Shaklee Reviews – Right Opportunity or Big Scam In 2018? Find Out Here.

You probably have read a few Shaklee reviews on the internet and just want to be extra cautious about this company.

I don’t blame you and the fact that you are taking the time to do the research is the step in the right direction.

Unlike many biased Shaklee reviews out there, this is going to be done by a third party member (By myself) and will show you what this company is really about.

If you are serious about this company, read this blog post all the way to the end so you can make a informative decision.

Shaklee Review – The Company

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Website: www.shaklee.com

Founded in 1956, I can tell you this is a well established company.

Being in business for over 50 years is a great achievement.

Like many mlm companies out there, Shaklee focuses on skin care, home care, nutrition and weight management products.

Most of the products are eco-friendly and are designed in a way where to reduce the carbon footprint.

The company invested over $250 million in research and development so the products themselves and are top notch.

Shaklee Reviews – The Products

Shaklee Products

Like I said earlier, the products themselves are top notch with a ton of research and development to back them up.

This company specializes in beauty, home products, weight management and nutrition.

Below are some of the categories of Shaklee products:

Home Products – These include environmentally friendly kitchen, laundry and household cleaners.

Weight Management – Shaklee offers smoothies, meal replacement foods, snacks, metabolic boosters and energizing teas.  These are all natural in other words, they are healthy.

Beauty Products – In this line of products, you will find body care, skin care, hair care and specific treatments.  Again the products are all natural.

Healthy Nutrition – This company has a full range of nutritional products like anti-oxidants, anti-aging, digestive system support, children health, heart health and much much more.

Alright now you know about the products, let’s take a look at the compensation plan inside of this Shaklee review…

Shaklee Compensation Plan

Like every network marketing company out there, when you sponsor a member, you get paid a commission on the product sales from your down-line.

In addition, they actually train you how to become a better business man or woman.

It’s great that Shaklee has a great system in place, but there is a big fault which I will explain earlier.

Shaklee Compensation Plan Video Explanation:

I noticed there wasn’t a lot of information on their compensation plan, so I found the corporate video for you.

This actually explains it very very well and if you’re interested in this company, I would watch the video all the way through.

There are 4 levels when becoming a member and each have their own price points.

Shakee Level 1 : Consumer

Cost:  $0

As a consumer, you’re just a customer and pay retail prices for the products.  This doesn’t cost you anything.

Shakee  Level 2: Member

Cost:  $19.95

When you are a member, you get 15-25% discount on your products now.

To get this discount, you just pay a one-time fee of $19.95.

I would still treat this like being a consumer but with a membership like Costco for example.

There are no other bonuses.

Shakee  Level 3: Distributor

Cost:  $49.95

Auto-ship of 100 PV to remain active.

This is where you can start building the business and get all the perks of the “member” but now you get paid in the compensation plan.

Shakee  Level 4: Gold Ambassador

Cost:  $299.00 (With product)

or $599 for the Gold plus (More products, PV and website time)

This is the membership to get if you are serious on building your business.

Here is the average earnings chart just so you know:

Shaklee average earnings

Shaklee obviously can’t guarantee any kind of income, but just by looking at their average earnings, it’s one of the highest I have ever seen.

I know that document is from 2010 which is about 4 years old since this blog post, but I looked at some earlier ones from 2006 and the income average has only slightly decreased.

This could be because there is more competition because of the sheer size of the distributors.

Now the moment you have been waiting for inside of this Shaklee review…

Shaklee Reviews – The Conclusion

I know some Shaklee Reviews will say this is amazing company and others will say it’s a scam.

The truth to the matter is after doing a lot of investigation, it’s NOT a scam.

This company is transparent and even shows you their average income earnings.

Not only that, they have been in business for over 50 years!

Anyone that says this is a scam needs to get their head checked.

You think the FTC will let a company run for over 50 years if that was the case?

I don’t think so!

Because of those reasons, I rate this company the following: 

The Problem:

The problem with Shaklee and 99% of the network marketing companies out there is this…

People believe by just joining a company, they will become rich over night.

This is the WRONG mentality!

The sad truth is 98% of the people that join network marketing companies have the “LOTTERY” mentality and this is the wrong way of doing things.

That is the absolute truth!

If you want to be successful in network marketing, you need to invest in yourself and learn the skill sets that will propel you to success.

Like any profession, network marketing also has education and skills you will have to learn.

You think a lawyer becomes one by just simply jumping into it from high school?

NOPE!  They go through College or University for years to learn the skills to become good at it and the same principle applies to network marketing.

