Rodan and Fields Review - Legit MLM or Big Scam in 2018? Find Out Here...

Rodan and Fields Review – Legit MLM or Big Scam in 2018? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Rodan and Fields Review!

Chances are someone approached you about the products or business opportunity and now you landed here to make sure it’s actually legit?

The good news is you are doing your research instead of blindly jumping into things.

I have seen so many people that join network marketing companies on hype and get burned after…

What I need you to do next is pay close attention because I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Rodan and Fields Review – The Company

Rodan and Fields review

Rodan and Fields was founded back in 2002 by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields and the company specializes in the skincare MLM niche.

It was originally in retail, more specifically as a department store or social commerce brand.

Even though the brand is still early in it’s stages compared to some of the network marketing companies in the skin care niche like Jeunesse and Nerium, it does have a bit of stability.

Not only that, there are a ton of positive reviews from stop publications including Better Homes & Gardens which lists the products as a “must try” items.

That’s pretty huge if you ask me…

Rodan and Fields Reviews – The Products

Rodan and Fields Products

Rodan + Fields has placed their products into categories which focus on targeting and treatments.

The good news is unlike other in this niche, R+D hasn’t tried to venture into other health products (kind of like Trivita).

They know what works and are sticking to their main game plan…

Like many health products, it does require a long term commitment to get decent results.

Here are some of the categories they offer:

The Redefine Regimen and Enhancements lash boost consists of a 3 stage product pack plus a lash boost pen.

In other words, they are different products for the different stages…

  • Stage One is the Daily Cleansing Mark.
  • Stage Two is the Pore Toner.
  • Stage Three is the Overnight Restorative Cream and Triple Defense Treatment SPF Cream.

The price for all of this is $280…

In addition, the Reverse Lighting Regimen and Enhancement Lash Boost claims to help restore the skin which has been damaged by age, patches and dark marks.

Now those are a bit of bold claims to be honest, I guess the best thing to do is test it out for yourself, but at $280, it’s not chump chain.

Now if you do plan on buying the products at $280, make sure you know what your getting into…

  1.  They require that you use the product on a long term basis meaning you gotta buy more and more.
  2. These products are mainly water and Glycol based which are common ingredients in other cheaper products.
  3.  The products “may not be safe for those with nu allergies” (per their website).
  4. Rodan and Fields products are not reviewed or approved by the FDA, but they might be marketing in a way to be compliant with them.

If you want to test out the products before you get started…

Click Here For Rodan And Fields Products On Amazon

Next, let’s check out the compensation plan…

Rodan and Fields Compensation Plan

You become an independent contractor for the company when you become a consultant with R+F.

You earn commissions by selling their products to retail customers.

Apparently according to Forbes magazine review by Kate Vinton June 21st, 2016, it was stated that “the fact is most consultants aren’t making much money”.

However, this isn’t really a Rodan and Fields issue…

People that join network marketing in general have the wrong employee mindset and basically want to sit on their butts and do nothing.

In fact, most people are NOT willing to learn new skills which are required if you never own a business before.

Now instead of me trying to explain their 85 page document on their products and compensation plan, I found a video that explains it very well.

Overall, the compensation plan is fair and you are rewarded to actually SELL the products.

Why Negative Rode And Fields Reviews?

There are two reasons why you might see negative Rode And Fields Reviews out there.

One is that the blogger has their own opportunity to sell so calls every network marketing company a scam even when it’s not.

The second could be someone got started with Rode and Fields and didn’t get the results they wanted.

So instead of blaming themselves, they blame the company.

Personally, I have nothing against selling your own products/opportunity, but don’t call a company a scam when it’s not.

Call it how it really is…

Anyway, the moment you have been waiting for inside of this Rode And Fields review…

Verdict On Rode and Fields

Overall Rode and Fields is a totally legit direct sales company…

They have real products that can be sold to retail customers and you are rewarded commissions for selling them.

Only down side to R+F is the fact the products are little more on the expensive side and their ingredients don’t justify the big price difference…

I guess the best thing to do is if you truly interested in this company is test out the products yourself…

Just remember it’s going to cost you $280+ in the testing phase.

Overall I give this company the following rating:  [yasr_overall_rating]

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Rodan and Fields review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

My personal recommendation…

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Anyway, after reviewing hundreds of companies and systems out there…

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Rodan and Fields

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