Trivita Review - Should You Join? Read This First.

Trivita Review – Should You Join? Read This First.

Hey, welcome to my Trivita Review!

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this network marketing company so I decided to investigate it for myself…

Chances are you have been approached by a Trivita distributor or maybe you were spammed on Facebook about it…

Whatever the case may be, you are now doing your research to find out of this company is legit correct?

You came to the right place because in this blog post, I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

So many people jump into business opportunities without doing their research and fail because they jumped on because of hype…

All I ask you to do is pay attention to this blog post and read it to the end because I am going to be revealing shocking truths.

First, let’s see what the company is about…

Trivita Review – The Company

Trivita Review

Trivita is the brain child of a man named Michael Ellison who is the founder of the company.

He launched the company in 1999 and has done very well since.

Other people in the Trivita leadership are:

– Don Kurtenbach (Chief Financial Officer)

As Chief Financial Officer, Don provides the ethical financial foundation that supports the mission and vision of TriVita. He’s responsible for implementing and monitoring internal financial controls, directing the corporate budget and forecasting to meet financial goals.

– Gene Henderson (Senior Vice President, Legal affairs)

As Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs, Gene’s foremost responsibility is to ensure that the company and its Affiliate Members are secure for the long term. To do this, he oversees a Legal and Compliance team that monitors all of the company’s marketing materials. He especially loves the challenges and opportunities of electronic marketing and new media, which allows TriVita to tell its story in exciting new ways.

– Mark Preudhomme (Chief Technology Officer)

Mark has been with TriVita from the beginning and has led its technology development. He focuses on creating infrastructure to support future growth initiatives and provides the technical strategy to ensure that the company has the stability, insight and agility to achieve its objectives.

Overall, the leadership is great and that is why the company is doing so well.

They even have a careers section on their website and actively hiring people because of the growth.

Next, lets take a look at their products 🙂

Trivita Reviews – The Product Line


When it comes to the number of products offered, Trivita definitely has no shortage lol.

Here is a list of the products they offer…

Amazon Herb

Aqua Algae
Camu Gold
Treasure Tea

Foundational Nutrition

Essential D
HCY Guard
Healthy Foundation Pack
Omega3 Prime
Slow Dissolve B-12
Slow Dissolve Super B-12
Vital C
Zamu Gold
Zamu Protect

Targeted Nutrition

Adaptuit Sleep
Balanced Woman
Bladder Shield
Bone Growth Factor
CoEnzyme Q-10
Energy Now!
Joint Complex
Nerve Formula
Nopalea Capsules
Nopalea Daily Cleanse
Prostate Health Formula
Stress Protection Pack
2-Step Energy System

Leanology Weight Loss System

Herbal Cleanse Tea
Garcinia Cambogia
Single Serve Vanilla
Vanilla Shake
Chocolate Shake

If I provided detail on each product, I would have to write a novel.

To learn more about their products, here is the link click here.

Next, let’s take a look at their compensation plan…

Trivita – The Compensation Plan

There is no video out there explaining their comp plan, but I did find a PDF file from Travita themselves.

Click here to read more about Travita’s Comp Plan

It’s a 10 page PDF book that explains it in full detail and overall the comp plan is fair.

Trivita Review – The Verdict

With great leadership and great products the company is legit.

I like the fact they are completely transparent with nothing to hide…

Avoid MLM companies that lack information on their website…

I would say go ahead, try their products and see how it makes you feel.

As for the business opportunity, there is one major problem.

Majority of the money you will make will come from actual recruitment

The profit margins on the products alone are not high…

So if you are a great recruiter, then you are good to go…

if you are not, then you will have to either learn that skill set or find another business model that doesn’t require recruitment…

I personally love recruiting members into businesses that I am passionate about and that work.

But I know that’s not feasible for the average person.

So after reviewing hundreds of companies, I found one that works for complete newbies

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If you already joined Trivita (Which is a great company), this is just another income stream 🙂


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I hope you enjoyed my Trivita review 🙂

Please share with us your experience with the company in the comments below…

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-Jesse Singh

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