Skinny Body Care Reviews - Great Opportunity In 2018 or Scam?

Skinny Body Care Reviews – Great Opportunity In 2018 or Scam?

A lot of people jump into this company without reading any Skinny Body Care reviews to do their research.  The people that jump into network marketing without the research is all due to just pure hype.  You don’t want to be trapped in the hype because it can leave you broke.  In this Skinny Body Care review, you are going to discover the pro and cons and if you pay attention and read this blog post all the way to the end, I am going to reveal a secret that no one talks about.

Skinny Body Care Reviews – The Company


Let’s dive into what this company is all about shall we?

Skinny Body care was founded in 2010 by a man named Ben Glinsky who believed with all his heart it can completely eliminate the corporate office.  This is a unique MLM company because it doesn’t have a traditional corporate office.

I know for some of you that might be alarming, but the good news is it’s well established now and most network marketing companies don’t make it past the 5 year mark.

Skinny Fiber Review – The Product

Skinny Body Care Reviews

Guess how many products this company has?  Drum roll…..TWO!  LOL.

Most Top MLM companies have several products, but Skinny Body Care has two and the first one is called “Skinny Fiber”.  They advertise this product as a “natural weight management pill”.

So what makes this product so different than all of the other “Magic  weight loss pills”.  I will explain so pay attention to these words…

Skinny Fiber has a special proprietary blend that contains a very powerful herb’s and other compounds called the Brazilian Herb, Cha De Bugre and the dietary soluble fiber called Glucomannan.

What this supplement does is make you feel full so you just don’t feel like eating.  These claims like any natural supplement, are not approved the FDA because they don’t approve anything that is natural.  Spite of the FDA, the product has a ton of consumer testimonials that have been very positive on it’s claim.

The second product by Skinny Body Care is called “Ageless” which is a skin care product.  This product isn’t very popular and I noticed they only push “Skinny Fiber” for some reason.

So what is the cost of this product?

Wait for it….$69.95 plus shipping…

I will be honest with you, that is pretty expensive.

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Skinny Body Care Reviews – Compensation Plan

This is where you actually make the money and not selling the product.  The name of the game is to recruit any many people as possible to max out the compensation plan.  I don’t care what anyone says!

Instead of me blabbing about the compensation plan, I found their corporate video.  Now, if you want to specifically check out their compensation plan, skip the video to 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

If you don’t want to go through that video, I will explain it in a nutsell.

There are 3 levels you can join at and all of them charge a $10 free to start.

First level is the “Regular Distributor” where you need at least 1 bottle to activate your membership and maintain this as an autoship.  Remember, one bottle = $69.95 plus shipping.

Second level is the “Silver Distributor” and you can get this level by purchasing TWO bottles, but you get one free.  So your total cost is $129.85 and this will maintain your autoship or 600 business volume points in total.

The top level is called “God Distributor” which you get by buying 3 bottles, but you recieve 3 bottles for free at $189.70.  You can maintain your autoship by purchasing 3 bottles or by having 3000 business volume points in total.

In their Skinny Body Comp plan, you get paid 8 ways.

  • Fast Start Bonuses.
  • Training Bonuses.
  • Retail Bonuses.
  • Rank Advancement Bonuses


You will mainly be paid by a 3×8 Forced Matrix….

 Skinny Body Care A Good Home Business?

This is a tough question, it really comes down to preference.  Do you feel like selling a weight loss product?  Skinny Body Care isn’t a scam or anything, I am sure there are people that are completely crushing the business…

The problem I found with the product side of things is it’s selling on eBay and Amazon for dirt cheap.  I have seen some listings selling LESS than wholesale and it’s mostly from people that can’t sell this product any other way…

Don’t believe me?  Check this out….

Skinny Fiber Product

There goes the profits on the product…LOL

Now this is a big problem for a lot of mlm companies where you see the products getting dumped on eBay and Amazon because they can’t move it faster enough. This is also the problem with having a monthly auto-ship, but if you cancel it, you cancel your ability to make commissions in the company.

Because of that, I rate this the following:  [yasr_overall_rating]

Why I Didn’t Join Skinny Body Care…..

When I look at a business opportunity to join, there are a few things I run by before I decide to pull out my credit card and join…

First, I check to see if the products provide real value…

Second, I check to see if the company is experiencing momentum…

I did a quick Google search and I noticed “SBC” was getting less than 10,000 searches per month!  Which is very low…

There are network marketing companies out there getting 100,000 searches per month that are in their momentum stage.  Now that is what I am talking about! 🙂

All in all, this is just my opinion and you are entitled to yours and if you love this opportunity go ahead and join…

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Skinny Body Care

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