Tempo Wireless Review - Great Opportunity or Scam?

Tempo Wireless Review – Great Opportunity or Scam?

You are on this page because you have been approached by someone that is recommending this company or you stumbled on it on the internet but you want a second opinion about it.  In this Tempo Wireless Review, you are going to get a third party unbiased review because unlike many people out there, I am NOT affiliated with this company.  Find out if Tempo Wireless is for you.

Tempo Wireless Review

Tempo Wireless Review – The Company

Website:  http://www.tempowireless.com

if you didn’t know this already, Tempo Wireless was previously known as Lightyear Wireless.  The reason for the brand change was to target the network marketing industry with “TEMPO WIRELESS”.  This new launch of this division happened in 2013 and so far the company has been doing fairly well.

The main focus with this company is “No contract and Lifeline Wireless”.  To understand what that means, let’s dig into the product side shall we?

Tempo Wireless Product Line

Like all the good mlm companies out there, the product has to be in demand for it to do well in the marketplace.  Face it, if your product doesn’t sell, you will starve.

This isn’t the case with Tempo Wireless because the industry is massively in demand!  More people have cell phones compared to computers now!

The first product line is called “LIFELINE”.

This is geared towards people that are at or below the poverty line or those who are on some type of government assistance.

This is actually a great idea because you don’t need a contract month to month to operate a cell phone.  In other words, there are no credit checks so more people can qualify.

Tempo Wireless Service plans:

The services plans range from $20 all the way to $59.99 a month.  Like I said earlier, there is no contract with this and you can cancel at any time.

Here is a good illustration on their plans:

Temp Wireless Service Plans

Now that you know what the products are all about, let’s find out what the business opportunity is all about!

Tempo Wireless Review – Business Opportunity

Like all network marketing companies, Tempo Wireless has a compensation plan you can participate in when you decide to buy one of their business packages. Packages range from $25 to $499 and depending the package, you will get more and more perks in their compensation plan.

There is a monthly free of $49.99 to participate in their compensation plan, this is called an auto-ship.

Here, instead of me rambling on the compensation plan…

…why not check out their video:

The compensation plan is good, but it’s still on the lower side of things compared to most companies.   The good thing is, the price point of joining is very low compared to most network marketing companies out there which means it’s an easier sell overall.

Plus, having a cell phone plan these days is in high demand and people are willing to switch companies if they find a better price.

Tempo Wireless Scam – This a fact?

When a company changes it’s name over so many years it can be a red flag, but after investigating this company…it’s far from a scam.  In fact, there is a lot of potential with this company for the right people…

The biggest problem with Tempo Wireless…

If you are jumping from another network marketing company and think you will blow this one out of the water think again!  The reason 98% of the people fail this business is because they lack the right skill sets.  You have to be a sponsoring machine and have great people skills for you to do well.

So, you either get these skill sets I am talking about…


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If you are in Tempo Wireless, please share with us your results in the company, how is the service plans and do you get a good connection with them?  Leave your comments below.


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