Saivian Review – Great Business Opportunity or Scam?

Hey welcome to my Saivian Review!

I have been hearing some buzz about this company and I decided to investigate what it was all about…

Chances are maybe you were approached by a member about this opportunity or heard about it on Facebook…

The good news is you are on this page because you want to find out if this company is actually legit?

And if you can make money with it right?

Well you came to the right place because in this blog post I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join or not…

Find out if Saivian is legit or a scam…

Saivian Review – The Company

Saivian review

Website: Β saivian.net

The president of Saivian is a man named John Seehan who has had a lot of experience in business in general.

Here is what his Corporate Biography says:

Mr. Sheehan achieved success in complex organizations such as, network marketing, retail and non-profits.

John has worked and sold products to mlm companies, owned wireless stores in 6 states and have set records in membership and donations for non-profits.

Also working behind Saivian is Steve Gewecke who is the marketing director of the company.

Gewecke was the VIP Founder of a company called US Utility Direct back in 2012.

In August of 2014, Gewecke came back as the President of MyNyloixin.

MyNyloxin had affiliates pay between $300 to $1500 for memberships.

Today, it looks like MyNyloxin isn’t opperating…

Alright, next let’s take a look at the products…

Saivian Reviews – The Products

When you are member of Saivian, you get access to third-party eCommerce portals.

Here is a quick video from Saivian on the product…

Warning – I do not endorse this video, it’s for educational purposes only.

This is really not a new business model, Dubli is operating something very similar…

Next, let’s take a look at the compensation plan…

Saivian – The Compensation plan

Like all network marketing companies, you get paid to sponsor people in the business…

With Saivian, it’s not any different…

I was going to explain the compensation plan for you all, but I decided to let Saivian to do it…

Who knows more about it anyway?

Before you watch the video below…

I want to let you know I do NOT endorse it.

The compensation is fair, but doesn’t pay as high as The Super Affiliate Network for example…

They pay over 60% in total commissions…

But it’s good nevertheless.

Saivian Review – The Verdict

Overall, I don’t have anything negative to say about the company…

I would say to wait it out a bit because it’s still in a Pre launch.

And if you seen Steve Gewecke last Pre Launch, it didn’t go well.

See what happens after a few months after the launch and then decide to join or not…

For the people who want to make a lot of money…

You will have to recruit a lot of people in this company…

There is no other way around that…

So if you are not good at recruiting, you will have a tough time making the big bucks.

There are only a few companies in the world where you can make money without actually recruiting…

Imagine if you could just send traffic to a company and it did everything for you?

Imagine you learned how to master that one thing which is send traffic that are waiting to buy your products and services?

Click Here For My #1 Recommendation

Finally you will learn step by step over the shoulder on how to build an online business the right way!

The best part is you will get a one on one coach in the system that will work with you one on one…

Click Here To See What I Mean…

TheseΒ picture isn’t to show off…

…It’s to show you what is possible!

If a car mechanic like me can do this, so can you πŸ™‚

Click here and Watch This Video

You will honestly thank me later because no one really knows about it…

I am sharing it with you because I know how hard it is without having much money…

Living paycheck to paycheck…

It sucks and I don’t want anyone to go through it.

Even if you are in Saivian, you can STILL do this business.

I hope you enjoyed my Saivian review and if you have any questions, please comment below.

Bless and Be Blessed,


-Jesse Singh

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Kevin Marino - December 29, 2015

Hey Jesse … Pretty good info but you are incorrect about a couple things.

Saivian doesn’t give you access to 3rd party sites like Dubli … In fact Saivian didn’t ask you to change your buying habits at all.

You simply list the stores which you shop at the most … Keep shopping at them (including gas and groceries) … Then log the receipts on your Saivian site for 20% cash back.

This has never been done before … There are plans for additional products in the very near future.

As for Steve Gewecke, the company you referenced is still around as it was purchased by a public company and is still in operation today. Wether it went good or bad early he was not an owner of that company but a high level employee who did his part as the company instructed.

That’s all … Really good job overall.

I would love to chat with you about the comp plan … The daily residual is amazing and leveling up is extremely attainable.

I’m a bit bias as the Saivian Master Affiliate πŸ™‚

Reach out and let’s chat.

Kevin Marino

    Jesse Singh - December 29, 2015

    Hey Kevin,

    Thank you for the correction, I didn’t have a ton of info to go by but that clears it up.

    In the past, no cashback MLM has actually done well.

    Even Dubli is struggling again…

    And for talking about the comp plan, you know every MLM rep says the samething πŸ™‚

    They got the best lol.

    I decided to take the eCommerce route personally only because I know eBay and
    Amazon are here for the long run and the fact I made multiple 6 figures doing it…

    Also, Saivian is recruitment heavy and that is the number 1 reason why people fail in
    the first place.

    So that is why after reviewing a ton of companies, I could have joined anything really.

    But I wanted to make sure whatever I chose the average person has a fair chance at success…

    I have over 5000 members personally profiting now.

    And they didn’t have to recruit…

    I personally love recruiting though lol, but it’s not for everyone.


      Larry Owen - December 30, 2015

      Jesse, the word “recruiting” is an over-worked word that, in my opinion, does not apply to Saivian. Why? Sharing with people how to save on their gas & groceries has wide appeal in the current economy. People do not need to be recruited here. They will respond because they see the savings; then they will want to share what they have found. A whole lot different than recruiting!

        Jesse Singh - January 2, 2016


        It’s still recruiting no matter what you say lol.

        I personally love recruiting, but again it’s not for everyone.

          Melissa - February 16, 2016

          Yes, indeed, it is still recruiting.

          Folks should note that you do NOT get 20% back on EVERYTHING you purchase. You get 20% back UP TO $60 per week. Anything more, you do NOT get the 20% reimbursement. It’s very misleading for everyone involved in Saivian (and I know a lot – including some family members) to tell people they get 20% back on EVERYTHING (I’ve seen the same text / message from a lot of people).

          Anyway, no, you do NOT get 20% back on all of your purchases. You get 20% back to receive UP TO $60 per week.

          And that is a fact.

          Alex - December 19, 2016

          Hi jess im Alex i would like to know about your thing! Can you send me a link please!

