Paycation Review – Legit Travel MLM Business Opportunity or Scam?

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this new company surging in the online marketing and network marketing world called Paycation Travel.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re probably doing your research and looking for a proper Paycation review

Well, look no further, I am going to lay this company out for you so you can make the right decision…

Before we begin, I just want to let you know that I am NOT affiliated with Paycation in anyway… So pay attention and read this to the end because I am going to reveal one major flaw that can leave you for broke.

First let’s look at the actual company.

Paycation Review – The Company

Paycation review

Website:  http://www.paycation.com

This company is one of the biggest providers of travel services and travel education in the world.  They are partnered up with the biggest companies in the world to provide great value for it’s vacation program and member base.

Paycation works with Xstream Travel to provide their members with professional training to become a Travel Consultant or Certified Travel Consultant…

Just to give you the heads up that Xstream Travel has been doing business for over 12 years so that’s always a good thing…

Now let’s take a look at their products…

Paycation Reviews – The Product Line

In a nut shell, this company offers customers discounted costs on vacation packages, hotels, resorts, car rentals and cruises.

Those packages vary in price so I can’t give you a run down on the costs…

I had an insider tell me that their discounts are NOT as inexpensive as you think, but I guess Paycation has to make money some how.  They are paying their distributors commissions on these sales.

Now that you got an idea what kind of products they sell, let’s take a look at the compensation plan in this Paycation review…

Paycation Travel Compensation Plan

Like all mlm companies, you get paid commissions when you sponsor people into the business.  This by far is the most profitable way to earn in this company, but it does have it’s down falls which I will address later in the blog post.

Paycation Ranks

Paycation has five ranks that you can achieve in the compensation plan, this is what that looks like with their qualifications:

  • Executive – Must have purchased Referral or Certified Travel Consultant affiliate membership and have recruited at least three Referral or Certified Travel Consultant affiliates – recruit at least six affiliates (three or more of which must be Referral Travel Consultants or higher)
  • Regional Executive – Sponsor six affiliates (at least three of which must be Referral Travel Consultants or higher)
  • National Executive – Sponsor ten affiliates (at least six of which must be Referral Travel Consultants or higher)
  • International Executive – Sponsor fifteen affiliates (at least three of which must be National Executives in three separate unilevel legs)
  • Presidential Executive – Sponsor twenty affiliates (at least three of which must be International Executives in three separate unilevel legs)

Paycation Travel Commissions

Every time Paycation customers book travel services through them, affiliates can earn commissions.

Referral Travel Consultants receive 65% of this commission. Certified Travel Consultants receive 75%.

Sponsoring Members Commission Payout

You can earn $10 commission when you sponsor an independent affiliate and $25 on a referral travel consultant or a cerified travel consultant.

Coded Bonus Payout

You can get paid $10 on sponsoring new affiliates after the first two.

If any of these members sponsor new affiliates, their first two members are coded to the affiliate who sponsored them and you get $10 for doing so.

Coded Bonus Match

You can get a coded bonus match that pays 150% ($15) on all coded bonuses on their first two members.

After the first two, it’s 100% coded bonus match.

Paycation Unilevel Commissions

Paycation pays their residual income through a unilevel compensation plan structure.

Their unilevel pays infinite levels deep at 8% commissions.

Matching Unilevel Bonus Payout

There is a 100% match on all unilevel commissions paid on personally sponsored members who are Referral or Certified Travel Consultants.

Paycation Matrix Commission Payout

Paycation also pays commissions through a 3×7 matrix compensation plan.

Overall, there are 29,523 positions and payout looks like this:

  • Level 1 – $2
  • Level 2 – $6
  • Levels 3 and 4 – $2
  • Levels 5 to 7 – $8

Qualifications must be met before getting paid through all 7 levels:

  • Sponsor at least one Referral or Certified Travel Consultant – unlock levels 1 to 4
  • Sponsor at least three affiliates (any rank) to unlock level 5
  • Sponsor at least six affiliates (any rank) to unlock level 6
  • Sponsor at least ten affiliates (any rank) to unlock level 7

Business Builders Bonus Payout

The business builder bonus kicks in once you hit National rank or higher only after you sponsor 7 members.

This pays another 5% on the sales volume that is generated by your eighth member and onwards.

Again, they must be at the Referral and Certified Travel Consultant level.

LifeStyle Bonus Payout

Under this bonus, International Executives get $600 per month cash bonus.

Alright let’s keep going in this Paycation review, we are almost there 🙂

Cost To Join Paycation

There are three membership levels in Paycation:

  • Basic affiliate membership (Independent Affiliate) is $29.95 a month
  • Referral Travel Consultant affiliate membership is $99.95 and then $59.95 a month
  • Certified Travel Consultant affiliate membership is $199.95 and then $59.95 a month

The main difference between them is the income potential in the compensation plan.

