The Berlin Group collapses, Laurie Suarez reboots Another...

The Berlin Group collapses, Laurie Suarez reboots Another…

The Berlin Group introduced on the promise of a 168% ROI every 60 days.

ROI income was declared to be created via a “recycle bot”, particular details of which were never ever supplied.

As I write this only a few months out of The Berlin Group’s launch, the business website is offline, invested funds have actually vanished and management are feeding victims excuses.

Officially The Berlin Group was headed up by CEO Joachim Pydde (best).

berlin group scam

Recent advancements nevertheless recommend the business is in fact run by Laurie Suarez.

Suarez, a convicted scammer, has been scamming people in Australia through the building industry for many years.

For The Berlin Group, Suarez reinvented himself as a cryptocurrency expert.

In an interaction sent out to The Berlin Group investors, Suarez references a “personal conversation” between Joachim Pydde and Chris Arena

According to Suarez, in the taped conversation:

Mr Pydde basically goes on to say that he knows very little about everything we have done over the last 5 months.

I personally have nothing to hide from our Leadership Team, our members, our community, and totally deny everything Joachim Pydde has said on the recording with Chris Arena.

Suarez doesn’t state what Pydde said in the recording, nor was I able to find a copy of it.

Checking out in between the lines though, I imagine it probably validates one way or another that The Berlin Group was a Ponzi scam.

Suarez alleges Pydde snatched half a million dollars. As far as I can tell, he’s done a runner.

Equipped with an e-mail list of gullible investors who believed The Berlin Group actually had a recycling bot, Suarez is doing whatever he can to persuade them all is not lost.

To that end he’s developed a brand-new “joint-venture collaboration” with Pellegrino Oil and Gas, some company no one has actually ever heard of out of Uganda.

We are proud to announce our new JV Partners, Pellegrino Oil and Gas, as our Financial Instrument effective immediately.

The new JV Partner promises to deliver true transparency, integrity, and full commitment to the sustainability of our bot & community moving forward.

Pellegrino Oil and Gas doesn’t have a digital footprint and doesn’t appear to exist beyond a press-release Suarez quickly created.

Let’s cut to the chase; Pellegrino Oil & Gas in Uganda adds say goodbye to legitimacy to Laurie Suarez’s Ponzi plan than some comprised recycling bot bullshit in Australia.

Having actually gotten his share of taken investor funds, Joachim Pydde has cashed out and gone into hiding.

Laurie Suarez isn’t done milking The Berlin Group’s gullible financiers and so we have this mess.

Australian and Ugandan authorities are unlikely to pursue the matter due t making use of cryptocurrency.

By now who understands where Suarez has squirreled away what he’s stolen.

Looking forward, no doubt at some point the Pellegrino Group joint-venture offer will fail.

This gives Suarez a practical faceless company scapegoat, supplying the cover he requires to separate and exit-scam with your cash.

Cue “I tried really hard”, “I did everything I could” etc. sorry for your loss reasons … and, well that’s it really.

Simply another day in the MLM cryptocurrency niche …


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