          Jesse Singh - December 20, 2016

          Hey Alex,

          Join my mailing list here.


      Deon - February 1, 2016

      Add me to your list.

        Jesse Singh - February 1, 2016

        Hey Deon,

        yes of course, look out for an email from me πŸ™‚

        John - March 6, 2016

        Plain and simple Saivian pays you 20% back on a maximum purchase of $300 dollars a week which equates to $60 per week/ @240/ a month if you spend $1200 a month, money generated to be used for your monthly $125 fee and what ever else you choose. To be drawn out at no less than $125 athe one time.

        Waldo - December 15, 2016

        Deon did you try his business?

    Linda - May 4, 2016

    I would like to know how to get off the Saivian text list. I am not a member nor do I want to be.

    Casey J - June 27, 2016

    I did some fact checking on the woman, Laura, you had speaking- you probably should have to.

    She didn’t win cupcake wars- she was out in the first round. She was never voted the best cupcake bakery in Indiana. She was voted best bakery in Martinsville. Notably: she was the ONLY bakery.

    Finally- there are court documents that demonstrate something very differently about “her partner stealing from her”. She currently has a bankruptcy petition for the “stolen money” to be dissolved from the person it actually belonged to.

    I would be doing some fact checking before I let someone try and represent my business- other people are quickly discovering this as well.

Scott - January 5, 2016

Does anyone know the identity of the companies SAVIAN claims as marketing partners. Who are the companies who are paying SAVIAN for their marketing data. There is no mention of who these partners are on the SAVIAN’s website. The website refers to them as “our marketing partners” then says the following: “The goal of the advertising revenue is to help subsidize the cash back model to our active members”.

Unless SAVIAN actually has “marketing partners” that are footing the bill for the 20% cash back in exchange for the marketing data they claim to be generating, they are a scam. Period, end of story. And this is extremely doubtful (more like impossible) since each member can name their own ten companies (including local “mom and pop” businesses) from which to be paid the 20% cash back. Does anyone really believe that SAVIAN has marketing data sales contracts with all these local businesses?

Therefore, SAVIAN necessarily must be paying existing members’s commissions with money obtained from new members, and the only way this practice can be sustained is by constantly recruiting new members to pay the concurrent profits being raked off by the owners of SAVIAN and the commissions of existing members. This type of arrangement is by definition a PONZI scheme.

It will take awhile (maybe even a long while) before new recruiting revenue cannot support the owner’s profits and the earned commissions of existing members, but it will happen. And when that happens, those unfortunate enough to be new to the business will be the ones that get left holding the proverbial bag.

In the mean time, the founders will have made a lot of money and won’t really care that others have gotten royally screwed. For them, it is likely on to the next scam.

As always, just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    Jesse Singh - January 7, 2016

    Hey Scott,

    I am not sure, I am sure a Saivian rep can talk about that…

      D H - January 14, 2016

      I have no concerns if Saivian works – I’m sure it can for some – However – anyone that approaches you on this “wonderful opportunity to save 20%” – prepare yourself that if you tell the rep that is in contact with you “No” – to have the worst customer experience imaginable – I’ll put it briefly – I was 75% sold on signing up – respect for my spouse will always come before making money – as I was informed TWICE – mind you – if i didn’t sign up – I was wasting the reps time ( I wont name reps – but I could ). Oh and just to quote “Lmao your wife is the boss what a joke”. No – its very simply put – respect – which I have none for this company now. Smart enough to save the conversation the 2nd time around.

        Jesse Singh - January 16, 2016


        Well that wasn’t nice of the rep to say at all.

        No people skills at all.

        He can go broke lol.

    Elaine - April 21, 2016

    Scott’s on point.

    Thank you

    Nancy Jones - June 5, 2016

    It’s not the contract with the businesses that make the companies money. It’s the “advertisers”….who psy them. They want to know where people shop, travel and eat, then gear sdvertisment strategies towards what those people like….

    Griva - August 30, 2016

    Hi , you arent’t wrong at all Scott, you shouldn’t trust to sustainability of Saivian if you are just midlle intelligent person, just make the calculation, how is it possible to get 20% in return when one Lyoness cannot get it neither one other company that I know named Scnetworld? Because the merchants won’t give so big return never. I know very well the systems of money back and Saivian has nothing with merchantsno contract, no contact, merchants don’t have any idea about Saivian as they know about legal and smart companies like 2 mentioned before and they pay just from a member ship of 128$ taken every 28 days, not monthly, and so, the year has 13 month of 28days, and you musn’t spend more than 300$ weekly to get your 20% but from where come those 20% , well, not from the money that merchants return but from your referrals. Just think, why should you use this fraudulent company which just lies to you naives and which will stay out of money very fast? Guys, be smart not greedy, no big earnings with scammers!

PJ - January 16, 2016

This is a SCAM business it wants you paying for EVERYTHING on your credit card. Which I do not do
They misrepresent the way the program works leading you to believe you will not be charged in the first month you join.
I joined on the 10th and turned around the very next day (11th) and cancelled my membership in less then a 24 hour period.
The very next day (12th) after I cancelled they deducted the $125 out of my bank plus in doing so they caused an over draft charge on my account.

they withdraw the $125 then they deposit the cash back rewards…. also once you get 3 people to join you you will earn $5 everyday which gives you $150 per month… the $125 is deducted from that or your cash back balance on your monthly “due date”….
This is not explained in detail when joining

    Jesse Singh - January 16, 2016

    Hey PJ,

    Thanks for letting us know…

    Rachel - January 29, 2016

    I’m unsure where you read you will not be charged the first month. I joined recently and were aware right from the start that my first month was $125 with the ability to recruit people under me and ultimately early a daily residual that would eventually cover the cost of my membership. The site clearly states $125 a month membership, to be drafted immediately and you can cancel at any time but refunds aren’t given. Also, come month 2, even if I’m receiving my daily residual of $5 per day, if my account with Saivian has not yet reached $125, then entire amount WILL be again drafted from my account. Only when my Saivian account reaches $125 will my membership fees be drafted from that account. It’s all there, clearly stated and I’m on a team of around 150 other members here in my hometown and we have weekly meetings and no one else has had ANY issues or misunderstandings where this is concerned. Also, just an FYI…my upline 4 tiers above me, who joined December 13th, became a 2 Star founder as of yesterday, is receiving a daily residual of $100 a day and I have actually seen the money deposited into his personal checking account with my own eyes. Just because you obviously didn’t read all the information before joining doesn’t make it a scam. It just means next time you should do more research before signing up!