Now the moment you were waiting for in this Paycation review…


Paycation Travel Review – Is this a SCAM?

Overall, this company is FAR from a scam.

It’s partnered up with the company that has been in business for over 12 years and I don’t see this company going away anytime soon…


There is ONE major flaw with it and it goes with anything network marketing company…


People think it’s the company that’s the issue and that’s why they failed, but that’s far from the truth.

People fail because they refuse to get the right skill sets to become successful in network marketing…

So you have TWO options…

You become a recruiting master invest thousands of dollars in yourself (You can look into Dani Johnson).


You look for a different business model that is MORE profitable but you don’t have to recruit a single person…

Yeah you heard that right.

I have been working on a business in my spare time where I generated an extra 6 figures in the last 12 months…

The best part is I didn’t even have to recruit a single person and I did it along side my primary business.

Click here to see what I mean!

If you are already in Paycation or any other network marketing company, this works perfectly with it..

Heck, it can even pay for your auto-ships!

Click here and Watch This Video to Learn More!

You will thank me later 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this Paycation review and if you are in this company, please share with your HONEST results…(No affiliate links please).


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Bless and Be Blessed,

paycation reviews

– Jesse Singh

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Jessyka Brooks - April 7, 2015

Good article Jesse! We appreciate you explaining the business model. Paycation is a great way to save on vacation packages as well as a good way for agents who are certified as a CTA to earn income as well! I have been with Paycation now for a little over 3 months and I absolutely love it! The savings that we get as agents are awesome! So thanks again for sharing this company with others!

    Jesse Singh - April 8, 2015

    Hey Jessyka,

    Interesting way to spell your name, I never seen it spelt like that. Very cool.

    I am glad you like Paycation and I hope you are successful.

    Denise M. Thompson - November 21, 2015

    I am quickly getting very discourages with Paycation. Everytime I turn around they want more money, now to join it is $149.95 and $69.95 a month to stay with them. I’ll tell you this, don’t be an hour late with your monthly payment they suspend you immediately. I have yet to be trained in anything except there payment matrix and I have been with them two months. So to put it in a nut shell I’m paying out every month but have yet to earn a dime. I have four vacation packages pending and one person on the fence about joining, getting discouraged myself it is hard to convince someone to come to this side of the fence. I go to the weekly meetings but all they do there is show the recruiting video and eat. I am seriously thinking of resigning.

      Peter Calliste - December 31, 2015

      Several years ago I used to be with a company called Traverus Travel that went out of business. This is the same company led by the same CEO, David Manning, that has resurfaced as Paycation. If you do your research, you will see that Mr Manning has a history of starting businesses that for some reason fail after a lot of hype and broken promises. I personally would not want to join any business that is led by Mr Manning.

Dawn Wharton - April 17, 2015

How is this free when it’s going to charge me $19.95 to sign up?

    Jesse Singh - April 17, 2015

    Hey Dawn,

    Who said anything is free?

    Free doesn’t get you anywhere, university, college or anything in value is never free 🙂


israel - April 27, 2015

I am interested in DS Domination.please email me details .

Jose Cuervo - May 13, 2015

Hey Jesse, I just clicked your link and joined DS Domination!

This eBay thing is easier than I thought 🙂

Thank you!!!

Tonya - June 4, 2015

Is paycation worth joining for the travel certification opportunities?

    E Dub - June 14, 2015

    To me it’s worth joining with the highest package CTC you get the most out of it you do not get all the features with the basic package like being a RTC and the vacations are cheaper now with the new free travel portal.

    Gaye Moore - November 27, 2015

    Tonya, I am seeing this 6 months after you posted but hopefully at some point you may revisit this and find A response. I have certainly learned a lot through the training that I have received through Paycation Travel. As a result, I have made a very comfortable income BOOKING TRAVEL.

    To Jesse, thanks for writing a favorable article and addressing the main issue for many who join and that is not having the skill set regarding recruiting. I might add that there are many in the Paycation company who are very well versed in recruiting and actually TRAIN in that area. I have found that those who get this skill set, do better. I personally am taking a course now because I have not done a lot of recruiting because I didn’t have that skill set so I have booked a lot of trouble. What I have learned is that there is a lot of money to be made booking travel, so making that an aim is not a bad idea.

kelly - June 28, 2015

what am I paying the the reoccurring monthly $19.95 for? that was not made clear to me watching the video, it wasn’t even mentioned?