The Solution:

There are TWO solutions..

You either learn the necessary skills to become a sponsoring master and relationship builder or you find a different business model.

My #1 Recommendation

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The best part is you don’t have to recruit a single person which is insane 🙂

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Leroy Sanford - February 15, 2015

Still looking for an honest company!

    Jesse Singh - February 16, 2015

    Shaklee is well established, so it is honest, but it’s a hard sell.

      roofus mccoy - May 13, 2015

      This is a real Shaklee review about this very site… click Shaklee Reviews when you get there to view this site’s BLACK HAT SEO strategies.

        Jesse Singh - May 13, 2015

        Hey Roofus,

        If you were nice about it, I would have linked to your site.

        But you accusing me of a fraud is a big no no.

        I am not even affiliated with Shaklee LOL.

        Go bother someone else.

greg - March 20, 2015

Healthy? Do you know the side affects of taking soy? As a personal trainer and health coach i say stay away from any proteins that contain soy!

    Sarah - March 21, 2015

    Gmo soy. 100% u want to stay away from… Shaklee has a lot of information about the benefits of soy when derived from a safe natural source. If you are interested to learn more about the benefits I would be willing to share the information with you.

    Marie Rennie - April 11, 2016

    Soy is very good for you. It’s how it is processed that makes it bad for you. Also I only consume Shaklee soy protein which isn’t genetically modified.

    Sarah - May 29, 2016

    Shaklee carries both soy and non-soy proteins.

mj - June 8, 2015

Hello, You gave about the same rating and comments that you did when analyzing a few other firms, so I am not sure how closely you look at them.

I appreciate someone is talking about the MLM business, but much more detail would need to be provided in order to compare firms and plans,, kind regards

    Jesse Singh - June 9, 2015


    There is a TON of information on this blog and a video explaining the comp plan. Not sure what you mean lol.

Mr. killmore - August 28, 2015

If you want to see proof of the success of MLM/network marketing as it is called, just take a look at the illegal drug trade. Apart from the fact that the drug trade is criminal and destructive, it works on the same business model. But imagine if the cartels hired someone to deal drugs in a locality and all he wanted to do is recruit other dealers. You can only imagine the sort of wrath that would summon. If he has people dealing drugs under him and he’s actually managing affairs and selling drugs himself, then it works and that, as well as addiction is why it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Translated to the legitimate health market, if you want to be successful in the vitamin business, you have to sell vitamins, help the people you recruit be successful and run your operation like/as a business. No business is going to work if all you do is recruit employees.

Shacklee is focused more on community and social networking building which is why they prefer the MLM approach. It’s allot more financially beneficial to just go retail like everyone else, especially considering the quality and performance of their products which I personally can vouch for.

It’s all about education and interactive health treatment. You don’t get that just by swallowing some pills, even shaklee ones. You have to change your lifestyle. Shaklee introduced MLM as a financial incentive to building a social health network. And now everyone, both crooks and short-cutters are only seeing dollar signs and making a mess out of it, both in and outside of shaklee’s network.

The responsible approach is to EDUCATE yourself about the products, use whatever ones you need, share your experiences with friends, whatever they are and if your friends/family are interested, hook email up and take advantage of the company incentives while at it.

MARIA - September 6, 2015


Debbie Stockavas - January 16, 2016

I have been using Shaklee products for over 20 years. I never went into with any intent to sell the products myself. Just wanted to buy them for myself at a discount, so I am a member.

    Jesse Singh - January 18, 2016

    Hey Debbie,

    Thank you for coming by and commenting 🙂

diane - March 10, 2016

I started using Shaklee 30 years ago. Became a member and did some selling. I am not a salesman so selling was not for me, however I have not stopped using their products. I am a member just for the discount. The initial cost of the products seems high but once you adjust (because most are concentrate and you don’t need to use so much) the savings is there, not to mention earth friendly. I wish they were not so pricey products but you do get what you pay for.