      D - February 2, 2016

      Because your upline got paid does not mean that it is legitimate. The real issue is that there is no marketing company paying 20% cash back. This is a money game plan and simple. The owners of the company have been running these scams as far back as 2000. Eric Dalius “Gas UP USA.”

      The fact that they do not accept credit card processing is a big clue. We all know that only taking payment by “check only” is a red flag. A bank that does credit card processing would have to verify the business model before allowing the business to be able to offer credit card payment. Since there is really no business paying the 20% on data findings Saivian can not get credit card processing. Saivian does not have a “real” company paying for data mining. That means that the commissions being paid are coming from new monies from new enrollees. This is a pyramid scheme. Same deal Eric Dalius ran back in 2000 with GAS UP USA.

      This is a “BIG BUYER BEWARE”

        Jesse Singh - February 5, 2016

        Very interesting argument.

        Thanks for stopping by!

        sharon - April 22, 2016

        There is a 3rd party marketing company that collects the data from the receipts and sells it to the retailers. It’s target marketing just like Facebook and Google use. I’d be happy to share that indigent with anyone that wants to contact me personally

          Neil - November 15, 2016

          Hi Sharon,

          Yes i would love more on this info. I am in Jamaica thinking of starting a Team. But my team in Jamaica has been getting reviews that International persons have not been getting paid. Which is an extremely big issue.

        Bradley Alton - July 10, 2016

        Well they do take credit cards now and so I guess the credit card processor is in league with Saivian as a pyramid scheme. You know what surprises me, is if people put as much effort into doing actual work in the mlm as they do into making excuses why things wouldn’t work or are scams, guess what they might actually make money. That is why more money is earned by people in mlm’s in other countries than in the USA. That is also why companies actually employ foreigners to come and do work is because they know that those people are not lazy. Quit making excuses and take action in whatever endeavor you want to undertake.

        Lome - August 2, 2017

        The only cards we allowed to use is Visa Credit Card, Visa Debit and MasterCard. Saivian now has 2.6Million Members World Wide. Where Visa or MasterCard is used, you can claim your 20% Cashback on your Shopping, Petrol, Takeaways or Restaurants, Cafes, and your Travelling.

      Apryl - April 24, 2016

      Exactly! PJ, It’s all there very clearly written, so don’t blame Saivian for you apparently NOT reading it! Also, to D….IF this is a so called “Pyramid Scheme” then how is it that I have people who are on DOWN line making more money than I am right now? That’s sure isn’t the shape of a pyramid last I checked…AND after the 1st processing time for your cash back, which is 3 months, which is ALSO right there in plain sight for you to read, you will get those 3 months all in 1 payment, then every 30 days thereafter. 8 months? LOL!! The company is not even 8 months old yet so I have no idea where you all are getting your information from.
      Also, just an FYI, this business model is being overseen by 3 Federal Government Agencies. The FTC, FCC, and the SEC. So is the Federal Government involved this “scam” too? Along with the very legitimate businesses they oversee too? So what was it were you saying about Saivian’s business model again? Please explain..
      Facebook is a multi-BILLION dollar company, and they make their money on things that we like! I can like nice expensive cars, and other stuff that yes, I like them, but, no I’m not going to go buy them. Yet Facebook gets money from it just because I “like” it. Google is also a multi-BILLION dollar company. Let me guess…they’re both scams too? Obviously not…If you look at how any company you work for whether it be McDonald’s or a big fancy job, there’s always they guy at the very bottom working the hardest, then there’s management, vice president, president CEO….wow! That’s also in the shape of a pyramid! It must be a scam LOL! Think about that for a minute….
      I just have to laugh at some of these comments. You all were either unfortunately approached by someone giving you the wrong information about Saivian, which is not considered a “scam” or “pyramid scheme” it’s just lack of knowledge on that person’s behalf. OR you are like so many skeptical people out there who will always have something negative to say about anything and everything. Some of you have never even joined Saivian, yet your know for a fact it’s a “scam”…
      Also, you are NOT required to get 3 people, that is by choice, you are still able to make a $115 a month profit AFTER paying your $125 membership for the month, and that’s with getting your 20% cash back on the $300 a week.
      So, for those of you that don’t want 20% cash back on something you’re going to do anyway WITH or WITHOUT Saivian, that’s your choice…
      But do us ALL a favor and get your FACTS straight (about any company) before spreading your fictional details and/or opinions about it. That would be great.
      Thanks and have a great day! πŸ™‚

        Joni Green - June 16, 2016

        Ok, having worked for Facebook marketing. You are a little misguided with your information. While Facebook does get paid for ‘likes & shares” it’s not how you’re implying.

        Advertisers PAY for ads on Facebook. They feel if you see their ad on Facebook you’re more likely to use that company.
        This vehicle giant believes that when someone β€œlikes” you on Facebook, they’re more likely to advocate the brand.

        Starbucks saw a 38% lift from users who saw Starbucks appear in their feed.
        Utilizes the network for its online games and its more than 46 million fans.
        Utilized a Facebook app to help advertise its promotion of Lollapalooza. It has made more than $9 million in advertising through social media.
        Was the first company to buy Facebook’s logout page to advertise its new Galaxy S III phone.

        Advertises its Chrome browser, which has a set of Facebook extensions downloaded 34,000 times a week
        In addition to its own Facebook page, almost 4,000 of its stores have their own Facebook pages.


