Pro Travel Plus Review – Legit Business or Another Scam?

Welcome to my blog and congratulations for doing your diligence because so many people jump into a business opportunities without doing any research…

Then they complain about how they got scammed…lol.

In this PRO Travel Plus review, I am going to walk you through the company, the products and business opportunity so you can make an informative decision to join or not…

Find out if this company is legit or a scam…

PAY attention if you don’t want to get ripped off.

Pro Travel Plus Review – The Company


Website:  http://protravelplus.com

The companies domain name was registered January 12th of 2015, however, the domain registration is set to private which is no big deal.

Seth Fraser is the CEO of the company who was in a different company called Kannaway prior to launching this…

He was also apart of Freebie Force (2007), That Free Thing (2011), and Uneeqlee (2013)…

That’s all the information I could find on the company so far…

Next let’s take a look at the products…

Pro Travel Plus – The Product Line


Pro Travel Plus is a MLM company that gives people the opportunity to get discounts on airfares, cruises, hotels, rental cars, entertainment and other travel essentials.

It seems like their are more of an affiliate company because they don’t have any products they own and sell…

In fact, they are selling other 3rd party products…

If I am wrong here, anyone can chime in the comments and explain this bit better.

Now, let’s check out the compensation plan and business opportunity…

The Pro Travel Plus Review – The Compensation Plan

Like any network marketing company, you can make money when you recruit people into the business…

I found a great video explaining their compensation plan perfectly, but it’s completely biased to the company…

So I do not endorse this video, it’s for educational purposes only.

Check out the video below:

Now that you have seen the compensation plan, it’s pretty fair.

There are companies out there that pay out more, you can check those reviews down below:

1) DS Domination review

2) Options Domination review

Alright so what is the verdict?

PRO Travel Plus Review – Should You Join?

Overall, I don’t see this company as a scam, but there is one big issue with it…

To actually profit you do have to sponsor a ton of people in the business and for that reason I am out…

There are some business opportunities out there doesn’t require any recruiting which is a lot easier for 98% of the people out there…

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If you are in PRO Travel Plus, please share with us your experiences in the company and how you find the products in the comments below.

Now if you want to join something just mind blowing, take a look at these results:


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PRO Travel Plus

-Jesse Singh

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Don Chino - May 18, 2015

Pro Travel Plus offers $2,000-$25,000 per month for life in residual income without recruiting anyone out of a $35 per month-$430 per year investment. Just like Stiforp Profits, members don’t ever have to recruit a single person. Just pay the membership dues to get lifetime 4-5 figure monthly residual income guaranteed.

    Jesse Singh - May 19, 2015

    Hey Don,

    I guess you didn’t read my post and follow the instructions of commenting.

    I am not asking you to pitch people here on Pro travel Plus, you are just going by
    what the company says.

    What are YOUR results and how have these products helped you.

    You just gave me a sales pitch which is the WRONG way of doing things.

    And you are saying guaranteed income?

    So if I contact the FTC about your statement would you still keep that there?

    There is no such thing as “GUARANTEED” income.

      Not Impressed - May 20, 2015

      I joined ProTravel Plus and regret it to this day! You don’t have to recruit BUT you won’t make any money if you don’t! Spill over is a joke! I have not even made back my investments. If you plan to join proceed with CAUTION ⚠. I regret getting friends involved. They’ve made less money than I have

        Jesse Singh - May 20, 2015

        Hey thanks for your honest opinion.

        A.Z - May 21, 2015

        The company is only a month old at this time so there’s not a lot of spillover for some folks….obviously, i mean, 1 month old….

        Cindy - June 8, 2015

        I totally agree with you. I am experiencing the same thing as you. Embarrassing. I STOPPED recruiting because I feel like I’m lying now. A lot of people are smart and wanting to see results before they join. Been in 8 weeks and still have nothing to show. After launch members started seeing. eeing the truth. The travel portal is a joke I find better deals everywhere else. Discounts, joke too, now all the leaders are telling the truth about recruiting because they are getting a lot of backlash. Typical mlm

    Cookie Boy - April 27, 2016

    I will be putting out a blog about telling the real truth about PTP. I’m currently a affiliated with PTP and I paid a 12 month membership. I’m currently on my last month.

Not Impressed - May 20, 2015

I listened to the initial conference calls as they happened. And the leaders and Seth used the word “guaranteed” in the presentation. It wasn’t until after the initial “cut off date” that they started being cautious about what they said during the business presentations.

