because what is done is done now…

However, to fill this void, I partnered up with the greatest minds in DSD and created our new team called “Freedom Success Network”.

We will be offering MORE value to DS Domination members when you partner with us.

Watch our FIRST FSN hangout below.

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Again, I no longer support the Unit Of Prosperity…

Below is the OLD blog post about the UOP prior to the termination of Reginald Stinson.

There has been a few reviews on the internet calling the Unit Of Prosperity a scam, but the problem with those reviews is this…

…The information is completely false and what they are saying isn’t even what this system is all about.  I decided to get to the bottom of this and set the record straight.

…Find out the truth in this Unit of Prosperity review.

Unit Of Prosperity Review – What is it?



This is the largest team with in DS Domination as of right now but will  be venturing off as a stand alone system in the future.  This is the brain child of a man named Reginald Stinson who is the top earner in DSD and has helped create more 6 figure earners in this company than any other person…

So what do you actually get with this system?

First I want to clear something out…

You don’t actually PAY for the Unit of Prosperity system, you get it FREE with your DS Domination PRO membership which is $19.95 per month.

Who doesn’t want FREE bonuses when you join DS Domination?

There are a few false Unit of Prosperity reviews where it says…

“You have to pay for this marketing system”.

That’s just pure B.S!

Since it’s launch to December 2014, the marketing system is FREE with your DS Domination PRO membership when you join through a member in this team.

I also wanted to let you know because of how well this system is put together, I decided to join DS Domination through the Unit Of Prosperity and now I am going to show you what to expect on the inside….

The Unit of Prosperity Marketing System Review

You get a ton cool stuff in this system…

First you get over 30 high converting capture pages.  I personally tested these out and I range anywhere between 40-50% opt-in rates!  Plus, you get a high converting email follow up campaign.

Plus if you have a third party email auto-responder like aweber, you get the code which you just input and everything populates.

Check out some of the capture pages:


Now, the landing page that DS Domination has is good, but when you have 20,000 people promoting his business, you want to stick out from the crowd…

So, with the UoP system, you get a ton to choose from, check this out:


Here is the back office….


Plus addition to all of this, you get the following:

  • Blogging System WordPress Based
  • UOP Email Auto Responder
  • Affiliate Training
  • eBay Training
  • Facebook Support Group (Now with over 16,000 members)

…and much much more.

Unit Of Prosperity Review – is this a Scam?

Let me ask you this question…

How can something that is given to you for FREE for joining DS Domination with the Unit Of Prosperity a scam?

You were planning on joining DSD anyway…

…why not get some extra bonuses and support?

Because of this reason, I personally joined the Unit Of Prosperity…

…and it was the best decision I ever made.

I joined DS Domination in January 2014 and started from zero…

With the help of Reginald Stinson and his marketing system, I am the Top 3 recruiter in the company.  I would have never sponsored so many people if I didn’t have this system to help me.

So in other words, this is FAR from a scam!

Only thing the Unit of Prosperity lacks right now is more eBay training, so I decided to make my own eBay training center where I show you my personal techniques of making over $700,000 in eBay sales in the last 9 months!

ds domination ebay sales

So not only the Unit Of Prosperity isn’t a scam, DS Domination isn’t a scam either!

Check out my personal ebay training center:


And… You get my personal training for FREE when you join me personally in DS Domination 🙂

So if you want to join the # 1 DS Domination team with the most support and extra bonuses…

Look no further 🙂

Click Here To Get Started Now.

I will send you a welcome email with the Unit Of Prosperity Marketing System and my personal DS Domination Training center.

This is the best decision I ever made in my life and I know you will thank me later.

Click Here and See What I Mean.

I hope my Unit Of Prosperity review helped you because…

…I am truly here to help people.

Bless And Be Blessed,

unit of prosperity

-Jesse Singh

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