        While Facebook invites advertisers of all sizes, they’re all after the same thing: likes and shares.
        The cost of Facebook ads varies but generally ranges from 5 cents to 5 dollars per click. Cost goes up based on targeting, bids and engagement.
        Sidebar ads
        The most common ads, these appear on the side of the site. Cost is about $1-$5 with most types of targeting.
        Sponsored stories
        Status updates from businesses turned into ads. Usually cost around 50 cents per click, since they get higher engagement (more likes and comments).
        Promoted posts
        Posts that are targeted to fans and friends of fans. Typically cost about $5 per every 1,000 people targeted.
        A $1,000 budget for Facebook ads might look something like this:
        Sidebar ads: 700 clicks to website – $700 ($1 per click)
        Sponsored stories: 400 clicks to Facebook page – $200 ($.50 per click)
        Promoted posts: 20,000 views – $100 ($5 per 1,000 views)

        If you seriously are naΓ―ve enough to believe that the mom-and-pop stores, and every little shop on the side of the road is willing to pay for that information, you need to go ask them if they are. I can tell you with certainty they they are not.

        Your money (20% cash back) is coming from all of the people that are signing up and their payments. And when those people start to fall off that is when the business will collapse. Historically, it takes a few years- but it will happen.

        It quite humorous you believe Walmart is paying to see your receipts. Call their marketing apartment and ask them. I think you’ll find you’ve been scammed

        Hoda - September 19, 2016

        Hello Apryl, I recently joined Saivian (in my first month now)….and was wondering how Saivian is working out for you.

        Thank you for any Feedback you can share.

        Kind regards,

      Debra - May 26, 2016

      Just to let you know. I joined 3 months ago, my 20% rebate still has not posted to my account no problem for Savian to debit your account for membership fees. I am totally annoyed with the company. So have I gained any savings by doing the rebates?? NO !!!! I am losing money.so far I have dished out 625.00 and made 125.00 from the rebates in the last three months. Profitable, I say not…

        Lacy Todd - July 20, 2016

        I’m in the exact SAME boat. I’ve been in for 4 months ($500 total and haven’t received anything back).

          Hoda - September 19, 2016

          Hello Lacy, I recently joined Saivian (in my first month)and was wondering how it’s working out for you.

          Thank you for any Feedback you can share.

          Kind regards.

        Hoda - September 19, 2016

        Hello Debra, Are you still with Saivian ??
        I read your post on Jesse’s blog, regarding your third month into Saivian and haden’t received your cashback yet.
        I recently joined Saivian (in my first month) and would like to know if it’s worth going on with them or am I wasting my time….

        Thank you for your reply.

        Tina Burger - October 14, 2016

        Debra I’m in the same boat. I’ve been in for 6 months haven’t been able to get a redemption at all. I’m sick of these people constantly telling me something different everytime I call them. I’m down $625.00 . I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not ever going to happen.
        I’m beyond frustrated. I have even contacted the founder got no where.

    sharon - April 12, 2016

    Saivian does not require that you pay everything by credit card. You chose your preferred method of payment and register the last 4 digits of that card. It can be your debit card or a credit card. The reason for this is only to prove that the purchase was made by someone with a Saivian Membership and that the receipts weren’t just collected to get the maximum return.

    Wel - August 6, 2016

    Not knowing the details of what you signed up for doesn’t qualify it as a scam. Blame the rep.

Jill - January 24, 2016

Hi Jesse, how did you make so much money and not have to recruit?? I am very interested in this. –Jill

    Jesse Singh - January 25, 2016

    Hey Jill,

    That’s because I personally use eBay and Amazon to make me money
    with no inventory on hand.

    You don’t have to recruit a single person.

    Last year alone I did over $1 million in sales πŸ™‚

    I will add you to my list.

      Gary McDaniel - January 26, 2016

      I will like to know myself Jesse if you can add me on your list

      Marion Lewis - February 3, 2016

      I would like to know how you did this with Ebay and Amazon. Please add me to your list.

        Jesse Singh - February 5, 2016

        Hey Marion,

        Of course my friend, I just added you now πŸ™‚

          Isidro Dominguez - February 9, 2016

          Please, father of four here,lol,for real,add me to the list

          Jesse Singh - February 12, 2016


          You are on the list.

          C. Robert Pursley - February 24, 2016

          You’re obviously getting a huge list, but add me to it if there’s room.

          Bob Pursley

          Jesse Singh - February 26, 2016

          Hey Bob,

          Just click the link in the blog post and get on πŸ™‚

          Hodi - September 8, 2016

          Hi Jess, Please add me on your list. Tks

          Jesse Singh - September 8, 2016

          You got it πŸ™‚

          Stephanie - October 21, 2016

          Can you add me please

          Jesse Singh - October 28, 2016


          Yes I can πŸ™‚

          Elvin - February 15, 2017

          can you add me too thank alot

          Jesse Singh - February 16, 2017

          Hey Elvin,

          Yes I can.

        John - March 22, 2016

        I too would like to get the skinny on the how to of e-bay and Amazon.
        Thank you

      Karen - March 4, 2016

      Add me to your list

      Got lots to sell
      No idea how to

        Jesse Singh - March 4, 2016

        Hey Karen,

        Just add yourself to the news letter in my blog post.

      Bradley Alton - March 10, 2016

      Jesse, I wanted to get back into Ebay this year, just had a very bad experience with Paypal in 2008 which I wont get into now but if you could tell me more about how you do it. I want to market my existing business services and products there too and have been away from Ebay for so long. Some guidance would be very welcome.

        Jesse Singh - March 10, 2016

        Hey Bradley,

        Once you get started with me personally, I will show you the way πŸ™‚

      Mike - March 12, 2016

      Hi Jesse,
      Do you have to fill out a 1099 form or pay the taxes when selling on Amazon and eBay? Because I myself am making quite a bit selling on Amazon and eBay but idk what I should do about the taxes.

        Jesse Singh - March 15, 2016

        Hey Mike,

        Yes, Amazon and Paypal give you the 1099, then you just deduct your expenses.

          Sandy - April 3, 2016

          Im an ebay and amazon shopper hiw can i earn from it? Can u email for more info?

          Jesse Singh - April 4, 2016

          Hey Sandy,

          If you follow the training and put in the work then yes you can earn from it.

          I will email you the info.

      Elaine - April 21, 2016

      Hello Jesse,

      Where is your blog? Would like more info re amazon and ebay selling.