Sasusy - May 23, 2015

I Don’t get these MLM Travel Companies always coming out Boom bada Bing
and then Gone. I found another company that is not MLM, not a time share
but offer a simple easy to pay for travel package with bonus’s galore like unlimited
trips for $99.00 bucks a week. Yeah Hawaii Disney Paris or The Coast line or just about anywhere people want to go as well cruises and such about 85% cheaper
than travelocity, Orbitz and such. But even Better Accommodations and not a Double
Occupancy its for 4 people. The Offer packages people can afford and don’t expire.
you have to get a special invitation to see a presentation such as like a Home garden show spin the wheel win a trip type thing. It is well worth it. They Go by name of Southern Journeys and have offices around the US.

Renee Franklin - May 31, 2015

Hello Jesse,

Nice review, but there are lots of My teammates making money. The ones that have recruited have made a paycheck every week. I have even gotten a paycheck.

This company is One Month old and still growing!

I happy to be involved. And to the guy that didn’t get spillover…:( it doesn’t happen all the time…I’ve gotten it…some times you do sometimes you don’t..

Pro Travel Plus is the wave of the MLM future!!

Thank you,


    Jesse Singh - June 3, 2015

    Hey Renee,

    Thanks for coming out and sharing with us your experience.

Arnez - June 3, 2015

I am currently in Pro Travel Plus as well as another MLM and have been involved in the industry for about 2 serious years. Prior WUN enrollee, the company just launched June 1st. I have 4 members so far in spillover. Timing is important with spillover. I believe members should come in understanding that this will take time and getting in for just spillover isnt smart. Yes it takes time to build a team, like in any company. It hasn’t been long enough to tell a lot about this company, but I am having fun and seeing results.

    melody - July 21, 2015

    I have been in Pro travel plus since launch and have already got people spilling over into my down line and have recruited a few as well. Tight lips don’t get fed. My down lines are getting paid as well and they haven’t recruited anyone yet.

joaquim - June 4, 2015

I joined to protravelplus and my experince with this is …more the same .They promise the World but we lose the money invested..No more mlm ; I always lose money .

william creggett - June 8, 2015

I have been with this company for 1 month and doing real good,get paid every week, because I have the tools to recruit, when people can not recruit, they talk down on the company because they are not making any money.You just have to learn on how to get people to understand what it is to be in business for your self, and you also have to brand yourself, if you can not do that, you will never be successful in what ever business you do.You have to learn the system, and read as much as you can to promote your business, if you keep your mouth close, you will not get no where.

Kim S - June 10, 2015

I joined the first night it started and d have shared with 13 who joined me.Some are sitting and watching, doing nothing, others are sharing the program . Yes ,eventually you will earn if you do nothing. In your post, There is no mention of the $500 in cash rewards aka savings you can apply towards purchases right after joining. These purchases can be more than travel alone.
I have earned more than I spent to join. I joined at the 3 star level. This program isn’t for everyone, however some of us are doing quite well in it.

    Jesse Singh - June 11, 2015

    That’s great Kim 🙂

    Aom - June 16, 2015

    I asked them if I joined on the 31st of May why am I going to get re-billed on the 25th of every month. The told me I lose 5 days every month because I joined between the 25-31. How was I support to know the order form states 30 for now. even their policy says 30 days. I am about to head over to my bank because they cancelled my account. I hope everyone that joined notice on your confirmation letter there is NO transaction number. RED FLAG for scam. There is also no mention about US giving their info for tax purposes. Make 88,000k a month and no record of payment from either end. BIG RED FLAG!

celotos - June 18, 2015

hi Guys.
Protravelplus is a scam!
They already lost the half of members but they are still in powerline like paid memberchip.

