Powur Review - MLM Solar Panel Business?

Powur Review – MLM Solar Panel Business?

Hey, welcome to my Powur review!

There has been a lot of buzz around this new company and I decided to investigate what it was all about…

Maybe you have been approached by a rep about their solar panels or someone talked to you on Facebook about it…

And now you want to make sure that this company is actually legit correct?

First, I would like to congratulate you for actually doing your research before jumping into a business opportunity.

So many people just jump in without having a clue about it and then realize they made a mistake…

In this Powur review, I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join or not…

First, let’s see what the company is all about…

Powur Review – The Company


Website: https://www.powur.com/home

The website itself doesn’t have a lot of information on it, it’s more of a slide show than anything…

Powur is a solar panel distributor that uses the direct sales marketing structure to sell their products to customers.

Powur claims to be the first public benefit corporate (Classified as a “B-corp”) to exist in the network marketing  industry.

Powur is affiliated with a company called SolarCity that installs solar panels all around the United States…

So who is the brain child behind behind this company?  Founder and CEO at Powur PBC is Jonathan Budd…

He was the co-founder of a company called Rippln that failed big time in 2014…

Then a few months later, he launched MyStand which was a task-based social-change opportunity, but it doesn’t look like it went anywhere.

Right now the “MyStand” website is marked “Under Construction”.

Then Powur came out of no where, but the concept is interesting…

Next, let’s take a look at the products…

Powur Reviews – The Products


Powur is a true peer-to-peer marketing model to sell solar electricity.

They use a company called SolarCity to install these solar panels on your house.

This is directly from Powurs website:

Powur is a group of forward thinking, innovative entrepreneurs changing how the world produces and consumes energy.

In conjunction with SolarCity and it’s co-founder, visionary Elon Musk, we are rolling out a technology that will shift billions in wealth to the new

And if you have no idea what SolarCity is, then check this out:

an American provider of energy services, headquartered in San Mateo, California.

Among its primary services, the company designs, finances, and installs solar power systems. The company had 9,051 employees as of December 2014. (Wikipedia)

Powur states they have energy coverage in the following places:

SolarCity operates in these states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Washington, covering about 70% of the U.S. population (and constantly expanding).

It doesn’t cost any money to join Powur, and the cost of install these solar panels because that’s done through SolarCity.

Powur – The Compensation Plan

Like all direct sales or network marketing companies, you get paid commissions on product sales.

Powur compensation plan pays affiliates to generate solar customer leads and actual solar panel installs from SolarCity.

Powur Ranks

Overall, there are 10 ranks within the Powur Compensation plan…

  • Partner – sign up as a Powur affiliate (no MLM commissions)
  • Qualified Partner – generate at least three solar proposals
  • L1 Partner – personally generate at least five solar proposals (accumulated) and have a downline who collectively generate nine a month
  • L2 Partner – personally generate at least seven solar proposals (accumulated) and have a downline who collectively generate twenty-five a month
  • L3 Partner – personally generate at least ten solar proposals (accumulated) and have a downline who collectively generate seventy-five a month
  • Game Changer – personally generate at least five solar contracts (accumulated) and have a downline who collectively generate seventy-five a month
  • L1 Game Changer – personally generate at least seven solar contracts (accumulated) and have a downline who collectively generate two hundred a month
  • L2 Game Changer – personally generate at least ten solar contracts (accumulated) and have a downline who collectively generate five hundred a month
  • L3 Game Changer – personally generate at least twelve solar contracts (accumulated) and have a downline who collectively generate one thousand a month
  • Hero – personally generate at least fifteen solar contracts (accumulated) and have a downline who collectively generate two thousand a month

What Are Proposal Commissions?

Solar Energy customer leads in Powur are considered as “Proposals”.

When a Powur distributor brings in the first 3 proposals to the company, they will get a one-time $75 commission.

Also, when personally recruited members bring in their 3 proposals you will get an additional $75 Commission.

Uni-level Residual Commissions

Residuals are paid through uni-level compensation plan where your personal sponsored members are the first level and when they sponsor someone they go second level and so forth.

Commissions are paid out at $100 per every 3 qualified proposals given to SolarCity.

There are also pass up’s in this comp plan where your every second affiliate gets passed up to to your upline.

Solar Contract Commission

For every Solar Contract a Powur distributor brings in, they will get a $250 commission.

$125 of that is paid out when the contract is signed and $125 is paid out once the panels are installed.

If you get three or more contracts a month, you will get a $50 bonus commission per contract that month.

Also you get paid residual solo contract commissions in the uni-level as well…

These are paid down 6 levels deep and the amount you can earn will depend on your rank:

  • Qualified Partner – $40 on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • L1 Partner – $40 on level 1 and $20 on level 2
  • L2 Partner – $40 on level 1 and $20 on levels 2 and 3
  • L3 Partner – $40 on level 1, $20 on levels 2 to 4 and $10 on level 5
  • Game Changer – $40 on level 1, $20 on levels 2 to 4 and $10 on levels 5 and 6

Half the commissions are paid on the contract signing and the other half once the solar panels are installed.

Differential Bonus

This is a bonus where you get paid $100 per signed solar contract.

This is paid in the unilevel structure with Game Changer or higher distributors earning the full $100 bonus.

If the upline of a distributor who made the contract is lower than a Game Changer, they will get their percentage based on rank.

It looks like this…

  • L1 Partner – 20%
  • L2 Partner – 30%
  • L3 Partner – 40%
  • Game Changer – 60%
  • L1 Game Changer – 70%
  • L2 Game Changer – 80%
  • L3 Game Changer – 90%
  • Hero – 100%

Rank Bonus

When you hit certain ranks in Powur, you get the following bonuses…

  • Game Changer – $10,000 paid over 12 months
  • L1 Game Changer – $25,000 paid over 18 months
  • L2 Game Changer – $933 a month (no term specified)
  • L3 Game Changer – $100,000 paid over 24 months
  • Hero – $500,000 paid over 36 months

Powur Review – The Verdict

Overall, the company looks good.

Even though the CEO had some bad luck in the past with start ups, it looks like with Powur he turned it around.

The fact they are focusing on retail sales instead of recruitment is a good sign and is very compliant.

The compensation plan does suggest that recruiting is where the big money is at…

Nothing wrong with that.

For the people that want to sell these solar panels, how are your sales skills?

Are you willing to go door to door?

Are you willing to get rejected by some customers?

If you are, then Powur will serve you well…

If you don’t like going door to door or get rejected by people, there is another business model that will benefit you instead.

It’s called eCommerce…

Now it’s not what you are thinking…

You don’t have to create your own websites or drive any traffic or own any of your products…

Crazy right?

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I personally have added an extra 6 figures on top of my primary business I do…

So if you are in Powur and want to make a little extra on the side while you get off the ground…

This is definitely for you click here

I hope you enjoyed my Powur review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…


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