PIE 247 Review - Legit Business or Major Scam?

PIE 247 Review – Legit Business or Major Scam?

You are on this blog post because someone probably approached you about a new business opportunity called PIE 24/7 and you want to make sure it’s actually legit.  I want to congratulate you for doing your diligence because so many people jump into opportunities without doing any research!

That is why so many people fail…

In this Pie 247 review, I am going to reveal to you the truth about this new MLM company and go into detail about the history, product line and compensation plan…

I will also reveal to you what the big problems are with PIE 247 so PAY attention and read this all the way through to avoid making the wrong decision.

Let’s dive into the company details…

PIE 247 Review – The Company


Website:  https://pie247.com

PIE, which stands for “Personal Independent Earnings”, is the brain child of David T. Rosen who launched the company in 2011.

They claim they are the “FIRST totally complete Entrepreneurial Business Academy”.

David T. Rosen is very under cover when it comes to his past history, but I have discovered that he created a similar company before in 2002 where he is still making commissions from.  In fact, he has made over $700 million in that first company.

Only issue with the first company is the products provided no value and it just looked like a big ponzi scheme…

If it’s still going today, that means it is probably legit in the government’s eyes.

There isn’t a physical address that PIE 24/7 has revealed as of now, but after doing some digging, I found out it’s based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

There are some uncertainties about the history of David T. Rosen, but the fact his first company has been going for 12 years now is good enough sign that PIE247 could be here for the long haul…

Let’s check out the products next…

PIE 24/7 Reviews – The Product Line

PIE 24/7 has a ton of tools to help you market any business online.

Right now, they have two memberships:

1) Retail – $20 Per Month

2) Entrepreneur – $25 per Month

Both Memberships have the following:

  • PIE Website Builder (Drag and drop style)
  • Lead Capture pages
  • Email marketing auto-responder
  • Link rotator
  • Text optimizer
  • App
  • Domain Registration service

Available with the Entrepreneur Membership only:

  • Messaging Service (phone)
  • Marketing Tools
  • Live Webinars and recorded mentoring sessions
  • Guest Speakers

Overall, I did check out the products and they do work.  There is a major flaw with them which I will reveal later on…

Let’s take a look at their compensation plan next…

The PIE 247 Compensation Plan Review

Like any Network Marketing company out there, you get paid a commission if you sponsor someone into the business…

Instead of me trying to explain their compensation plan, check out their video…

NOTE: I do not endorse anything in the video and it’s for educational purposes only.

Overall, the compensation plan looks pretty good.  There is a lot of potential in it once you get a ton of people signing up. There are a few big problems with this and why it can lead to failure…

PIE 247 Scam – is it true?

Overall, PIE247 isn’t a scam.  It has great tools and for the price you can’t go wrong, however, there is a few major problems with it…

First, the tools don’t have good instructions or tutorials to actually use them.  I actually decided to take it for a test drive and it wasn’t newbie friendly.

Second, no matter what opportunity it is, sponsoring people will always be a major issue.  I looked at their capture pages and sales funnels, but they were horrific.  They will never convert if you decided to push it online as of right now.  Maybe in the future they will fix this problem.

I am just speaking the truth…

There are a few options out there depending on what you want to do.

If you want to become a sponsoring master like myself all online…

…This is the system I used to help me sponsor 1600+ members in 12 months.

And if you promote the actual system…

You can make massive money…

You will learn exactly how to drive traffic to their system and their system does all of the rest like following up with your leads and converting them into sales for you…

You even get a one on one coach in the system to make sure you are successful.

Take a look at my 7 week results below:



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You will thank me later 🙂


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I hope you enjoyed my PIE 247 review and if you are in it already, please share with us your personal experience and how you are doing?

Bless and Be Blessed,

pie 247

-Jesse Singh

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