PhytoScience Review - Legit Business or Scam?

PhytoScience Review – Legit Business or Scam?

Welcome to my PhytoScience review!

Chances are someone approached you about this business or you have tried the product and just want to know if it’s legit…

There are a ton of scams out there and the fact you are doing your research is a great sign.

In this review, I am going to walk you through the company, the products and the compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join it or not…

Find out if Phyto Science is legit or a scam…

PhytoScience Review – The Company



Phytoscience is the brain child of a man named Lai Teck Peng who launched the company in 2012.

The company is based out of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

I was trying to do more research on Lay’s background, but couldn’t really find anything on the internet or website.

All I know is since 2012, the company has made RM40 million making it one of the top mlm companies in Malaysia.

The company specializes in the health and wellness niche which is a multi-billion dollar industry overall…

I couldn’t find any more information on Phyto Science because there wasn’t any on their website.

Next let’s take a look at the product line…

Phyto Science review – The Product Line


Like the best mlm companies out there, the product is very important for the success of a business…

Like I said earlier, PhytoScience is in the health and wellness niche and have the following products listed on their website:

  • Double Stemcell – Has stem cell extracts mixed in a proprietary blend.
  • 2 Slim – Weight Loss supplement with a proprietary blend of patented and clinically proven all-natural ingredients (This is what they claim anyway lol).
  • Snowphyll – Hemoglobin supplement with snow algae pure & mulberry leaf extract.
  • H2o Moisturizer – “A potent source of skin food to nourish cells and hydrate the skin”.
  • Miracle Intense Essence – Helps the skin maintain cellular balance.
  • Shine Stem – Anti-aging formula for the skin.
  • Parfum Elixir – Perfume oils based on well-known designer brands
  • Double Snow Chocolate – A meal replacement with chocolate
  • Anylock – Airtight bag sealers
  • Water Tumbler – BPA Free water bottle (650 ml)

I could not find any prices on their website and there has been some regulatory warnings about Phyto Science’s products, but because I couldn’t find any evidence I am going to dismiss it as rumors.

Next, let’s take a look at their compensation plan…

Phytoscience Reviews – The Compensation Plan

Like all network marketing companies, you get paid commissions for referring people into the business.

So here is a great overview of Phyto Science compensation plan…

Note:  I do NOT endorse the video, it’s for educational purposes only.

Now that you know what this business opportunity is all about…

The verdict is next…

Phytoscience Review – The Verdict

Overall, the company seems to be doing well overseas in Malaysia for example, but it’s still not main stream yet…

Anyone outside of those countries can’t participate even though they claim it’s worldwide…

Plus, just by watching their business presentation alone, it’s heavy on the recruitment side…

They don’t even mention really the products and for that reason I am out…

Why people fail Network Marketing

The biggest reason why people fail network marketing is because of recruiting people into the business…

Ask yourself this…

How many companies have you joined in the past and how successful were you?

This ALWAYS ties down to recruitment.

You can’t recruit, you will FAIL period.

This is why I no longer promote traditional MLM companies…

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I hope you enjoyed my PhytoScience review and if you are in this company, please share with us your results in the comments below.


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– Jesse Singh

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