Surge 365 Review - Legit Travel MLM or Scam?

Surge 365 Review – Legit Travel MLM or Scam?

Welcome to my Surge 365 review!

Chances are someone approached you about this new travel mlm company that just launched recently…

Or maybe you were looking online for a travel MLM and you were hearing some talk about Surge 365…

And now, you are doing your research to find out if this company is legit right?

Great news!

You came to the right place because in this third party Surge 365 review, I am going to walk you through the company, the product and the compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join or not…

All I ask of you is just pay attention and read this blog post all the way through…

I will reveal what the biggest problem with this company is and why you might even fail…

But first…

Let’s talk about the company…

Surge 365 Review – The Company


Surge365 is the brain child of James Tackett who officially launched the company March 2, 2015.

Prior to that, the company has been in Pre-launch since October of 2014 and that’s when the domain name “” was registered.

In the past, Tackett has been involved with over 50 of the top mlm companies in the world…

Apparently, has even worked for Herbalife, Avon, Oriflame and Primerica.

Surge 365 is actually his first MLM venture where he is the corporate executive.

Apparently, Tackett says he’s spend 28 years in the industry but has been behind the scenes working through video marketing.

Alright now we know a little bit about the company, let’s take a look at the product line…

Surge 365 Travel – The Product Line

The cost of Surge 365 Travel membership is $59.95 per month.

This gives you access to five different products and if you want to be an affiliate, you have to continue to pay that fee to qualify in their compensation plan.

Here are the products:

A College Education:

In exchange for the $50 per month, Surge 365 gives you access to an online education through Taiwanese University called Aletheia.

This university degree can be done completely online.

Now I did some investigation and see if this was actually legit…

And I found out it’s actually real.

There are real students there and it’s a physical university.


Shopping Deals:

When you buy products and services in the Surge 365 online store, you get discounts and cashback.

The online store is actually affiliated with Pro Travel network which sells hotels, cruises, flights, vacation packages and more travel stuff.

This is how Surge 365 gets the “Travel” in their name…

Telehealth and Discounts:

Telehealth gives their members the ability to have access to physicals across the United States 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

All of these physicians are US licensed and can recommend treatment.

Now they can only be used for non-emergency medical situations.

If you are suffering from allergies, ear infection, pink eye for example, you can get fast treatment over the phone or video conferencing.

The Surge 365 health care provides prescriptions with huge discounts of 85%.

Contact lenses and glasses discount of 10% to 60%.

Dental visits, diabetic management, electronic healthy record discounts of 15% to 50%.

 Financial & Legal Assistance:

You can get up to 40% off the regular attorney hourly rates or $125 per hour, whichever is greater.

You can get tax guidance and financial information.

Identity Theft Protection:

If you identity is stolen and you have to take time off from work, this membership will cover your lost wages.

Now I am not sure how legit the products are because I don’t have them personally.

They sound good on paper, but I wonder how well they work in reality.

Next, let’s take a look at the compensation plan…

Surge 365 Travel Review – Compensation Plan

Like all network marketing company, you get paid commissions when you sponsor people in your business.

Now, you can join this company for free, but you can’t participate in their compensation plan if you do…

That is the catch…

Instead of me trying to explain the compensation plan, why not have Surge 365 do it?

NOTE:  This video is FILLED with hype, I do not endorse this video, it’s just for educational purposes only!

Surge 365 Review – The Verdict

When it comes to the products, I can see how it does bring value in the marketplace…


When it comes to making money in this program, that’s where the big challenge is…

Overall, Surge 365 is not a scam and seems to be a legit company…

The number 1 issue with this company is…

You have to be a recruiting machine to actually make money here…

Let me as you this…

How many network marketing companies you have joined and succeeded?

How many people have you sponsored in those companies?

You probably failed and you probably didn’t sponsor many people or any at all…

And it’s NOT your fault.

The truth is the average person only sponsors 2 people which is not enough…

So you are setup to fail.

After reviewing hundreds of companies, I have found ONE that’s profitable for the average person because no recruiting is involved…

Heck, it was so successful that 4000 people joined and now are making $20, $50, $100 and even $300 per day without sponsoring a single person!

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I hope you enjoyed my Surge 365 review and if you are in this company, please share with us your results in the comments below…

Also I want to let you know if you are in Surge 365, this system will work for you as well.

It doesn’t interfere with what you are doing.


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Bless and Be Blessed,

surge 365

– Jesse Singh

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