Danny - June 20, 2015

The disappointing TRUTH!
The only ones doing good are those who got in on 1st day, up to 2 weeks, who are friends with mlm veterans. ALL HYPE! Anyone after that , if you don’t recruit.
You will experience EPIC FAILURE if waiting to make money with out recruiting.
NO Recruiting Required- True- But you WON’T make worth while money.
Power Line Bonus- Joke- $5.25 a month. Advertising makes it sound massive-” Power” Line, 5 levels deep, ha, it’s only 5 people .
Matrix- company wide matrix , fair by “time stamp”- LIE. There are teams. If you are on a sorry team, and 50 people come in AFTER you on a Good team, they get some spillover, You still get NOTHING
People that have come in way after us received some spillover and they have not recruited at all.-Fishy. Because of the TEAM dynamic.
Why were we not allowed to choose a team. Why not informed there are teams and it matters which one you are on. The even pit against each other.
Don’t advertise NO recruiting required for people who don’t know better, and then PUSH them to recruit, once they get in.
The big recruiting PUSH is to make up for ALL the people who QUIT! And there’s a LOT. If you are NOT on the monthly plan , and after 3 days,you are just out of luck and stuck, until your renewal is up. Bet more people would have requested refunds or quit too by now.
Don’t let the pre enrollee count fool you, over half are FAKE, used by people who brought fake traffic.
Leaders all called in by CEO and VP marketing to PUSH recruiting and promote positive things to make it look like the company is booming! LIE – They are all running scared.
Even the top leaders who were booming on the leaderboard are now stuck, for weeks, cannot manage to get 1 more recruit.
Travel Portal is embarrasing. NO Good deals at all. Reward points, you have to spend 100. just to get 5. off an item.
Better deals on Groupon and other travel companies. Pro travel uses other company websites. You can get better deals for free on your own.
Someone did a scam alert video about the travel portal on Youtube-100% truth. Then a ptp person made a response to it, still could not justify what this guy said. And no pro travel people came to his defense because you know they, we all, agree how BAD the ptp travel portal is.
Trip they offered to Cabo- Only Industry leaders got the $99. & 139. rooms. Sold out instantly- Fishy.
PTP seemed different at first, but now, Like any other MLM – RECRUIT and you can make money. Don’t, YOU WON’T
Very disappointed and can’t look the poor people I got involved, in the face. Looks bad on my name and reputation.

    Jesse Singh - June 22, 2015

    Hey Danny,

    Thanks for letting us know about your personal experience about this company…

    Annonymous - June 25, 2015

    Everything Danny says is TRUTH!!! I am on the leaderboard and brought a bunch of people in. I spent 600 total for membership. First I bought the $200 dollar one for 6 months but because I had recruited a lot of people they said if I upgraded my check would be bigger. So I paid another $400 for the yearly. I spent 600 bucks to make a crappy ONE TIME commission of $470. My residual for the following month was $18 dollars. Less now. I do not promote this company anymore, it is an embarrassment! And they LIED to everyone on the Powerline! $5.25 is ALL you will ever get! Stay away and do NOT join and waste your money! Most joined because of the NO RECRUITING EVER they were stating. If you do NOT recruit you will not make anything. Spillover & residual gets you .77 to maybe a $1.00 residual a person that’s it. Do the math. You have to have 100 people just get 100 dollars. You would have to have thousands of people to make thousands. I am a 14 year online veteran and I should of known better!!!

Margie - June 21, 2015

I’m usually a pretty smart business women.and I CANNOT believe I fell for this one.
I feel so stupid right now. *LINK REMOVED*

    Jesse Singh - June 22, 2015

    Hey Margie,

    It’s that bad?

    Sorry I had to remove your link to another site, I don’t back link to other people unless they are worth it lol.

Koyiet kipusi - June 25, 2015

I’ve been in pro travel plus since May, 2015. I wanted to see if what they said was true about making money with no recruiting. I haven’t made any money and have not received spillover like I was told I would. Definite red flag. Don’t join unless your good at recruiting. I plan on canceling my account end of this month.

    Jesse Singh - June 25, 2015


    Everytime I see a company that says you will get spill overs triggers a red flag in my eyes.

    There is no such thing as free lunch. You need to be a good recruiter in this company.

    That is why in the end I talked about something that TRULY doesn’t require recruiting.

    I am not apart of PRO Travel Plus, I do something that actually works.

Marcus - June 26, 2015

I just got done with someone trying to recruit me for this company but ive been burned before so this is why on this page to see the reviews and I believe I will pass on the offer. There’s too may people saying not to join. Im out! Thanks for the review.

    Jesse Singh - June 26, 2015

    Hey Marcus,

    Yeah, most of these travel companies don’t go anywhere.

Thabs - June 26, 2015

I Just love Protravel plus. I joined the last week of May and have made money every week, and the people I introduced have made money too, because I introduce it to my family and friends who know in any business you do not sit and wait for spillovers but you work to build a team. I am happy with our progress as a team and happy with compensation received by all. I tell all those who wait for spillovers in my team (about1% of the team) that they will only make money after six months to a year, they need to hang on there or start working.

