SlimLife Review - The Right Opportunity or Scam?

SlimLife Review – The Right Opportunity or Scam?

You are on this blog post because you want to learn more about this company.  You are the type of person that wants to do their diligence before you get started into anything… This is a really good thing.

In this SlimLife Review – I am going to walk you through the company, product line and the compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

First, let’s take a look at the company…

SlimLife Review- The Company



The company started in 2011 as a direct sales company or more popular name for it is network marketing… Prior to this, they have been in the weight loss industry for over 10 years.  They were the first company to offer the HCG diet and if you don’t know what the means…it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin.

…I know that’s a mouthful to say LOL.

What the HCG diet is it limits your calorie intake to 500 a day for 8 weeks while taking HCG just so you know.  Here is a good article about it:

So overall the company looks good and it’s still going strong.  As of this blog post, the company is almost 4 years old which is a good thing.

Alright next let’s check out the product line…

SlimLife Product Review

SlimLife Products

This company has 5 main products as of this review…

…and I will go over each and one of them.

SlimLife HCG Drops:

These drops are hormone-free and non-homeopathic and contains a blend of 20 weight loss and fight burning ingredients.

SlimLife HCG Maintain Drops:

Once you come off your HCG diet you can maintain your weight loss by taking these drops.  These are designed to support weight maintenance during Phase 3 of the HCG diet.

SlimLife African Mango:

This is a powerful weight loss agent that helps to lose weight.  There has been clinical studies where people that were on the African mango extract lost an average of 28 months in 10 weeks compared to the placebo.

if you want more info – Google it! :).

SlimLife Thermoionic Fat Burner:

This is designed to increase your metabolism  without the jittery feeling of heavy caffeine based fat burners.

SlimLife Diet Shakes:

This is a meal replacement shake that is 50 calories per serving.  There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, has low sodium and is gluten and sugar free.

The products sound great on paper and I personally haven’t tried them so I can give you any feedback on them.  One thing I noticed is I haven’t seen any negative SlimLife product reviews out there.

Next, let’s check out the business opportunity…

SlimLife Review – Business Opportunity

There are 5 ways to enroll with this company and those are split into two more categories.  One that requires no inventory and one that does.

Packages that require no inventory:

  • Bronze Package – $49
  • Silver Package – $99

The package that require inventory:

  • Gold Package – $99
  • Platinum Package – $499
  • Diamond Package – $999

 SlimLife Compensation Plan

When it comes to their comp plan, SlimLife does it very different compared to most mlm companies out there.  Their comp plan is based on product sales alone and not building a downline.

Independent sales reps get paid $15-29 per product on website sales or earn an immediate $15-$29 per product that they resell if they decide to stock inventory.

Here is a snap shot of the full SlimLife Compensation Chart:


SlimLife Scam – Conclusion

The big question is if this company is a scam?

The truth is… it’s NOT.  In fact it’s far from a scam.

You don’t really recruit people like most network marketing companies, but you need to learn how to sell your products.

The problem is they don’t really have the right training for you to be successful in this business.  The name of the game in SlimLife is move a ton of product and you need to learn how to leverage the online market place for massive sales.

So if you want to move your products online quickly…

…and completely crush the competition…

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You will thank me later…

I hope you enjoyed my SlimLife review and if you are in this company, please share with us your successes and the toughest part of the business.


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