Total Life Changes Announces It's Sales Expect To Double To $154 Million in 2016

Total Life Changes Announces It’s Sales Expect To Double To $154 Million in 2016

It was recently announced that the sales of Total Life Changes in 2016 are expected to hit $154 million which is double last year.

This was announced by Total Life Changes CEO Jack Fallon.

Why such a huge success this year?

The main reason is Fallon has made powerful new partnerships for improving the product fullment and innovative marketing strategies.

In addition to this corporate restructuring, the companies popular IASO Tea will be available in an instant formula worldwide.

Jack Fallon

“TLC has experienced exponential growth globally over the past two and a half years – in the U.S. and in more than 10 countries,” stated President and TeaEO, Jack Fallon.

“We’ve launched several highly successful products and initiated new partnerships with manufacturers, scientists and distributors. Only TLC owns and distributes the original formula of Iaso Tea.

This year we’re thrilled to be launching the instant formula of Iaso Tea and it’s the perfect time to come on board as President to ensure TLC continues to be a tremendous success.

I have so much passion and appreciation for those in the field as well as our corporate staff – it is a true honor for me to be at the helm of TLC as we all strive for new heights of success together,” concluded Fallon.

If you didn’t know this, TLC’s original formula is a detox formula in their Iaso Tea.

What it claims to do is cleanses and re-balances your digestive tract by focusing on fats, parasites and toxins.

What this will do in return is increase your intestinal tract absorption for nutrients.

Also, the Iaso Tea might assist on weight loss when you drink two eight ounce cups twice a day.

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