        Jesse Singh - April 21, 2016

        Hey Elaine,

        I will add you to my mailing list πŸ™‚

      diane - April 26, 2016

      Hey Jesse add me as well……please

      Barbara Radle - May 6, 2016

      Please add me to your list about your opportunity Jesse

      Krisinda - May 27, 2016

      I would like info

      Ula - June 26, 2016

      Hey Jesse I’m still gambling on joining can you guide me on using it without recruiting please?? Cheers

      Barrie - July 22, 2016

      Hi Jesse
      Can you also add me because it is great to follow already successful people

      Pia - September 11, 2016

      Can I know aswell?

      cephas - October 7, 2016

      Hi Jess,
      Could you please add me to your list….

      harmin - November 9, 2016

      I’m interested to know more about the business you have, pls send me more info/

      Emily - December 28, 2016

      Can you teach me how to do??thanks

dan - February 4, 2016

Can I be added?

Jim - February 15, 2016

Hello Jesse Singh
I too would appreciate info on how to make income on eBay & amazon.

    Jesse Singh - February 17, 2016

    Hey Jim,

    No problem, you are on my list now.

      ziola king - March 26, 2016

      I dont know what im interested in..i need business..

        Jesse Singh - March 26, 2016


        Hop on my list by clicking any link in the post πŸ™‚

          Dennis Stout - July 4, 2016

          Hi there, would like info on how to make $ on e bay and amazon

          Jesse Singh - July 6, 2016


          Yes you got it πŸ™‚

Kate - February 16, 2016

I’d like to be added to the list please! ❀️

Jacquie R. - February 17, 2016

Hi Jesse!

I too am very interested and would like to be added to your list as well, though I did just recently join Saivian and like it so far, but it’ll also allow me a comparison of both even though both are different…”Broaden your horizons”…you won’t know what’s out there unless you try…Thanx much ;- )

    Jesse Singh - February 17, 2016


    You are on the list my friend πŸ™‚

Ann - February 18, 2016

Please add me on your list.

    Jesse Singh - February 20, 2016

    Hey Ann,

    Just click the link in the blog post and get on the list.

Sheila joseph - February 20, 2016

Hey Jesse add me to your list…I need to make money, single mom of 3 and daughter going to colkege.

BB - February 22, 2016

Ok, I came across this blog in researching Saivian. I’ve been in the MLM industry for about 14 years and full time for 7. I’ve built organizations of over 10,000 reps and 10’s of thousands of customers a couple of times. Any Leader knows how important helping the “new person” be and stay profitable is. I was recently introduced to Saivian and was explained how it works in detail. To me, even if your max savings is $115 per month after the membership it’s still netting over $1,300 per year. If there are legit marketing partners buying this POS (point of sale) information, I don’t see the problem. Everyone wants to save! Everyone wants to earn more! In the unilevel comp plan they have established you only need two levels (12 people) using the membership and you earn $600 per month. Ponzi Schemes usually leave people holding the “empty bag” and really getting hurt. I don’t see where this could ever hurt someone. If they at the very least stay a customer of the membership they will save money. The way I see it is if they are saving they are going to share. Having just 3 referrals pays for the membership and NEVER hits your bank account again (it comes from the “ewallet” which I think is great). I haven’t decided to really go after this opportunity because I have a good reputation and I’m always looking out for my team not myself. I see this as a way (along side) a main business to really supplement income and savings. AM I MISSING SOMETHING?

    Jesse Singh - February 22, 2016


    There are a lot of cashback programs out there for every retail store that give more…
    That’s because they don’t have to pay affiliates.

    Unilevel isn’t really good for the average person because it will depend on their recruiting
    efforts to get paid big.

    And the average person only recruits 2 people.

    Elsa - March 11, 2016

    Yes you are mussing something my father had been in the mlm for more than 10 years saivian is a great program and their idea is great the only problem is that we aren’t getting out 20% back. Today marks the 5th month we are in saivian and we still don’t see out money we pay the membership. But no money back in those 5 months. My father still thinks its a great program but there isn’t much helpbor communication on how it truelly work

      been burned - March 13, 2016

      It takes at least 8 months to get ANY money back

        JB - March 15, 2016

        Dear been burned,
        Which company are you talking about, because this company has only been open for 5 and a half months.

          Not worth it - March 25, 2016

          If you do the math it takes 8 months to make any money on the cash back. When everyone starts dropping out then you still have to pay the $125 a month. If ONLY doing the cash back you don’t make but $95 and this is the 8th month you are in.

        Hodi - September 8, 2016

        Hello, I just joined Saivian and after reading your comment, I’m actually worried. Did you get your money yet or not? Thank you for your reply. Please tell me more.

          Maria - June 23, 2017

          You have to make sure to enter your receipts and answer the short survey which just asks how many are you in your household and your estimated annual income. Once that goes through (make sure it does cause sometimes the connection is bad or there is a glitch & it doesn’t get encoded) that will be the countdown towards your redemption within 30 days and not from the date of joining or renewal (28 days). This is the part that people many times overlook but you can still catch up. Expensive lesson but one your senior partners should make sure you are aware of even before you sign in. It’s in the instructions but can easily be overlooked.
          Other than that, it is a very good program as long as it really generates income from advertisers. It has the membership volume, a relevant in demand product( data). Savings we can all make on shopping we already do. It has a cap but that’s okay as it solves covering your cost & if you really spend about $1250 a month then on just the savings part you have a 10% take home after offsetting your cost.
          Times change and now data is really a big thing. I would seize the opportunity while it’s around.
          Don’t let things just pass you by.

grant - March 3, 2016

i would be interested in info

    Jesse Singh - March 3, 2016

    Hey Grant,

    Just sign up for my news letter in the blog post and look out for my email πŸ™‚

Darrell Miles - March 5, 2016

Great job providing relevant information Jesse. I was asked to review Saivian by one of my business associates today. I came to similar conclusions. I almost don’t want to call her back to give my review.

Yes, I’ve seen this prototype before, at least 4 times over the least 12 years. Two were shut down by the Feds. Sometimes all people need to do is write it down to see if it makes sense. I was quite shocked by the entry price. Someone is going to bank…

By the way, I joined INFINii 7 weeks ago. It’s been wonderful. I’ve found people “GET IT” without all the recruiting nonsense or long explanations. I like you, love to share great stuff. Keep up the good work. I’ve seen you name in the lights buddy πŸ˜‰ …Right behind you. Good Luck Saivian Enthusiasts. Always think about your Name before recommendations. Do your doing due diligence. After all is said and done, it’s really all we have…your name…

Curtis - March 9, 2016

Hey Jesse,
Looking for an add!