Elkie - June 26, 2015

To be honest I have joined ptp on the firs of May, I recruited only two people and I do have 14 spillovers. I can’t say ptp is the best of bad. Personally ptpt has been good. I’m sorry for thise who received bad experience

Lisa - June 28, 2015

People are not stupid. A lot of what is being said here is true, sad to say, for a lot of us who came in. What a mess it’s going to be for PTP when the 6 month, and year renewals come up. A lot of people got in that are not MLM marketers at all because this was supposed to be what people hated about MLM’s RECRUITING and SELLING unknown products. Then they try to turn all these non MLM’ers into business leaders.They are going to lose so many people and have to start over again to replace them.Bet a Majority won’t renew. The lesson should have been learned when the month to month people dropped out. You can’t promote in desperation and over exaggerate just to get people in, and then be vague and give them the run around when they are in,because in the long run, you will lose all of them. You can make money, but YOU HAVE to RECRUIT Heavy.If they just would say that , instead of stressing the selling point of NO recruiting required, then there would not be so many people feeling scammed.

Ludmila STRELETS - June 29, 2015

I like very very much this company! Pro Travel PLUS has made me happy!!!
I started on 1 June and earned $1700 only the beginning of business… I bought avia tickets and will travel to different countries with great discounts from the company. Very cool! Super company !!!

Adrienne - June 30, 2015

Ludmilla is a friend of Seth Fraser. She is also a professional recruiter.
I’m sure if we were all great at recruiting, we’d say the same thing.
Hearing one of the leaders on the company call concerned me. For the first time, you could really tell his heart was not in it. You could tell he was reading a script
and this time, making sure people knew to not rely on spillover and pretty
much saying, recruiting and building will be beneficial at earning money ,At least they are trying to clean up the mess they made. Finally telling people what to expect. I also know many people are inactive and they are still keeping their spot. The numbers are still showing then as paid members.
I know someone who has not paid for 2 months and they were told they can still renew . If that’s the case, can we join, save out spot,not pay until we see results, and then renew to keep our position,when they send that final notice to renew or lose your spot.
How fair is that to all the people who pay faithfully, or locked in for months. They need the inactive members money to pay the ones who have met their matrix fill.
Singh, I wish I would have seen this blog before I joined.Thank you.

Barbara - July 3, 2015

John Drake I applaud you. He exposed the truth in one of the PTP groups
Some of the Vultures in the group attacked him for speaking the truth and wanting
answers. Of course, Joel Santiago had him deleted, blocked ,erased all his posts
and the link to this blog. PTP is about to crumble. One of the heavy recruiters
has went on to do another business opportunity after stating all they would do
is PTP. The other leaders always commented, liked posts they did.
Once they starting advertising this other opportunity, not one like or congrats to them from PTP so called leaders.Why the fear? I just hate that PTP preys on the foreign countries that know no better and are just looking for a better way of life and then get pulled into this Pyramid scam. Yes, it is a Pyramid scheme. John even put the link to what a pyramid is. PTP fits every point on the check list and what the video states.Look. I understand a business and it takes work, BUT DON’T prey on inexperienced network marketers ( the average person) , who hates recruiting, and tell them this is different and you don’t have to recruit. Yes. you make money, what? , 5.25 a month for not recruiting. Do not spin it as ,you make money. And insult people and their intelligence. I can make more as a business, selling cookies to people on the street. Any body can have a business then. Even if your matrix does not fill, you have to have a LOT under you to make at least a 3rd of the cap out for your level.I understand marketing, but don’t prey on average people who would never have entered an MLM, until you presented your LIES. As the others stated above in this post, Seth and Charles are LIARS! They NEVER have Q&A sessions, and when you contact theircustomer service you get VAGUE, run around answers and you get cut off quick. I did my research, seemed pretty fair, until I got in, and you SEE the true explanation of what they” meant” to really tell you. You think the Matrix is based when you come in and you are placed. They say they don’t manipulate where you are placed. LIE! I saw first hand for a fact, there is manipulation and unfairness. You get a rude awakening of what the matrix really is
once you get in and nobody lets you know where you are on it. I wonder why. All those thousands of people supposedly coming in, and I, and a LOT, A LOT, of others I talked to,have not yet received even 1 spillover person,
and I have recruited some and came in a whole month BEFORE the official Launch date June 1st!
SO Yeah, this is a SCAM ! SCAM written all over it !!!!!!!!!!

