OXO Worldwide Review - Hologram Sticker Opportunity?

OXO Worldwide Review – Hologram Sticker Opportunity?

Hey welcome to my OXO World Wide Review!

This company has been under the radar but someone has brought it to my attention.

I decided to investigate what this company is all about so that anyone who lands on my blog post will know exactly what OXO World Wide is all about.

All I ask you is to pay attention because I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan…

…so you can make the right decision to join it or not…

OXO Worldwide Review – The Company


OXO Worldwide actually launched a few years ago in 2013 and operates as a health and wellness MLM company.

For some odd reason, the website doesn’t tell you where the company actually operates from, I did do some digging though.

OXO Worldwide’s Privacy Policy does reveal an address in the US state of Nevada.

The President and Chief Operating Officer is a man named Douglas Yate who in the past few years spent over $450,000 on training and tools for the company.

In the past, Douglas Yate was involved in a company called Global TV Studios and is not around today.

Overall, not sure how great the leadership is because the lack of information about it.

I do know that it’s been operating for 2 years now and still going…

Alright next lets take a look at the products…

OXO Worldwide Reviews – The Products


All the top mlm companies have great products that consumers actually want and all I can say is OXO Worldwide has some “unique” products, but not sure if they actually work…

What they market is called “Quantum infused Holograms”.

This is what I got from there website:

The holograms do not introduce foreign or new substances into your body.

There are no drugs or chemicals and the holograms don’t create anything that your body doesn’t already have.

The holograms just influence and balance the body’s cellular frequencies (or energy flow) which allows the cells to repair themselves (by design) and to resonate at their properly designed frequencies.

OXO Worldwide has three products in total:

  • RealTime “XP528” Energy ($69.99)- “Real Energy that lasts all day”
  • RealTime Sleep ($69.99) – “Aids/Supports deep restful sleep”.
  • RealTime Relief ($59.99) – “Supports and aids the body’s ability to relieve pain and helps with recovery”

These holograms are sold in packs of 40 and are designed to be used once.

Now that we know about the products, let’s take a look at the compensation plan…

Oxo Worldwide – The Compensation Plan

To qualify to receive commissions in the OXO Worldwide, you have to purchase at least 100 PV worth of products each month and recruit two members.

The term “PV” stands for “Product Volume”.

OXO Worldwide Ranks

There are several ranks in this compensation plan.

Bronze – Autoship of 100 PV every month and have recruited 2 people doing the same thing.

Silver – Autoship of 100 PV every month and have 4 members doing the same thing on each size of the binary plan.

Gold – Autoship of 100 PV every month and have 6 members doing the same thing with 3 people in each leg.

Platinum – Autoship of 100 PV every month and have 8 members doing the same thing with 4 members on each leg.

Diamond – Autoship of 100 PV every month and have 10 people doing the same thing with 5 members on each leg.

Double Diamond – Autoship of 100 PV every month and have 12 members doing the same thing with 6 members on each leg.

Black Diamond – Autoship of 100 PV every month and have 14 members doing the same thing with 7 members on each leg.

The compensation plan is a binary one where each member has two positions under them.

Commissions are paid when both sides of the binary plan left and right have PV of 100.  This is called a cycle which is calculated daily.

So if your left side has 100 PV and right side has 100 PV, you earn $20 on that cycle.

There are caps to how much you can earn depending on your rank.

  • Bronze – $7500 cap = 373 cycles
  • Silver – $10,000 cap = 500 cycles
  • Gold – $12,500 cap = 625 cycles
  • Platinum – $15,000 cap = 750 cycles
  • Diamond – $17,500 cap = 875 cycles
  • Double Diamond – $20,000 = 1000 cycles
  • Black Diamond – $25,000 = 1250 cycles

There are also matching and generation bonuses as well, but they were not clear on how much you would earn.

The cost to join OXO Worldwide:

Regular Affiliate:  $49 per year

Gold Package affiliate: $99 per year

Alright now you know the business opportunity…

Next is the verdict…

OXO Worldwide Review – The Verdict

Overall, I only have a few concerns about the company…

First, this hologram product does it actually work?

Can you by just sticking this piece of plastic on you help your body?

Secondly, it’s very recruitment heavy and the company even encourages to turn your preferred customers into distributors.

And for that reason, I am out…

Ask yourself this question, how many MLM companies have you succeeded in the past?

Probably none and it’s not your fault.

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I hope you enjoyed my OXO Worldwide review and if you are in the company, please share with us your results in the comments below…


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oxo worldwide

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