    Jesse Singh - June 29, 2015

    Hey Kelly,

    If you are talking about what I do, that $20 per month is for Training, live weekly trainings, softwares/tools to run
    the business. So you get a lot 🙂


Paycation scam - July 28, 2015

Paycation is not a scam, They can’t guarantee your travel website will be profitable but they can assure you if you become an RTC you’ll get 65% off of hotels, car rentals and vacation packages. Becoming a CTC gives you 75% off, this is their only guarantee.

Lindsey moore - August 4, 2015

I just started talking to someone from paycation. Hopefully things will work out and I will be able to join them and be successful. Thanks for reassuring me they are not a scam. 🙂

    Jesse Singh - August 4, 2015


    It’s not a scam, but it’s a difficult business to be in because you have to recruit to make the real money…

    That is why I am showing people how to make money WITHOUT recruiting anyone…

    I hope that helps!


Melissa H. - August 7, 2015

Thank you SO MUCH for this!!! I get so sick of other people, like that Ethan Vanderbilt weirdo, putting his “two cents” on what Paycation is and isn’t. I am a firm believer in this company and have seen what it can do for people. God bless!!


    Jesse Singh - August 8, 2015

    Hey Melissa,

    I don’t call any MLM scams because 99% of them really are not.

    The big problem with them is they are heavy on recruitment and that’s why people fail.

    That’s why I do something that doesn’t require recruiting.

      Inquring Agent - December 8, 2015

      Jessie I will like to know more about your business.

    mel anderson - September 23, 2015

    i booked a holiday with thomson in july for travel in december this year do i need to complete a commission claim form or not ? spoke to thompson they say no commision because it was booked on their site i did it through my paycation site im so confused

      Nicole - November 17, 2015


      I would like more information, please email me 🙂

      I have just joined Paycation and have pretty much seen that most of the money is indeed made from recruiting, unless you can book several group holidays a year! So defo looking for potential alternative options.


      Look forward to hearing from you.

        Jesse Singh - November 18, 2015

        Hey Nichole,

        I will add you to my mailing list, look out for my email that says “Jesse Singh – You’re All set”.

Radoslava - August 13, 2015

Jesse Singh,

Can you explain me in brief how can I get money, without recruiting people? How am I gonna earn from commissions? Whatvi will have to do? I need personal training on the bussiness. For me it’s difficult to recruit people, that’s why I want not connected with that. What do you do mainly in paycation? Write me on email pls: radi.miteva@gmail.com

    Jesse Singh - August 13, 2015

    Hey Radoslava,

    I am not actually in Paycation.

    What I show people is how to make a fortune on eBay with no inventory on hand.

    You don’t have to recruit a single person in what I do.

    I will add you to my mailing list, look out for “Jesse Singh – You’re All Set”.

      Trenna - August 18, 2015

      Hi Jesse,

      Please send me some info on the eBay business. Would love to supplement income without the recruiting piece.


        Jesse Singh - August 18, 2015

        Hey Trenna,

        No problem, I will add you to my mailing list.

        Look out for “Jesse Singh – You’re All Set”.

        Great decision by the way 🙂

          Ammo - August 19, 2015

          Hey Jesse can send me the eBay business info. Thanks! Ammo305@gmail.com

          Jesse Singh - August 19, 2015

          Hey Ammo,

          Yes of course, look out for my email that says “Jesse Singh – You’re All Set”.

          Curt Brown - August 19, 2015

          Hi can you add me also?

          Jesse Singh - August 19, 2015

          Hey Curt,

          For sure!

          Look out for my email that says “Jesse Singh – You’re All Set”.


          kim - October 14, 2015

          Jesse can you please send me some information with your eBay company?


          Jesse Singh - October 14, 2015

          Hey Kim,

          Yes of course, look out for “Jesse Singh – You’re All set”, also check your junk/spam folder just incase.

          Christina - November 6, 2015

          Could you please add me to your email list as well. I have a friend trying to recruit me into paycation and while that is fine with me, but I prefer to do research on my own first and also to see what other options are out there.
          Thank you very much! 🙂

          Jesse Singh - November 10, 2015


          Yes of course 🙂

      Monique - April 6, 2016

      Hi Jesse, can you please add me to your mailing list.
      I can’t recruit for nada!
      Would like to work at home to spend time with my son who has autism.
      Thanks bunches

        Jesse Singh - April 7, 2016

        Hey Monique,

        Yes of course, you are on my list 🙂

Princeton - September 1, 2015

Hey I’d like more info on the eBay thing.

    Jesse Singh - September 1, 2015


    Yes of course, I will add you to my mailing list.