Kwasi - July 8, 2015

Now i join ptp on the 26 of April and i have not seen one spillover in my matrix now lets be real what ptp did wrong was said there is no recruiting that was off cause lots of people join and saying they getting spillovers due to the pre enrolled page which was saying you have this amount in your matrix what they need to do is fix that and they need to tell people there is no requirement to get paid and change that no recruiting thing and the traveling portal make it A sales portal where you can sell trips and deals to get extra income then and only then they will make a big change

Ashok - July 10, 2015

Now i join ptp one month back and i have not seen one spillover in my matrix now lets be real what ptp did wrong was said there is no recruiting that was off cause lots of people join and saying they getting spillovers due to the pre enrolled page which was saying you have this amount in your matrix what they need to do is fix that and they need to tell people there is no requirement to get paid and change that no recruiting thing and the traveling portal make it A sales portal where you can sell trips and deals to get extra income then and only then they will make a big change

Bethany - July 13, 2015

On your alexa ratings, yes, Africa is one of the heavy recruits joining. Poor things. Russia started showing up
from one of Seth’s past business partners that came on and brought all them on.
I was approached to join PTP . I told my potential enroller , I’d think
about it after I do some research, Glad I did, and THANK GOODNESS I DIDN’T JOIN.
People, RUN as fast as you can. I hope anyone thinking about joining this ponzi scheme sees this website first.
My potential enroller just got SICK, because he came in May 1st and this girl Renee came in on DAY 2 ! Look what she said about an hour ago:
Renee Franklin:” I’ve been in PTP since April 18th, I’ve put over $1,200 dollars into MY biz. Made $8.25 last check….will I be in PTP next year? Who knows and who cares is my attitude on this. And, if I wanna sell Tea,Wraps or Cookies …that’s MY biz! spillover is a JOKE!! this FAD will fade just like all the rest…new MLM pop up everyday! Im happy for the ones making money.”
She just said what the MAJORITY is feeling, only she said it with a bit more tact. When the people who signed for 6 mo and a year reach their renewal date, if PTP has not gone under by then, that’s when it will go DOWN in Flames. There are already a LOT of dropouts, wait till then.
I also saw the battle conversations going on in the groups. I could copy and paste conversations all day. They are all over FB. WTF !!!Sad this company has members feeling the way they all are. SO MANY ANGRY, “feeling scammed” people. People who have put in work and money.
I feel sorry for the ones, like my potential enroller who have so much HOPE and desperate to hang in there, depending on the income they made for bringing in recruits that have also lost. What a losing battle. Cut your losses and RUN people. If day 2 regular people outside the “inner circle” have made damn near NOTHING, and losing money, what does that tell you? What else do you need to SEE ??!!

Brent - July 23, 2015

Its sad to see all the lazy and impatient people on here complaining and stopping other people from making money from this fantastic business opportunity. MLM Like any other business requires work to make alot of money. Also like any other company it requires time to build. if you joined just for the spillover it will take time before you make money this is not a get rich quick scheme otherwise you will all be making loads of money quick. invest your time in it and think of it as a business and not a get rich quick scheme and you will all not be dissapointed.

H (wish to remain anonymous) - July 26, 2015

I don’t think a lot of the people are lazy, they were just sold a lie that changed when they got in. Otherwise they would not have joined. The product is lousy and just
does not sell even when you work hard. So you get told exaggerations to sell you on joining.The compensation plan seems to be a better plan then the other pyramid schemes, BUT They should not hype spillover. You make money if you build your
own matrix and RECRUIT. Your matrix will have to fill with 2000
people to make the min $2000. a month. Spillover is SLOW and may NOT happen.
Join for just spillover, you will be disappointed. PTP is very shady with the matrix
and will not tell you where you are on it. The groups made for questions, seem to black ball you if you ask legit questions EVERYONE really wants to know, but does not want to ask for that reason. So the groups are filled with welcomes to pre enrollees and members, which gets old, boring and insignificant. How can you possibly come in April, be placed in order on a company wide forced matrix, have so called thousands come in after you, yet receive,NO spillover. THEY need to be honest about this MATRIX. That’s why so many people QUIT.
Why do they continue to count all the ones that quit , as members. They say the matrix will be compressed, everyone move up to replace non actives. They have NOT done it. It may motivate people. Why, there would only be about half the member count they say they have. They won’t answer if you can sell the empty spots under you, place your next sucker in the non active spot, or give people working hard, that are already in, a chance to move up in order, and take the place of the quitters. Red flags should go off when a company is not open and honest with your right to KNOW this important information.They had a big falling out with some top leaders, who resigned/quit. What a mess. Seems like they are now bringing in SERIOUS people who KNOW to RECRUIT . Charles Vest probably BEGGED Gary S Reid, and industry leader, to join to try to help save PTP. Thanks Jesse for this Blog, I know it’s helped a lot of people.