Great article and comments section…

mike davis - March 9, 2016

Hello jesse. I am interested in the info. Thanks!

Errol R Brown - March 18, 2016

Jessee can I get more info on how to make money from home on Amazon and ebay please? Thanks, Errol

Steve - March 20, 2016

My brother recently joined and he thinks it is great. I have severe reservations.
First, the huge membership fee. If this business is as great as they say, there would be no need for a membership fee or at least it would be a much smaller amount (say $20 at most).
Second, they cap your savings at $240/month. If this was a legit business, they would not cap it at all.
Third, they limit the number of companies you can get savings from and you have to specify in advance.
Fourth, they burden you with reporting requirements. I suppose they need proof of what you spent, but it also gives the company a way out of paying you.
Fifth, they always get their fee, but there are many ways you will not get your “savings”. If you spend less than $625 at your designated stores, you will not recoup your membership fee. If you do not report your expenditures in a timely fashion, you will not get your savings. If you do not select the right vendors before the month starts, your spending will not be accepted. BUT THEY ALWAYS GET THEIR $125.
I would not be surprised to find out that they don’t even get any money for the information you submit. They are just counting on the members to fail to recoup the $125 each month.

    Margaret - April 13, 2016

    If you don’t do your job you won’t get paid….it explains it in detail and it works fine if you do the program correctly, if not don’t join. For myself it is working fantastic and I am cashing out FYI. Love my Saivian program!

Bruce - March 23, 2016

My nephew is big into Saivian he has shown me his deposits, blah blah blah. This is the third mlm company he has been associated with in the last three to four years. The first one, don’t remember the name of is belly up!
The second one was Epiq energy supposedly owned by another company traded on Wall Street, bailed out of Texas market for some strange reason, two months after the CEO came and talked to a bunch of reps in Dallas and being all excited about new services being offered. Belly up at least in Texas. Now he is trying to get my wife and I to join Saivian. My wife joined and gave it a shot but like one of the other commenters said if you don’t enter your receipts in by a certain time each week you don’t get to claim them. My wife and I don’t even spend the minimum amount to get our money back on the $125 they are going to take. We are not big on getting members so that is not a viable option for us to try and get people under us. I see this thing drying up in another year or two.
I tried an online sight thing similar to what this Infinii thing is and I just kept getting hammered by this guy calling me trying to upgrade my sight and they would market my sight for me for the low low cost of $649.00.
Ha Ha not happening so I was left with shitty products on my sight to sell that nobody wanted. So I bailed out on that one.
I think MLM can work for some but not me. I think I’ll figure out some other way.

Sue - March 28, 2016

Hi Jesse, I am also interested in what you are doing. Add me too.
Side Note* just joined Saivian today. Am interested to see where we go with that!

    Jesse Singh - March 29, 2016

    Hey Sue,

    You are on the list πŸ™‚

      Bradley Alton - July 10, 2016

      Jesse, I want you to contact me personally, I had a really bad experience with Ebay several years ago and we lost a lot of money and it caused us a lot of trouble, mainly because of PayPal, I have things I want to market on Ebay and Amazon but want to learn how to again as it is a viable avenue, I am not like some people that get burned and then call it a scam lol. can you contact me via email and I can provide you with my phone number and I could speak to you about it.

Saul - April 3, 2016

Hi Jesse,
Please sign me up for your news letter.

    Jesse Singh - April 4, 2016

    Hey Saul,

    Thank for commenting and yes of course.

iris - April 3, 2016

For Saivian, why do they think its OK to put the 20% cash you paid for with your $125. / every 28 days, in some account that you can only take out $ 125-$250 once a month ONLY after 60 days while they check your receipts that you have to download and emai it to them, so now its 3 months you’ve paid $125. every 28 days. in the first month you can buy a $125. pass to sell to someone to join the company, ( not the cash they say you can get) they say this is to check if your bank account is working?? So if you’ve acquired $250. per month and then you can only take out $125 at a time, how can you ever catch up to the $750 they owe you?
And now there is some hackers getting our check numbers we had to supply them to not pay us and they want out liscense picture and picture of our credit card before they pay us with bitcoins or passes or just a little at a time?

    benny whitehead - May 10, 2016

    you are basically getting your own money back,, and only will get 4 checks a year ,,,doesnt add up ,, wish i saw this before i spent 3 months in it,, a waste of my time and money,, and when i ask questions,, i get told im hijacking the website,,, or my post gets deleted,, i paid my 3 months,, but they now say o still owe them money and locked me off my site…beware

Shin - April 12, 2016

Hi Jesse, I’m also interested in your business performance and how you earn money from Ebay and Amazon. Would you mind telling me more about how you’re doing this by becoming a successful person please? Add me as well by the way. Thanks and regards.

Millicent - April 20, 2016

Ok what are you doing with E-bay & Amazon? I want to know..

Kris - April 23, 2016

Why would someone pay 2K to join this!? It states you can safe UP TO 3K per year but when you add up the 125$ payable every 28 days it’s close to 2K per year to POSSIBLY SAVE that extra 1K?! Nonsense! What a bunch of Bologna!!!!!

Apryl - April 24, 2016

Jesse, I guess you didn’t like my comment. I was only stating the truth lol. Proving that it truly is a legit business and that their business model is overseen by those 3 Federal Government Agencies.

I thought this was a “Review on the Saivian Business to see whether or not it is a scam” ….but Ok! I never made any negative remarks on what you are doing, just to make sure I didn’t personally offend you. I was just going over the true facts of Saivian.

    Jesse Singh - April 25, 2016

    I approved it.

    It was a weekend and I have to manually approve comments.

    I have to weed out the nonesense sometimes, if you only knew what some people write LOL.

Oscar DeVries - April 30, 2016

Very interesting reading. A good friend of mine just signed up and is recruiting people. Yes “recruiting” because that’s what it is. For the life of me I don’t know why since he has an extremely profitable business and money is not an issue. After reading all the comments I am getting a fairly clear picture of what may be an old fashioned money pyramid game. I have been self employed since I was 19 and have owned an insurance agency for the past 45 years. All of those years have been dealing with the public. The first such program I saw was called Best Products and fell apart like nearly all do leaving the few on the top with a lot of money and the rest saying nasty words. Do not confuse this with Amway or other similar programs. Time will tell the truth but for now I would say “buyer beware” before signing up.

