Traffic Monsoon Review – Legit Opportunity or Scam?

Welcome to my Traffic Monsoon review!

There has been a ton of buzz about this latest PTC site and I decided to investigate it for myself…

Oh by the way if you don’t know what PTC is, it stands for “Paid To Click”…

I have seen a lot of internet marketers pushing this right now and there must be a reason for it…

Before you decide to join this company for yourself, read this blog post all the way to the end…

Never jump into an opportunity without doing your research because you can get burnt…

And no one likes getting burned right?

I also want to point out I am not from “Wealthy Affiliate“, these bloggers make scam reviews bashing every company known to man to promote their stuff….

I also want to point out I am not affiliate with Traffic Monsoon either so it’s a third party review…


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Traffic Monsoon Review – The History

Traffic Monsoon Review

Traffic Monsoon is the brain child of Charles Scoville who has an iffy reputation, but you be the judge…

He has run several PTC sites in the past without paying his members properly…

A great example of this is when he opened InfinityBux which flopped…

Then he started Adhitprofits which he did pay his members, but is flopping…

Because of that flopping, he decided to start Traffic Mansoon…

Again, I am not trying to down anyone, just do your research on his past ventures.

Right now, this company is profitable and is pretty much clearing the debt Adhitprofts created.

But how long will it be profitable?

No one will ever know…

But let’s just give Charles Scolville a chance with Traffic Monsoon, maybe he turned it all around?

What is Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is a bunch of online services geared towards making money online through advertising and promoting.

The company offers PTC (Paid to click) advertisements where you get paid to click these ads.

So what you do is click on an ad and view it for 30 seconds.

Once you do, you get paid for watching that ad.

Now, sometimes not many ads are there for you to click on and there can be a cap.

What kind of money can you earn?

Traffic Monsoon reviews

You can make somewhere around 50 cents a day by clicking on a .001 – .02 cent advertisements, which is immediately sent to your traffic monsoon account.

But the real income is when you refer people into the business…

See the problem is, a lot of these internet marketers are pushing “You don’t have to recruit to make money”, but seriously…

You make 50 cents a day if you don’t recruit!

That’s $15.25 a month!

You will make way more in a part-time job lol.

They also fail to tell you the big money is in the expensive ads packs which I am going to through next…

Traffic Monsoon Reviews – Revenue Sharing

This is probably their biggest service which is revenue sharing through ad packs.

This is very similar to My Advertising Pays and for you to qualify here, you have to click on 10 different advertisements per day.

The ad packs cost $5 which will give you roughly 2,500 visitors to whatever website or affiliate offer you have.

This traffic however is questionable because they are forcing people to click on the ads and not because of their personal interest…

If someone can shine some light on the quality of the traffic, please do so in the comments below…

The price of these Monsoon Ad Packs?

In order to really invest in Traffic Monsoon, you have to buy ad packs priced at $50 each, which gives you 1000 credits along with 20 guaranteed banner impressions.

By buying these ad packs, you can earn a certain percentage of the hourly income…

Now don’t excited yet…

You only get a VERY small percentage and to really earn big money here, expect to invest over $1000 to make it worth while…

Traffic Monsoon Review – The Verdict

If you decide to go with this program, test it out as a free member…

Because of Charles Scoville’s history, I wouldn’t invest too much money into this yet…

Maybe he is turning around and is legit now?

Who knows right now but I would be cautious nevertheless.

Only thing bugs me is these internet marketers who are promoting Traffic Monsoon are not very ethical in their ways.

They are saying “You can make a ton of money without recruiting anyone”.

Where is that ton of money?

Is 50 cents a day a ton of money?

They know that the real money is in the recruitment part and buying Ad packs that can cost you thousands of dollars before you make good money…

Plus, let’s get serious here…

Let’s say you go with this company and click these ads…

Do you really think you are worth 50 cents a day?

There are so many opportunities out where you can make WAYYY more…

I got a question for you…

Do you REALLY want to make a good income by not recruiting?

I am not talking about 50 cents a day here…

I am talking about $100, $500, $1000 or $10,000 per month in profit?

If you said yes…

Click here for the #1 recommended business opportunity.