Wade - August 21, 2015

First and foremost, thank you Jesse for the blessing. I almost joined today, but something did not feel right. So I began my web investigation. I also thank each of you for the blessing of your comments. Very honest an informative blog.

    Jesse Singh - August 21, 2015

    Hey Wade,

    I am glad I could help in anyway! 🙂

Kevin - September 5, 2015

My girlfriend started talking to me about this MLM the other day and I was like…”oh boy, here we go again.” Another friend being sucked in to the complex and almost impossible world of MLM’s.

WUN was my first encounter with these companies about 2 years ago. Sure, it sounds great…but once I see the mediocre web design of their “portals”…I instantly am pushed away.

That’s besides the point, though. I made sure I expressed my concerns and communicated that I have done my research on these things before. Of course, she felt threatened and got mad at me because I didn’t “support her dream”. Sure, you can make a lot of money out of MLM…but if you don’t recruit…you won’t make it. You can’t just rely on spillover.

She believed she could make it without recruiting anyone and just promote the “discounts” on her “website” to her friends and family.

I believe she only told me this to make me think she was trying to go about this in an at least half-legit way.

She is a prime example of why PTP is failing. Nobody is honest enough to admit that recruiting is the only way to make it. Sure, some get lucky with spillover…but why leave your hard earned dollars to chance?

I am glad I read this blog, and hadn’t even realized how new this company was until now. It makes me weary knowing that she was convinced by this company after a few YouTube videos over night.

She had previously come across the infamous Amway and went to their rallies…but felt that she should go into an MLM she could believe in. She loves to travel…so this happened.

I thought she would at least do Paycation or something with at least a little more credibility. *sigh*

I know she has already put money on this and even made a Facebook page with an alias. She won’t even promote it on her real Facebook…how’s that for “dedication”. It shouldn’t be long before I get the oh-so-rare, “you were right.” I’m just hoping she see’s that, unfortunately for her, real hard work and dedication is probably the only way to the American dream. Unless you have rich parents.

It is so easy for these MLMs to get the likes of other people in my generation because of the instant gratification they advertise.

It would be nice to get some input on this situation. Thanks 🙂 I aplogize for any spelling and/or grammar errors, I am doing this from my phone.

– Kevin

Lojayn - January 3, 2016

Don’t join them

rfo - July 4, 2016

Pro Travel Network is now a total scam. The only thing they do is take your money. They have been failing steadily for the past five years. Even co-venturing with YTB (Your Travel Business) who was a legitimate functioning home based travel business didn’t help. It has been dragged down to the level of PTN. Now they are on life support too. As far as travel education – They have generic training that can be found many places on the internet. Their business plan is to sell within minority communities and to family members and the perceptions their sales partners make them think they are helping the friends or family and they are getting a fair deal. They are not. They end up cheating their family and friends. Their prices are much higher than Travelocity, Expedia and every other on line travel site I have found. I was a member of Pro Travel Network from it’s onset. It was working for about a year or so thanks to a friend of Paul’s who set up and created the recruiting, compensation and reward packages. Unfortunately Paul was jealous of anyone in his organization who outperformed him. Many did. It was going downhill before it’s founder Paul Henderson died and his “arm candy” ignorant, arrogant surviving wife took the operation over and that was the final coffin nail. They have NO customer service and are a slap in the fact to the legitimate multi level marketing businesses that are available to those who wish to work in that industry. Be warned and stay away from this company. I was an premiere investor in the company and many of us who trusted Paul have paid dearly for it.

Ron Jones - November 7, 2016

Protravelplus – unable to get my commission.
They say they have paid but globewallet says they have not authorised,
So this is truly a scam guys.
They have messed me about for months. Bas —-


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