Mario Nevarez - May 3, 2016

Great information, love your review. I myself am tired of living paycheck to paycheck, not just for myself, but people around me. You have inspired me to do better for myself and my family thanks man.

    Jesse Singh - May 4, 2016

    Hey Mario,

    Glad I could help in anyway πŸ™‚

Katrina - May 3, 2016

If I see one more Saivian saves me
Money video…I think I will puke. Air are all the people that were taught that if something seems too good to be true it is. It is so blatantly obvious that this is an out right scam. They may be making money now. But they are making the money from the people that they are recruiting. How do they not see that? I think they get so blinded by the limelight and see this money, money, money $$$ that they honestly think that they are on their way to financial freedom…

Additionally, the fact that all of these people are so quick to involve their friends and family is beyond me. How many times have we seen these companies come and go and the funny thing is is that they think that target is paying for the marketing information. And they want to use Facebook as an example… They need to do a little bit more research and find out but that’s not quite how it works. If they think those mom-and-pop stores are paying for marketing they try might try asking those local mom-and-pop stores if they’re paying for the marketing they aren’t. I know this for a fact. I happen to work for Facebook. I know how the marketing works. I know how the ads are targeted. I know how the ads are sponsored and paid. Their thinking is completely skewed and misguided, but they sure have fooled m a lot of people and it’s working for them

benny whitehead - May 10, 2016

well i have tried this saivian,, and what i am noticing,, you may get to record your receipts every month,, but you dont get a redemption check monthly ,, you have to wait 3 months before you get your first check,, by then you already paid 3 months membership,, and if your redemption is less than 250.00 you dont get your full monthly redemption,, it pays out in 125.00 increments.. i figured that you would receive a redemption check 3 or 4 times a year,, seems like me you are getting your own money back,, if you drop out,, they keep your redemption check…also everytime i get online and ask a question,, i get booted,, sounds like to me they dont want to answer questions…im loosing money but im walking away from it,, Good luck if you think its worth it

Emily Bennett - May 23, 2016

I sent in my receipts a month ago yesterday and still haven’t gotten paid for them. The confirmation I received told me to please allow ten business days … I’d say it’s been slightly longer than that.

a gee - June 10, 2016

Everyone here is talking about $125 per month. It isn’t
$125 per month, it is $125 every 28 days which is 13 payments per year.

Sue Waters - June 27, 2016

Put me on your list Jesse pls, thanks

Blake T - June 27, 2016

Hey since this is a start up MLM I feel that as the company grows you should update and re-evaluate the company overall. I love your posts! I really do but I hate disinformation.

Kind Regards,


The Toast - July 5, 2016

Okay, first off, anything that requires you to pay money just to be a part of is a joke. Getting 20% cashback sounds like a great idea, but lets be 100% honest here. In the States, the median wage of full time employees sits at about $823 weekly or $3292 monthly.(beureu of labor statistics http://www.bls.gov/news.release/wkyeng.t01.htm)

You are telling me that If i get 20% cash back on all purchases, but I only spend roughly 600$, how do I prosper? I’m losing 20$ a month and putting in work. You can also look at the search trends. NO ONE is searching for cashback, they are searching for coupons. Dont waste your time on SEO with this one. Groupon has em beat along with a billion others.

So lets look at how they really want you to make money. Go out, tell others, and get them to pay up on this membership. Yea that’s a smart plan. We don’t know how to market and get sales to customers, we only know how to recruit someone else to do the selling for them. But it doesn’t matter, its a sale when they recruit you. Truth is, they dont care about getting a true customer. They want as many recruiters as possible. I bet if you spent a month working,. they would tell you face to face, you will only make money by recruiting others to sell this garbage. This is as someone else described, a ponzi scheme by definition. I call it as I see it.

I will never understand why some MLM can think that by recruiting and making everyone purchase the product we are a stronger company. No, you are abusing what could be a good employee and not understanding WHO your customer is. You’re customer is not the average joe here. I’m sorry but if I want to save 20%, I can do so my looking at a coupon or searching online for a coupon. Don’t get pulled into this as it is another mlm waiting to fail. research shows Kevin Marino failed in the ENERGY MLM company. After they turned enough sales, they dumped the MLM comp plan leaving all those recruited in the dust.

You want a good mlm idea? here i’ll give you this piece of poop. You take the poop and try to get someone else to sell the poop. Lets keep doing that until the world is full of it.

You know you’re in a bad MLM when your leader says focus on recruiting not selling. #1 answer for a business to generate more money…… MAKE MORE CUSTOMERS. NOT RECRUIT. If you could actually start focusing on that, perhaps theres a chance. And dont reply saying oh we have videos and training on to to make these people a saleman….. THATS NOT A CUSTOMER. THATS A RECRUIT.

Good companies will always focus on the customer. Where do they shop? whats the price? Whats the average age group…… How can we best market the product to get more sales. in most, not all, but most MLM like Savain are completely driven on recruiting anyone who will shell out money. Whether that rep makes a sale or not is up to them. If it were me, I would focus on how to generate sales to customers who would actually use this cashback incentive. People that shop on groupon. But instead… its just easier to become a ponzi scheme isn’t it?

michael. fordjour - July 15, 2016

Please add me to your list.

Karen Sandhu - July 19, 2016

Put me on your list Jesse please, thanks

Apollonia - July 21, 2016

Hi Jesse, please add me to your list

JJ - August 4, 2016

Thanks for the info….I signed up as member of Saivian 3 weeks ago,and google the office address,they didn’t put the suite# and they don’t have their home office contact # in New York. My upline gave me the support team contact# in Los Angeles.I asked the rep if she knows the contact # in New York.I concluded,this company is not legitimate,I cancelled my membership and I ask the rep if I can refund my money and he said is not refundable.So,I just hang up,and in my mind,they only want the money of the members.???????Please add me to your lists.Thanks & God bless you.

    Jesse Singh - August 4, 2016


    Thank you for replying.

