Trident Crypto Fund Review - Legit ICO TDC Points or Scam?

Trident Crypto Fund Review – Legit ICO TDC Points or Scam?

Welcome to my Trident Crypto Fund Review!

There has been some buzz about this latest crypto network marketing company so I decided to check it out for myself…

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and now you landed here to make sure it’s legit…

In this blog post, I am going to walk you through everything so you can make the right decision…

Making the wrong decision here can cost you time and money…

Let’s dig in shall we?

Trident Crypto Fund Review – The Company

Trident Crypto Fund Review

Tident Crypto Fund doesn’t give you any information on who runs or owns the company.

I checked out their website domain “” and found out it was privately registered on March 26th, 2018.

That’s all I have…

I even checked out social media to see if they had any official pages, but nope.

Trident Crypto Fund Reviews – The Products

Trident Crypto Fund Products

Trident Crypto Fund doesn’t have any retail products or services, but you can promote the affiliate membership.

Trident Crypto Fund Compensation Plan

Trident Crypto Fund members invest bitcoin into TDC Points:

You can make profit by investing with bitcoins in trident’s index fund and get daily profit from your investment (our index fund will work for you).

  • Freelance – Invest $100 to 1000 and receive a 0.5% daily ROI
  • Studio – Invest $1010 to $10,000 and receive a 0.75% daily ROI
  • VIP – Invest $10,010 to $100,000 and receive a 1% daily ROI

You get paid in both real money and TDC points with a 1:1 matching ratio.

Referral Commissions

When you sponsor new members who invest, you can get the following commission pay outs on their investments:

  • Freelance affiliates receive 5% in real money and 15% in TDC points
  • Studio affiliates receive 6% in real money and 18% in TDC points
  • VIP affiliates receive 7% in real money and 21% in TDC points.

Residual Commissions

All residuals are paid through a binary compensation plan.

Basically, both legs will be matched and you will get paid on the lesser leg.

This is a percentage of the invested funds by downline members:

  • Freelance affiliates are paid an 8% residual commission rate
  • Studio affiliates are paid a 9% residual commission rate
  • VIP affiliates are paid a 10% residual commission rate

To qualify, you must sponsor two people…

Cost To Join Trident Crypto Fund

The cost to join Trident Crypto Fund is free, but you can only get referral commissions.

To be part of the investment opportunity, you must put in at least $100 in bitcoin…

The moment you have been waiting for inside of this Trident Crypto Fund review…

Verdict On Trident Crypto Fund

Apparently, Trident Crypto Fund makes their ROI’s through a crypto index investment fund:

Trident Investment strategy is based on well researched Index Strategy and invests exclusively into top 10 underlying crypto assets with the highest market capitalization.

Trident Investment strategy has been tested on historical data. With this strategy Trident index got more than 1400% returns in 2017 in comparison of bitcoin’s return of near about 800%.

We have applied more than 150 trading strategies in last 2 years and finally we are achieving optimum results, We are making maximum profit by applying several successfully tested strategies.

There are a ton of red flags about the company already…

First, we have no idea who runs it so they can run with your money…

Second, they have NO proof of their external income sources….

Third, if they could pull in 1400% ROI in 2017, why would they need any affiliates?

They could just get a small bank loan and crush it…

Plus TDC is useless outside of the company…

Anyway, you wonder what’s really going on?

As of right now, I only see newly invested funds paying off existing members.

Once recruitment slows down, they won’t be paying those ROI’s anymore…

I personally do NOT recommend Trident Crypto Fund…

I hope you enjoyed my Trident Crypto Fund review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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Trident Crypto Fund

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