Laure Rheingold - March 24, 2016

I was introduced to Shaklee products 36 years ago. At that time, I was working as a therapist with a highly respected team at a US acclaimed short term psychiatric facility. A highly esteemed occupational therapist there told me about Shaklee protein powder and how it reversed her dental periodontal eroding gum issue in 6 months time. She no longer required surgery. I was impressed and started consuming the protein shakes daily. I felt great but over time with graduate school and heavy work loads I got out of the habit of relying on Shaklee. Recently began the Turnaraound 180 program and feel fantastic! I am starting to loose weight, the plan is easy and I am filled with energy and good spirits. There is a feeling of well-being that is imparted from this product line. I don’t feel as stressed out and I actually feel cheerful! This is an amazing “turnaround” for me that I was not expecting. I hope this proves helpful to anyone else who might be experiencing difficulty with menopause or extreme mood with weight fluctuations that are difficult to control even with great effort . The product is not inexpensive, however has been incredibly beneficial for me within a short span of time. The shakes are filling, I use almond milk, and I don’t experience hunger pangs. The food bars are delicious although, in my opinion, quite sweet. I find the program easy as it is simplified- two shakes a day, snack and sensible evening meal. This simple model is simple for me to follow. I expect optimum results as thus far feel tremendous and 3 lb. loss within 15 days is fine pace for me. Good luck to all and I hope this is helpful.

Ken - March 25, 2016

Looking at this company to see if it’s right for me. Thanks for the info

Mary Beth Hoard - March 25, 2016

Are Shaklee products good for diabetics?

    Jesse Singh - March 25, 2016


    Not sure.

    RKH - April 28, 2016

    I have type 1 diabetes and the shakes are the only solid evidence I have to say that my sugars stay stable all morning long.

    Carrie Collyer - May 3, 2016

    Shaklee has a number of products that are low glycemic. I have my 88 year old mother who is diabetic on the Life Shake for this reason. I’m very pleased with them myself since I prefer a low sugar diet.

    Sarah - May 29, 2016

    Shaklee carries a large variety of diabetic friendly products. Our most basic is the Vita-lea. Our basic multi-vitamin. After 4 days one of my clients who has never had normal sugar levels leveled out and has remained level ever since. It’s been almost a year now.

Carolyn Di Donato - July 22, 2016

I was brought up on Shaklee started at age 4 continued into my 30. Raise my children on Shaklee. It was when Our Main re died that everything fell apart but they had the best baby products. My children never had 1 cavity, and where healthy and so was I. I recently was looking for them They have changed the products I knew from childhood But. There products where Natural. And, I recovered from a major break which I was told I never walk again not only did it regrow the bone I walk with no limp, and you cant even tell. So, I recently had a break and looked up shaklee and I be back on it again. I just wish they had baby products for my grand children.

    Angie - October 1, 2016

    Shaklee has products for babies and kids, too!

Jamie R Witt - June 15, 2017

My grandmother used Shaklee products. She died at 92. My uncle uses them. He is a very healthy, active 83 year old.

Maria Passarelli - July 4, 2017

I have been using the Shaklee 180 life plan , had to miss a month and definitely feel the difference…meaning I felt much better using the system I chose…missing the strips!! Unfortunately,my finances are tight right now. I also have my own full service fine art sales and consulting business. Because of health problems I have financial problems…ironically reuniting with a high school friend who is I top distributor with Shaklee and more?? Turned me on to their products. She wants me to become a gold plus or gold level distributor. If I can manage it now I can attend the Global Conference In Atlanta. I would like to do this but the $$ is not good and I want to make sure I am ready to take on this level as a distributor. I take any project I do seriously and want to be enthusiastic about a project as I have to be in my Art Business. It’s funny though my friends are being negative about my interest in Shaklee and one friend even rushed off the phone because I told her she needed more calcium in her diet and my advice had nothing to do with Shaklee.. LOL…My family and myself have a long history related to alternative medicine and or they are doctors, OD’s, Cariologists, Nurse Practicitioners etc..The bottom line is I like the product alot!!! And I am not a shove done your throat type of sales person…so I don’t need my friends to approve or not….I guess I have to make sure this friend knows what she puts in her body is her business not mine outside of a healthy suggestion. I already getting very cranky without my Shaklee.. LOL….Sorry for the lengthy Story…thanks for sharing everyone! Hope I can make it to the Conference if $$ possible..BTW my Shaklee person is great and I like the personal MLM approach as that’s my style to begin with!! Maria Passarelli

nor hazmira - August 22, 2017

I am a Shaklee user since 2015.. when I was expecting my 4th baby and having a very low hemoglobin level in my FBC.

I’ve taken lots of iron vitamins provided by hopsitals and also i bought from pharmacies.

Damm! It does not work at all until i was advised to take iron jab every 2 days..

With the big needle and all the jab part will turn bruises plus the pain with effect the mommy emotion etc, so that is the last resort that i will choose.

After two weeks i started vitalea dan vitamin c plus Shaklee.. my problems of the HB was disappeared.. and I was a healthy mom..and delivered my healthy beautiful baby.


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