    And yes I will add you to the list.

Chris SH Lee - August 12, 2016

Hi! Jesse,
Please add me to your list.

HORST STASIAK - August 17, 2016

Joe here, just add me to your list: I have been five months into Saivain without a redemption.
My wife and I are both into Saivain one of us has to drop out. $250.00 every 28 days and no redemption checks. Whoa what gives.

    Jesse Singh - August 19, 2016

    Hey Joe,

    You are on the list.

    Hodi - September 8, 2016

    Hello,. I just joined Saivian and I’m actually very worried now…..Can you tell me where you’re at with your refund? Please tell me everything. Thank you kindly.

merrari cuevas - September 1, 2016

jesse add me please!

EB - September 25, 2016

Add me on the list Jesse

Laurence - October 3, 2016

So John Sheehan has quit Saivian

Eric Dalius is pulling the strings. Rather colourful history

Kevin Marino – the guy who broke Vemma is now involved too.

Doesn’t look good.

Also Saivian are selling personal details without a licence to do so.

Looks like they are breaking the law.

Terrance - October 18, 2016

Great blog Jesse! It clears up my opinions on Saivian.
Please add me to your mailing list.


Rona - November 25, 2016

Hi Jesse

Info about Saivian on here is tops!
Was asked to sign up yesterday…..NOT HAPPENING NOW LOL

Luv reading ur page…. Pls add me to your list πŸ™‚


    Jesse Singh - November 26, 2016

    Hey Rona,

    Thank you for coming by πŸ™‚

    And yes I will add you.

DoriBarcinas - December 6, 2016

Please send me information. Thank youπŸ€—

Joye - December 13, 2016

Hi, all. I got the same problem too. I wanted to get more information about the saving policy but none of a affiliate member can answer this question and only tell me to recruit people. I cannot get enough information from their website: http://www.saivian.net then I tried to look for their head office’s phone number. However, looks like they didn’t get any office and phone number that we can get support. Is it a legal company works like that way?

I heard about the affiliate members said redemption only can be redemp when it is enough for $125 and $250 cashback. However, their policy for receipt submit only can be qualify for 4 weeks of 28 days, and every week only can take $60 maximan as cashback. I am confused that anytime we only can be qualify for $240 but not $250, how can we get the $250 cashback. After I ask this question, my representative said I was not ready to join the team yet. Upset, what I can do to know more about this saving opportunity? Jesse, I hope you can give us the support. Many thanks.

    Jesse Singh - December 14, 2016

    Hey Joye,

    I am not actually in this company…

      knud - April 18, 2017

      Hi Jesse
      Is it possible to get on your list for how to do on e-bay,thanks

        Jesse Singh - April 24, 2017


        Links in the actual blog post close to the bottom πŸ™‚

Pascal - December 15, 2016

Thank you Jesse for your detailed research on this business. I wasn’t really sure if it worth looking into or just another scam to get your money. Now I know. Thanks for sharing!

TERRY PRUETT - January 7, 2017


Vanessa - April 11, 2017

Add me to your list please πŸ™‚

Ananth Ganiga - April 15, 2017

Yes this Saivin is a hoax scheme. The cash back target & conditions are built after carefullt studying the spending pattern of average people. Due to one of an idiot friend who insisted 4-5 of our friend to join. in One month none could claim back $125 to make it breakeven. everyone could claim only $50-$80. You can withdraw monthly cash back only in terms of $125 (meaning if your 20% claim is say $124 you can not take it. you need to pay another $125 to saivian to continue your membeship and next month when together with your 2nd month cash back claim is $124 again total $248. you can withdraw only $125 that means you spent $250 to get back $125). Later I found out from 5 to 10 other peope in our circle, none could claim $125. They carefully studied the spending pattern of aerage people and kept this target. I think not more than 5 to10% people can reach that target. SO CASHBACK is a scam. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME.

    Virginia Yanos - April 18, 2017

    Hi Anath!
    Thanks for your comment! The algorithm systems to get cashback is via the 90 day roll over process. With most cashback redemption companies, there’s a submission and verification period. In Saivian’s case, there are 3 stages 1) 30 DAYS RECORDING PHASE 2) 30 DAYS SUBMISSION/VERIFICATION PHASE 3) 30 DAYS of pending APPROVAL and PAYOUT PHASE. Remember, this is a Point of Sale Data Company that’s focusing on the buying habits of a geotargeted area which Advertising companies/merchants are purchasing…because the company has flourished to over 1.5 million active members in a little over a year, there needs to be a checks and balance to be in place to ensure all the receipts submitted are valid. There are 3 VERY IMPORTANT AND VALUABLE BENEFITS that this cashback platform offers … which are all optional, by the way….the reason why this company exist is because it is focusing on providing a solution to saving, earning and making money on something that we do already — and that something is the necessity of sustaining our livelihood of eating, being clothed, buying gas to get us from point A to point B, buying things on a daily basis that’s necessary. BENEFIT 1) 20% CASH BACK ON RETAIL & AIRLINE TICKETS. BENEFIT 2) INSTANT SAVINGS BENEFITS from over 340,000 merchants all across the world with discounts from 10%-80% off 3) REFERRAL COMMISSIONS PLATFORM (WOM=Word of Mouth) an opportunity of receiving a referral fee between $5/day up to $3000/day. That is the simplicity of the cashback platform. This 20% cashback platform is a very creative and ingenius way of being able to help others see the bigger picture of how this platform can be perceived and optimized to each member’s advantage based on the unique algorithm and one of a kind concept where time freedom and financial freedom can be reached when the platform is done correctly and systematically πŸ˜€

Alia - June 30, 2017

add me on your list jesse, i want to make some serious side income without recruiting, help me please jesse.

Arjel - July 10, 2017

Hi Jesse I’m interested on that Buy and Sell on Ebay or Amazon. I need more information about that. I will greatly appreciate your help.

Tony - October 5, 2017

Hi from start Savian was fishy. No proper address no pics or location of call center. Money was simple recirculating thru new members. Certain seniors claim of ” key” however they took money but u got email as member. Saivian claim to launch bigger with new CEO. All scam. Now how do we get money back? Class action lawsuit? We all in Canada


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