Tamatha ward - September 15, 2015

Hey I am interested in learning more about your business as well. Can u send more info please.

    Jesse Singh - September 15, 2015

    Hey Tamatha,

    Yes of course, I will add you to my mailing list 🙂

Zee - September 17, 2015

I also would love more info on the eBay business… Thanks… Very insightful article by the way.

    Jesse Singh - September 17, 2015

    Hey Zee,

    Thank you!

    I will add you to my mailing list 🙂

      Bonnie - September 29, 2015

      im in beginning of paycations.com. I would love get information on what your business is doing. Please send me to your website that explains company and how you make money. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Thanks. Bonnie

        Jesse Singh - October 1, 2015

        Hey Bonnie,

        Absolutely, look out for my email that says “Jesse Singh – You’re All Set”.

          Anthonia - January 15, 2016

          Hi I will also like to know about your business on ebay

          Jesse Singh - January 16, 2016


          Definitely, I will add you to my list 🙂

Tanisha - September 22, 2015

Would you add me to your Ebay emailing list as well? Thank you

Domenic - September 24, 2015

Info please.

Levere Went - September 29, 2015

I would like to disagree with with you Mr Jesse Singh on your comment about the real money only being made only from recruiting. It gives the impression that substantial income can’t be earned unless they recruit. Let me just say I personally focus on the network aspect because I love meeting and dealing with people but I have friends of mine that are making thousands of dollars every month from just selling travel and after months have still not sponsored a single member into the business.

    Jesse Singh - October 1, 2015

    Hey Levere,

    You can disagree if you want, but the truth is the big money is in the recruiting like it or not 🙂

DeLana - September 30, 2015

Add me to you email list

    Jesse Singh - October 1, 2015

    Hey DeLana,

    Yes of course, look out for my email that says “Jesse Singh – You’re All set”.

Judy O. - October 4, 2015

Can you please send me more information re: You’re all set?
Thank you for your time.

Doreen - October 18, 2015

Hello, please send me the info in the ebay opportunity as well! Thanks!

    Jesse Singh - October 19, 2015

    Hey Doreen,

    I just added you to my mailing list 🙂

David P - November 5, 2015

Thanks for the info. Set my mind at ease. Can you send me the info for your business model? It’s time to get busy 😉

Hyacinth - November 20, 2015

Please send me info on the eBay business. I honestly don’t like recruiting.

    Jesse Singh - November 23, 2015


    Yes, I will add you to my mailing list.

Stacey Fisher - November 23, 2015

Hi Jesse,
Please add me to your email list. Thanks.

Doretha Glenn - November 25, 2015

Hi Jesse,
please add me to your e-mail list. Send me info on how I can make money via eBay.
Doretha Glenn

Geover - December 8, 2015

hey jesse, add me..need to know more on your ebay businesss

    Jesse Singh - December 9, 2015

    Hey Geover,

    Yes of course my friend you are on it 🙂

    Look out for my email.

April Guy - December 9, 2015

Please send me info on your EBay opportunity. Thanks.

    Jesse Singh - December 9, 2015

    Hey April,

    Yes of course, are you on the list.

    Check out my email 🙂

Yvonne - December 27, 2015

Add me to the email

    Jesse Singh - December 28, 2015

    Hey Yvonne,

    Yes of course, look out for my email 🙂

Audias - December 29, 2015

Hey could you send me information about your eBay opportunity?

    Jesse Singh - December 29, 2015

    Hey Audias,

    Yes of course, look out for my email 🙂

Stacey - December 30, 2015

Hey could you send me stuff on paycation and the eBay stuff? Not for sure which one I want to do!

Melony - January 25, 2016

Hi can you send me your information on how to make money on eBay.

    Jesse Singh - January 25, 2016

    Hey Melony,

    Yes of course, look out for my email 🙂

Mary - February 9, 2016

Please send me info how to make money on eBay

Sonia - May 5, 2016

I must say this is an interesting article, I heard about Paycation while I was doing some research trying to compare it to my business, World Ventures, and it seems like the video only talks about the compensation plan without explaining what the actual product offers which is what I didn’t like about the company. You only make money if you recruit?! where’s the explanation of the product? But I was interested in your Ebay info please.

    Jesse Singh - May 6, 2016

    Hey Sonia,

    A lot of MLM’s are going that way. I believe there should be a balance between the product and comp plan.

    They should always lead with the product…

    If the product is great, then it will sell itself like an Apple iPhone lol.

    I will add you to my list for the eBay/Amazon training.

rod - September 22, 2016

hey jesse please add me to your mailing list…tnx

Jill - December 29, 2016

Jesse you can add me too. Thanks.


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