TruVision Review: 11 things you should know before joining

TruVision Review: 11 things you should know before joining

Another MLM that assures to shed body weight, right?

Spouting catch-phrases like “natural ingredients,” they all begin sounding alike.

TruVision is yet another wellness network marketing business that offers dietary supplements and weight control.

These people might be a penny a dozen, however weight loss products will never head out of design. Think about it, the number of individuals do you understand who would not like to lose a few pounds?

TruVision not just has a noteworthy weight-loss item, they have actually likewise developed a track record for having a little more integrity than the majority of in the MLM video game.

Are they right for you? We’ll let you decide.

Truvision review


1. What does TruVision sell?

TruVision promotes products designed to help you operate at peak performance. That includes health supplements, weight loss, essential oils, and skincare products.

2. What are TruVision’s most popular products?

TruFix is one of TruVision’s flagship products, a beverage designed to support and maintain a healthy blood chemistry. TruControl is an energy drink that “electrifies” your metabolism and supports weight loss. Also popular are their weight-loss products, including TruKeto and Non-Glycemic Chocolate.

3. How much does it cost to join TruVision?

To get started, you’ll need to pay an annual membership fee of $35. You’ll probably need to set up a SmartShip order that will be shipped to you automatically every month. But if you maintain at least 100 PV, you can waive auto-ship.

4. Is TruVision a scam?

No, TruVision is a legit business. The real question is whether you can make any money at it.

5. What is TruVision’s BBB rating?


6. How long has TruVision been in business?

Founded 2014

7. What is TruVision’s revenue?

$60 million annually

8. How many TruVision distributors are there?

We didn’t see any numbers published online.

9. What lawsuits have been filed?

In 2017, the FDA slapped TruVision with multiple violations of the Current Good Manufacturing Practice and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. They were marketing their products as drugs, and some of their products had wrong serving sizes listed and don’t include the number of servings per container. Also, the nutrition labels didn’t meet FDA requirements. (1) In 2015, the FDA called them down for having DMBA and synephrine, a dangerous combination, especially when caffeine is added to the mix, as it was in TruVision’s product. (2)

10. Comparable companiesLifeVantageYoli

So should you get involved?

Product-wise they might be legit, but there are better options out there when it comes to sustainable income opportunities…

Regardless of that, here are 11 things you have to know before joining TruVision so make sure you pay close attention and read this to the end…

#11. TruVision appreciation plan

Their bonuses and rank benefits, “our method of stating thank you,” are pretty extensive.

Even as a Partner, their first rank, you get 1 level of commissions, 4 levels of quick start bonuses, and a 10% matching reward. As you go up to the director levels, you get more commission and advantages like a FitBit, a smart water bottle, meal preparation lessons, and even a signed guitar and a journey to Zion National forest.

At the high-end director levels, you grow journeys, top quality baggage, and shares of their TVH bonus pool.

#10. TruNecessity, TruEssentials, TruHealth, and TruControl

truvision products

TruVision offers health and health items that vary from supplements to weight management programs to energy boosters. The majority of their items consist of components like green tea extract, ginseng, caffeine, bitter orange, dendrobium, and other vitamins and minerals.

Mostly natural components, however there have actually been some grievances from clients that the item has actually had a negative result on their mood, making them feel upset or tense. Certainly not what you want from a health and wellness item.

#9. A lot of caffeine in the products

It makes good sense that some would experience state of mind issues due to the amount of caffeine in their products.

While it’s not a severe quantity, and probably would not impact individuals who aren’t easily affected by caffeine, the products do consist of about the same quantity of caffeine as over the counter medications like Excedrin. There are definitely people who experience unfavorable adverse effects from these medications.(3)

#8. Heart and hydration proprietary blend

The exclusive mix discovered in the majority of their items is their heart/hydration blend.

Generally, they truly push the idea that correct hydration is vital to weight loss, and not a great deal of weight loss items concentrate on that. It’s smart, since there is a proven link in between weight reduction and proper hydration.(4)

But isn’t hydration just consuming sufficient water? And isn’t that FREE?

Sort of. Their product declares to hydrate and promote heart health more than your tap water.

Here are the declared benefits:

  • supports heart health
  • hydrates at a cellular level
  • cleanses toxins
  • loaded with electrolytes

So, absolutely much better than tap. But $85 a month much better? That’s the concern.

#7. Products contain sucralose

In spite of mostly healthy and natural components, their items do include sucralose, which is frequently prevented by members of the health community.