You will learn how to drive traffic to systems that make you money…

Just take a look at my 7 week results:

Traffic Monsoon

And I am not the only one, look at my team members:




In other words, it works!

Click here and see this in action!

I hope you enjoyed my Traffic Monsoon review and if you are in the company, you can STILL join what I do…

Also, please share with us your experience with the company in the comments below.


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Bless and Be Blessed,

Traffic Monsoon

– Jesse Singh

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Best PTC for you - September 14, 2015

Nice review ! Traffic Moonsoon is good PTC and Revenue Site. I will try to earn some cash with your link. Thanks

Julian Lee - November 18, 2015

Nice review of Traffic Monsoon. I have been involved with them for 3 weeks now and I have no issues. PTC sites have been around for years and they will continue to be around, it’s a matter of how you leverage PTC sites. They are a great way to build a buyers list when done properly. 😉

    Jesse Singh - November 18, 2015

    Hey Julian,

    If you no a think or two about marketing then yes.

    But if you are completely new, they are not that profitable.

Nelly - December 22, 2015

Hello Jesse,
Nice review about Traffic Monsoon,am involve with Traffic Monsoon since July,2015 and it’s pay me when i request the money thus instant and also i receive all the commission from my refferal.I know the big issue is about recruit and that is where the big money which is some how difficult.But, other thing work perfect.

    Jesse Singh - December 23, 2015

    Hey Nelly,

    Glad they are paying, but the big issue is recruiting people to make the big money.

    You can’t make that much by clicking ads.

      Nelly - December 25, 2015

      You are right!Jesse.
      You can’t make much if you only involves with cashlinks but the other advantage in Traffic Monsoon is you can advertise your business to more than 1.4m solid members in TM.So it’s pretty good.

Andres Torres, Jr. - January 8, 2016

I did joined TM and their support department sucks. Do not join those guys unless you want feel the need to hang yourself. By the way there is no way to cancel your subscription.

    Jesse Singh - January 13, 2016

    Hey Andres,

    Thanks for letting us know.

      elshimma - February 18, 2016

      Glad they are paying, but the big issue is recruiting people to make the big money.

      You can’t make that much by clicking ads.

olumi - March 1, 2016

sometimes you dont even know where to stand. I invested small amount with traffic monsoon before the paypal issue .
and with all these stories for and against ptc here and there , i am reluctant to invest huge or invite friends into it. is it true that you cant unsubscribe?

Denis Chalifour - March 30, 2016

Trafficmoonsoon is now asking for a copy of your passport or driver license ids, or you will no more be able to click on ads.

Form me, it is not secure at all, and no legit government will recommend that you do so.

With so many ISIS and/or terrorist activities, i will never give these infos to a site that is blocked by Paypal and cannot pay its members for months.

    Michael - April 18, 2016

    Until they release my pending share account I will have nothing to do with these scammers let alone giving them access to my drivers license info. Thought it was convenient that when I had finally made a profit with this program they come up with the paypal excuse as a reason not to pay me.

      Jesse Singh - April 18, 2016

      Yeah I heard about that, when will they be releasing those Paypal funds?

Vincent - June 25, 2016

Traffic monsoon has good Admin. In life do not assume everything to be perfect. If Charles Scoville has not learn from his previous experience, probably he may not be able to build a website like Traffic monsoon which has been carefully taught through before launch. The reason of PayPal parting ways with Traffic monsoon is already known because Charles Scoville released the messages sent to him as well as went ahead in one of the videos to show the exact amount of the members which PayPal put on hold for no good reason. PayPal hold on the money is based on the policy which allows them to do so but PayPal has not accused Traffic monsoon of any fault. Before the PayPal issue, Charles and his team are making some effort to open a bank account to make it easier for members to cash their money. PayPal benefitted immensely from Traffic monsoon and the money they placed on hold was fixed in the bank to yield money to them while the six months expired. This is unfair and this is how PayPal cripples business that they deem pushing to compete with them. Since PayPal holds on the funds, Traffic monsoon continues to survive. This business has come to stay and more likely to attract Advertisers whose advert will produce results. Traffic monsoon business details is patented. With Traffic monsoon world leaders support, this business is not going out soon but continue to expand because members achieved success.


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