Origami Owl Reviews - Good Jewelry Business or Scam?

Origami Owl Reviews – Good Jewelry Business or Scam? Find Out Here…

Updated May 26, 2018:  You probably were searching for this company and noticed there isn’t a lot of good Origami Owl reviews that explain the company from it’s beginnings to the business opportunity…

…Most of the information out there is mostly on the products but to get the entire picture, you should research the company has a whole.

I decided to write my personal review and finally show you if Origami Owl is the company for you…

…Pay attention and read this all the way through to avoid making the wrong decision.

First, let’s dive into what the company is all about…

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Origami Owl Reviews – The Company

origami owl reviews

Website:  www.origamiowl.com

Origami Owl is new to the direct sales or network marketing market place.  The company is based on buying and selling custom jewelry…

Right now, the company claims it has thousands of Independent designers who host home parties called Jewelry Bars.

Maybe I should say they host “Jewelry Parties”.. LOL.

This gives the customers the opportunity to see the jewelry in person and can get more information on the products and business opportunity.

Based out of Chandler, AZ, Origami Owl was founded by then a 14 year old Isabella Weems in 2010.  In the year 2013, the company generated $250 million in revenue with a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau…

Overall, the biggest complaint I have seen is it can be difficult to return/exchange items, poor quality products and less than steller customer service.

The good news is…

…the company appears to address the problems quickly and efficiently.

How Does Origami Owl Work?

Origami Owl Jewelry

Origami Owl like previously mentioned offers unique and customizable Jewelry.

Their products range from charms, lockets, chains, plates, and dangles.

There are two ways to use Origami Owl:

1) You can purchase directly from the company as a consumer.

2) You can sign up as an Independent Designer.  This allows you to sell products at retail.  You can do this through “Jewelry Bars” or “Jewelry Parties” and earn profits through retail sales.

In this position…

…you can enroll more independent designers and earn commissions on their personal volume as well.

To be an Independent Designer…

…you will require to pay a one time fee of $149 to get started.

Origami Owl Review – The Business

Like most Top 50 MLM companies, you get paid a commission for enrolling Independent Designers into your business.

I was having a tough time to find a decent video that explains the business so I found some illustrations that explain it.

Overall, you get paid 50% commissions on plates, charms and dangles and 30% commissions on everything else.

Commissions are paid by Origami Owl every Friday so it’s weekly.

That’s always a good thing.

Here is a great illustration that goes into their compensation plan further…



Overall the compensation plan is pretty good…

So what is the final say about this company…is it a scam?

Origami Owl Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Overall, the company is NOT a scam.

The fact it did $250 million in 2013 is very impressive and if it was a scam it wouldn’t continue to grow.

Because of that, I give it the following rating:  [yasr_overall_rating]

Now the main problem with this company is it’s VERY time consuming.

You have to do a ton of home parties and sponsor a ton of people to actually make a decent income.

Now, if you are doing this full time then “TIME” isn’t the issue really, then you just have to learn how to sell and sponsor people.

If you can’t do this full-time, learning how to sell and sponsor people is still important, but doing home parties will be a big issue.

Now there are companies out there where you can just work the business completely online…

In fact, if you are already in Origami Owl, this can teach you how to sell your goodies all online without even doing home parties.

And for people that just want to make real profit without bugging family and friends in the comfort of your own home…

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If you are in Origami Owl, please tell us about your personal experience…


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Origami Owl

-Jesse Singh

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