Pure Leverage Review - Legit System or Scam?

Pure Leverage Review – Legit System or Scam?

You are on this blog post because you want to learn more about this company called “Pure Leverage”.  Maybe you saw an ad online or maybe someone approached you and now you are doing your research.

Well, you came to the right place because unlike the many fake reviews out there, my Pure Leverage review is completely third party unbiased…

I am not affiliate with them at all, so grab a cup of coffee and pay attention to the words on this blog post…

It could save you a ton of money for making the wrong decision.

Pure Leverage Review – What is it?



Pure Leverage is an interesting company, it’s an internet marketing company with a multi-level payout…

It comes with software suite packages to help build your primary network marketing or internet marketing company online…

Joel Therien, great leader by the way, created this back in March 4th,2012 to an Empower Network alternative to help grow a business online.

Fast forward to 2015 and Pure Leverage is still doing pretty well.

If you didn’t know this already by this company is a sister company to Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) which has been around since 1999.  In other words it’s well established…

Now let’s take a look at what their products are all about…

Pure Leverage – The Products


Like I said earlier, Pure Leverage is a web based marketing suite to help build a business online for network marketers and internet marketers.

Here are a list of products you can get…

1)  Authority Blog – Blogging is a very powerful way to have web presence and exposure to your offer.  In fact, you are on a blog right now right?

Over the last 10 years, blogging has created many millionaires in different fields and it’s one of the best way’s to connect with your readers.

Pure Leverage gives you their blogging platform and teach you step by step how to become a leader, and position yourself as an authority to generate leads and sales.

Now this might sound simple here, but there is still a lot of work to do…

This isn’t completely newbie friendly sadly.

2)  Lead Capture System (Auto Responder) – If you want to take your business online, you have to build a list and follow up with your prospects.  When people go to your squeeze page and leave their email, it automatically goes into your auto-responder…

Your auto-responder will then send out follow up emails to join your opportunity or whatever you are selling.

This is the MOST important part of having an online business.  You know there is a powerful saying “The Money is in the LIST”…

3) Video Email Service – You can send custom made emails with video’s in it which gives your prospects that personal touch.  There are many templates to choose from.

4) Live Meeting Rooms – This is where you can send your team or prospects to live webinars online.

There is also Elite Coaching Program and Turbo traffic generation…

What is the cost of all this stuff?

Basic Level:  $1 Trial period for 7 days, afterwards $24.95 Per Month

VIP Level:  $97 per Month

Affiliate Program:  $19.95 per month (If you want to promote Pure Leverage want to to be paid commissions).

Pure Leverage Reviews – The Compensation Plan

Like any good network marketing or hybrid companies like this one, you get paid a commission for everyone you bring into the business that purchases any of the memberships…

Instead of me trying to explain it, why not let Pure leverage do it instead.

WARNING:  I do NOT endorse this video at all, it’s for education purposes only.

They do keep saying it’s a 100% commission system, but really it’s not…

It’s closer to 75% which is still really good compared to most of the network marketing companies out there…

Pure Leverage Review – The Verdict

Overall, the system is legit…

However, they make you believe that it’s newbie friendly and that is where they get it wrong.

You need to be experienced to use this system or you will be completely lost…

Let me ask you this question…

How many of the big marketers online are using this system?


If you use the Pure Leverage blog and tools and the company goes under…

Well, you just wasted all the time creating content on your blog and time spent on your email marketing campaigns.

I always say, if you want to get into blogging and internet marketing, see what the top dogs are using.

Another thing I don’t like is they hype up their blog for being an authority blog, but how many “Pure Leverage” blogs you see on the first page?


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Pure Leverage review and if you are in this company, please share with us your results within the company.

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