Relationship Energy Review: RE 247365 Real or Scam?

Relationship Energy Review: RE 247365 Real or Scam?

This brand new company just launched and I am going to get to the bottom of it. Find out in this third party unbiased Relationship Energy review (RE 247365) if it’s something you should join or stay completely away.  Keep reading and find out the truth.

When a new network marketing company launches, it can be either a great opportunity to be on the ground floor or it could be a disaster by not making it in it’s first year.  So many companies come and go so that is why I wrote this review to help you to make a great decision and be confident that it will last the test of time or not.

Before we get started…

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Relationship Energy Review: What is RE 247365 all about?

Relationship Energy Review


First of all, does anyone actually type in RE 247365 to search for this company?  It’s just very awkward so from this point forward, I will call it Relationship Energy which just launched in August of 2014 in Fort Meyers Florida.

The company is led by a man named Peter Jensen who has been in the network marketing industry for 15 years and has been very successful in this field.


The RE247365 whole mato is to get the word out through relationship word of mouth through individual members that join to build this company.

Even though this company is VERY new, it has caused a lot of buzz in the mlm industry and many successful networkers are jumping on board which is a good sign from the get go.

The main reason for this sudden flocking over is the products so let’s take a look…

Relationship Energy Products and Services

Re 247365 provides many different products and services that people are already using day to day making them very attractive.

RE Electricity Service:

One of their popular services they provide is electricity which everyone needs day to day.  The energy sector will always be recession proof just like commodities like “Coffee” which people can’t live without for some reason..LOL.

So Relationship Energy formed a special alliance  with American Approved Energy (ACC) services, which is one of the biggest energy brokers today.  American Approved Energy has many partnership agreements with huge electricity companies in the united states.  This just means you will get very competitive rates for members of RE247365.

RE Travel Vacations, Hotels and Cruises:

Relationship energy partnered up with Archer travel, a company that has been in business for over 30 years.  They can provide RE247365 exclusive deals on multiple destinations and functions all over the world.

 Some of the cool Travel services include:

Resort Week – Large discounts on world class resorts with over 7,500 locations to choose from.

Trips – Specially designed trips for RE 247365 members at discounted rates for company gatherings.

Group & Individual Travel – You can get discounts when you are traveling either as a group or by yourself.  You also get a big commission for this which overall saves you more money.

International Air Desk – You get paid even larger commissions when you book international trips through relationship energy.

Funding and Loan Services – Addition to all the energy and travel services, RE247365 also has investment capital funding for personal or business loans.

Relationship Energy Review – Comp plan

That’s a great video explaining the Relationship Energy Review Comp plan.  It’s from their site directly so they will ask you to join obviously, but it explains the compensation plan perfectly.


Conclusion of Relationship Energy Review

So is this a legit company or a scam?

In my personal opinion, the company is far from a scam and the products and services of Relationship Energy are VERY high in demand.  In fact, Traveling, Financial and Energy industry is totally recession proof.

Now here is the problem…

If you have been failing network marketing in the past, this NEW company isn’t going to do anything for you.  The truth of the matter is this….

You need to invest in yourself to become better at connecting with people and sponsoring them.  You need to say the right things to make your prospects believe they can do this opportunity.

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For the people in Relationship Energy, let me know your personal thoughts about this company?  What kind of success are you getting and is the majority of the profits through recruiting people?

I will catch you on the next blog post!

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Relationship Energy

-Jesse Singh

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