Top Direct Sales Companies With The Highest Success Rate

Top Direct Sales Companies With The Highest Success Rate

Welcome to my Top Direct Sales Companies blog post!

In this blog post, I wanted to find out what the best of the best in the network marketing industry…

A lot of websites post the same kind of companies year after year, but the truth is…

99% of the people fail those companies, so what is so good about them?

I am talking about companies like Amway, Herbalife, Organo Gold or any of the companies in the picture below…


I know they are reputable companies because they have been with us for so long, but the failure rate is high…

I wanted to do something different…

I wanted to show you what companies that are great and also have a higher success rate…

Now, just to make this clear, nothing will be 90-100% because the truth is that people cause their own failures.

They don’t take enough action…

They don’t take it seriously…

They don’t treat it like a business…

I am sure you know that already.

Alright, here is my personal Top 3 Direct Sales Companies…

I will even post the income I personally made in these companies!

I know I know, some of it might not be huge amount of money, but hey it’s still money right?

INCOME DISCLOSURE – Your Results May Vary

Top Direct Sales Companies –  Number 3


EMPOWER NETWORK (Investment:  $25/month)

Personal Income Results:  $24,785 – 20 months (Note: I barely promoted this company, but used the tools)

This company is unique and is actually what started my journey in the online world.  Empower Network is  a hybrid Direct Sales/Affiliate company.

You start off with learning how to blog and write for your target audience.  You then share your blog posts in social media so you can get traffic to them.

Once you do get traffic, people will click the banners or links and you could potentially make a commission.

There are other courses in this company that will help you build any direct sales business online.

It doesn’t matter which company you are in, this company can take your business to the next level with the tools and training.

Empower Network is where I started and built the foundation for me personally.

Even though it’s not my primary business I promote, I used to the skill sets to promote other opportunities.

Click Here To Learn More.

New Direct Sales Companies – Number 2


OPTIONS DOMINATION (Investment:  $49/month)

Personal Income Results:  $29,458 – 6 months (Note:  This company is only launched 6 months ago)

This company comes 2nd overall because how easy it is to get started and start to make money.

This company provides you with signal services for binary options.  As of today, people are trading at 70% win rate which is unheard of in this industry.

I know the binary options world has a lot of negative rep because so many people create bogus products that promise you the world…

A lot of them have these “Auto Trading Bots” which NEVER work.

Ask yourself this…

Do the millionaire traders use bots?


There are a ton of success stories in Options Domination and if you go through a broker with them, they will give you 7 Risk FREE trades.

You get around 17 signals per day and you have the opportunity to join the LIVE trading sessions which are the best.

You are in a room where REAL traders that are successful actually tell you when to trade or not.

Those live sessions as of right now have a success rate of 78%!

Click Here To Learn More.

Best Direct Sales Companies – Number 1


DS DOMINATION (Investment:  $19.95/month)

Personal Income Results: eCommerce And Affiliate Combined: $448,457 – 18 months (Note: I started this January 2014)

This company is number 1 in my books for many many reasons.

First, 88% of people that join DS Domination are profitable which is UNHEARD of in this industry…

DS Domination is a mix between a direct sales company with eCommerce.

In a nut shell, what you do here is find items on Amazon or Overstock, put them on eBay for a profit.

Once your eBay item sells, you go back on Amazon or Overstock, place the order and send it to your customer direct.

This is called drop shipping.

This isn’t just a training company, you actually get a suite of tools.

This is what you get with DSD:

  • Step By Step newbie friendly training
  • LIVE weekly Training’s to keep up to date
  • Any changes in eBay/Amazon or Overstock will be updated in the training
  • Listing Tool – Builds your listings in a minute.
  • Tracking/Management Tool – Tracks your items you listed for price and quantity changes.  If the item’s price goes up, the tool will automatically adjust your price.  If the item goes out of stock, it will end your listing automatically.
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Product Search – This looks for products to sell on eBay from Amazon/Overstock and tells you the prices you should sell them for

Click Here To Learn More.

There you have it!

The Top Best Direct Sales companies with the highest success rate!

I know the list is totally different than what many people say, but the truth is…

Many people fail those traditional Direct Sales companies…

I wanted to show people what is working right now.

I personally made the most in DS Domination almost cracking half a million dollars in less than 2 years.

Prior to all of this, I was a car mechanic so all of these companies have step by step training for newbies…

But, to get into the profits much faster, nothing beats DS Domination.

I really hope you enjoyed my Top Direct Sales Companies post and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!

Bless and Be Blessed,

Best Direct Sales Companies

-Jesse Singh

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