The Verve Energy Drink Scam - Should you Join?

The Verve Energy Drink Scam – Should you Join?

There are a ton of people calling this product the Verve energy drink scam

But I am going to get to the bottom of it…

The product is from a company called Vemma which has been in the business for a quite a while now and it seems like it’s still growing.

What you want to know if this product is actually good for you and worth the price or is it better off just buying off the shelf energy drinks.

In this review, I am going to break it down for you so pay attention to the words on this blog post because it could save you a ton of headaches later…

Verve Energy Drink Scam – A “Healthy” Energy Drink?


Let’s see here, one can of Verve Energy drink has 80mg of Caffeine which is about average in the industry.  Most energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine which gives you that sudden burst of energy….

HOWEVER, after this energy there is a CRASH because your body burns through the sugars before the caffeine which is what gave you that boost in the first place.

Verve claims their energy drink is an alternative to the mainstream ones because of it’s health benefits…

I personally haven’t tried it so I can’t really gauge or prove their statement, but I am sure some of you can comment below and tell me about it.

Let’s see what the business opportunity is all about…

Verve Energy Drink – Business Opportunity


If you didn’t know this already, Verve Energy drink is a product from Vemma which is a network marketing company.  You earn commissions on products sales and recruiting people into the business…

This is pretty much like creating your own sales force and you are getting paid a commission for every time someone sells a product.

A lot of people call this a “Pyramid scheme”, but you know what’s funny?

The people that do call it that don’t even know what that is…

They are just going on what other people are saying…

Now if you are working any kind of job, you are party of a “pyramid scheme”.

Look at this picture and tell me if I am wrong…

So what is the cost to start his business?

Cost:  $500 to get started.

Overall, it’s not a bad price to pay to start a business.  Compare that to any brick and mortar business, it’s a steal.

Most small businesses take about a year to be in the profit sometimes even longer, so if you can get into Vemma and make more than $500, you are set.

Verve Energy Drink Review – The Verdict

Overall, this isn’t a scam.

For the right people, they can make a lot of money…

The problem with a business like this is it’s heavy on recruitment.

To make the “big bucks” you have to recruit…recruit…..and recruit some more.  This is why people fail network marketing!

Now it’s mostly the distributors fault for not investing in personal development and skill sets to make them a network marketing professional.

So Jesse what are the solutions?

You either get the skill sets so you will do well at recruiting….


Look into a different business model online that DOESN’T require recruiting….

And you know what’s funny?

Businesses like that exist and not many people know about them.

The people that do get VERY wealthy because they are actually simple to follow.

I have been working from home since January of 2014 full time now since I started this business click here.

It’s a “Cost OFF SET” system meaning the actual training and products earn you money without recruiting anyone.

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I hope you enjoyed my Verve Energy Drink Scam review and if you have tried the product, please comment below and give us your thoughts.


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