They do fess up and explain why, starting with 2 concepts–

“Principle 1: Almost any ingredient whether vitamin, mineral, plant extract, etc. has a duality. If the ingredient is used in the right proportion it can be of benefit to the consumer. If it is overused, it can be potentially dangerous to the consumer. For example, Iron can become dangerous at 200-250mg/kg body weight, salt toxicity level is 3.5g in the blood plasma (Brody).

Principle 2: Just because information is posted on the internet in the form of an official-looking site, vaguely referencing research studies, biased research, and “mommy blogs” (we don’t really like that term as it can be viewed as demeaning towards mothers when a better term would be “alarmist blogs”); does not mean it is true.”

Both true, TruVision. But what’s the connection to sucralose?(5)

Well, they declare that sucralose is among these components that alarmists hate for no factor and can be OKAY in small amounts.

#6. Sucralose is healthier than most sweeteners 

The small amounts of sucralose in their item amount to nearly zero calories.

The FDA themselves have stated that sucralose is fine in doses of 5mg/day or less, and TruVision items include.01 -.05 mg. (6)

The majority of supplements and shakes use some sort of sweetener; otherwise, they ‘d taste dreadful.

Sucralose is natural, unlike far worse sweeteners like corn syrup.

It does not trigger blood sugar level spikes or crashes like regular sugar. (7)

Calm down health nuts. Would you rather take in.01 mg of sucralose, or a product that tastes like horse feed?

That’s what I thought.

#5. FDA advisory sent to them in 2015 and 2017

The FDA sent out TruVision a warning concerning their TruWeight & Energy items for including DMBA.

Not an excellent indication.

DMBA is marketed as a workout enhancer, but according to FDA findings “there is inadequate information to supply reasonable guarantee that such ingredient [DMBA] does not provide a substantial or unreasonable threat of health problem or injury.”

It’s been connected to cardiovascular issues– absolutely fretting.

“Failure to instantly cease distribution of your TruWeight & Energy product and any other products you market that contain DMBA … might result in enforcement action by FDA without further notice,” the FDA wrote to TruVision. (8)

As if that’s inadequate, the FDA examined them again in 2017 for inappropriate labeling of components, serving sizes, and doses.

This does not use to just one item, but to several items. (9)

#4. No evidence for weight loss properties

While ginseng and caffeine and green tea all have their health benefits, there’s no research study or evidence to support the claim that TruVision’s products actually increase weight-loss.

The closest they come to proof are studies that reveal caffeine, in general, can assist with weight reduction, but you can conserve a great deal of loan by just consuming a cup of coffee instead.

#3. No car bonus in TruVision

Truvision is extremely into revealing the fact that they do not have a cars and truck perk (no offense, Mary Kay, Kyani, or Qivana).

They even have an entire page on their website dedicated to it. (10)

Nope, no expensive pink vehicle decked out in business logos for you.

But that may be a good thing. The “complimentary” cars sound terrific unless you check out the small print.

They truly aren’t all that free.

As they state on their site: “The catch– and it’s a big one– is that the business is not simply giving you an automobile. It’s your name and your credit on the lease.” (11)

And it’s normally true. The MLM pays the bill for your high-end lease, sure, however considering that it’s under your name, if you lose your rank by failing to preserve your item volume (and for that reason your automobile eligibility), you’re stuck to the $500-750 lease expense.

As you can envision, this occurs a lot. The automobiles are usually repossessed, and the distributor’s credit is damaged.

TruVision does not desire their distributors taking on unnecessary financial obligation.

It’s a refreshing sense of responsibility that’s frequently missing in MLM.

#2. High retention rate in TruVision

Churn and burn is almost the motto for network marketing when it comes to their staff members and suppliers.

While they’ll keep a handful of loyal enthusiasts, the majority of their distributors do not remain for long (since they’re not making money).

This is less true of TruVision, who has one of the higher retention rates in the industry.

#1. TruVision Compensation Plan pays 7% Commissions

You get 7% commission on your first level of recruits, which is okay.

They likewise offer downline commission to level 8, 10% coordinating bonuses, quickly begin bonuses, and a 3% bonus pool for greatest ranks.

There’s a $35 yearly charge and you need to maintain a minimum of 100 PV to waive auto-ship. Annoying, but normal.

Just check out the Truvision Health compensation plan below…

The moment you have been waiting for inside of this TruVision review…

Final Verdict

TruVision has been doing excellent since it started…

Even though it had a run in with the government a few times, it adapted and got better.

If you are thinking about joining the company, make sure you test out the products yourself first before becoming a distributor.

This way you know for sure that you can stand behind it.

Trust me, you don’t want to sell a crappy product…

You won’t feel good about it…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Truvision review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask below…

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