SPX Nutrition Review - Should You Join This Business?

SPX Nutrition Review – Should You Join This Business?

You are on this page because someone might have approached you about this business and you want to do some research before you join.  I want to congratulate you on doing your diligence because so many people jump into an opportunity with hype and soon find themselves failing…

In this third party unbiased SPX Nutrition review, I am going to go through the company, the product line and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.  In the end I will reveal to you what these distributors are not telling you that is VITAL to your success.  SO… Pay attention to this blog post and read it top to bottom to avoid any disappointment.

First, let’s check out what the company is all about…

SPX Nutrition Review – The Company


Website:  http://www.spxnutrition.com

SPX is the brain child of a man named Rick Wall who has over 30 years of experience in the direct sales, mentoring, coaching and public speaking arena…

The company launched summer of 2014 and I noticed something odd about it…

I noticed in 2011, Rick Wall Launched a company called Nutri-Thin with Lyle Waters which is no where to be found.  In fact, the Nutri-Thin website get’s re-directed to the SPX Nutrition website.

And what I noticed is Lyle Water isn’t even mentioned in the SPX website…

Hmmm…. What is going on there?

After digging deeper on Rick Wall’s, I noticed he was an affiliate with EPX Body and they used to sell Nutri-Thin, but as of today, the company no longer sell’s that product.

I am not sure what happened and who knows…

I do know this once Nick no longer promoted EPX Body, SPX was shortly born.

I am not saying it’s a negative thing, but I wish there was more information on why Rick Wall was jumping around like that.


Let’s take a look at their product line…

SPX Nutrition Product Line – is is any good?


Guess what?

The SPX Nutrition’s flagship product is called “Nutri-Thin”, the same product in those previous companies…Interesting.

Rick apparently was a big contributor to the development of the product where he worked with top doctors and scientists.

Even though SPX Nutrition claims their product is “Science-tested and (a) proven success”, there is no scientific evidence of this being true about Nutri-Thin.

Nutri-Thin Retails for $40 a bottle, which is good enough for 30 days before you run out…

Other products on the SPX Nutrition Website include:

Sea Veg – A “Whole-Food” supplement ($40 for 30 day Supply Bottle).

Xtreme Cardio – According to their website, it’s designed to help improve your cardovascular health.  This product retails for $50 for a 30 day Supply.

Nutri-Cleanse – This is a detox formula ($40 for a 30 day supply).

I am not sure how well the products work as I haven’t tried them, but at the end of the blog post, I will ask people to comment that are in this company with their results and experiences.

The SPX Nutrition Opportunity – Compenation Plan

The SPX Nutrition Compensation plan is based on affiliates referring their products to other people.  In other words, when someone sponsors a member and buys a product pack, they get a commission in the company.

Instead of me trying to explain it… Why not let SPX do it?

NOTE:  I do not endorse this video as it’s their sales video lol.

Check out there video here:

As you can tell, the compensation plan isn’t bad.  There are other companies like DS Domination which pay out 50% in their uni-level plan.

The cost to join is either…

$120 for the basic starter pack or $240 for the business builder pack and then you will have to be on an auto-ship to be qualified in their compensation plan.

SPX Nutrition Review – Is it a Scam?

I know there are some SPX Nutrition reviews out there saying that this company is a scam, but the truth of the matter is…

It’s NOT a scam.

The real problem is people don’t want to learn how to become a good network marketer…

What is a good network marketer?

Well, you need to learn how to become a people person and learn how to sponsor people into your business.  You need to learn how to handle objections and learn how to qualify people for your business.

I know, it’s a lot of work…

What did you expect a lottery ticket?

Now if you want to learn how to generate qualified leads to your business on auto pilot like me without picking up the phone…

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That will teach you how to generate leads from a blog like this one…

You are on this blog post and I got you here didn’t I?

That is the most effective way to get people into your business regardless if it’s SPX Nutrition or something else.


There are people on this blog post that just don’t want to recruit anyone and want to learn how to run a successful business from home…

I have been testing a different business model for the last 12 months where I generated over 6 figures of income in 12 months without sponsoring a single person…

Honestly, it’s as easy as copy and pasting from one website to another…

  • No Marketing
  • No recruiting
  • No Blogging
  • No chasing friends and family

Literally, it’s copy and pasting…

If you can write an email, you can do this.

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Even if you are in SPX Nutrition, this business will actually work hand to hand with your company.

Why not have a second stream of income where it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort right?

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I hope you enjoyed my SPX Nutrition review and if you are in this company…

…Please share with us your experiences with the product and the business.


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Bless and Be Blessed,

SPX nutrition

-Jesse Singh

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