Oriflame Review - Legit Network Marketing Company or Scam? Find Out...

Oriflame Review – Legit Network Marketing Company or Scam? Find Out…

Welcome to my Oriflame Review!

I like the name of this business seems like they are branded with fire and ready to earn some dough!

This company recently was detected under my radar and I decided to investigate what they were all about…

I checked them out on Google Trends and they were picking up heat in 2016 and they are still on the map right now!

So, if you have been approached or was just thinking about joining on this hot Oriflame business opportunity, don’t make a move until you read until the end of my blog.

I’m going to help you make the right decision for you by presenting the research I’ve found about the company, its products and their compensation plan for you.

Let’s dig in, shall we?!!

Oriflame Review – The Company

Oriflame Review

Presented to women everywhere by founder brothers Joans and Robert Jochnick in 1967 the Swedish MLM cosmetics company hit the road running.

As of 2004, the company has been publicly traded on the NASDAQ, now that’s about 13 years they’ve been public (just to give you some more perspective on them).

It’s been 50 years since the company started up and in that time, they’ve managed to start operations in over 60 different countries around the world and now have massive sale strengths of 3.6 million hardworking independent consultants.

The company currently kicks out over $1.5 billion in annual sales, this puts them into a coveted rank of the MLM Billionaires Club (a rank held only by those companies that make $1 billion in annual sales).

To share a little more perspective on the company, in 2016 there were only 20 MLM companies to reach this type of success.

Their official corporate offices are found in Switzerland and Luxemburg, there are also global production centers located in Sweden, Poland, China, Russia, and Ireland.

The company managed to expand and retail its products in almost every inch of the world, expect for the USA curiously enough.

Sales are made all over Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, but not much north of the Mexican border.

If Americans were interested in buying any products they are able to order products from the UK website and have the items shipped over to the US (and they’d just have to pay the international shipping fees), because of the lack of independent consultants available.

Note that unlike the other Oriflame reviews out there, I am going to keep this unbiased as possible…

So please pay close attention and keep reading 🙂

Oriflame Reviews – The Products

Oriflame Products

The company’s catalogue is comprised of more than 1,000 beauty products listed and all of which are naturally-inspired and vegan approved.

One of the most surprising divisions of the company is their Skin Research Institute where new, innovative products are crafted.

The new products are then sent to the company’s global research and development center where their scientist then test and perfect these products.

The company prides itself on sourcing a naturally-based and vegan product line.

Products include: a variety of makeup, fragrances, skincare products, a bath and body line, hair products, accessories and a men’s line.

Some of the company’s best sellers are:

  • White Original Eau de Parfum: £30
  • 5-in-1 Color Stylist Lipstick: £10
  • 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Mascara: £9
  • Eleo Hair Mask: £7.95
  • Age Revive Anti-Aging Cream: £5.95 (sale)
  • Blackhead Clearing Mask: £7

Something that is very noticeable is their pricing.

The company sells an Anti-aging cream for £5.95, whereas some other MLMs sell creams of this nature at hundreds of dollars.

Now, whether or not the product actually works is an entirely different question…who knows.


The company states certain benefits related to using their products, nothing has been proven, but the claims include the following:

  • Anti-aging
  • Minimize wrinkles
  • Moisturize
  • Fight blackheads
  • Prevent acne
  • Clear blemishes

Side Effects

One good thing I can say here is the company’s products are not known to have any side effects.

Alright next let’s take a look at the compensation plan in this Oriflame review…

Oriflame Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to buy the company’s products at a discounted price (only to in turn sell it at the full market price to be profitable by retail commissions) as an independent consultant.

Commissions on personal sales is acquired by retail commissions, which is the difference in price of your discounted product price as an independent consultant and the product’s actual retailing value.

Now time for some math problems for the potential investor…

If a consultant purchases less than £130 worth of product at once there’s a 20% discount, and if a consultant purchases over £130 worth of product at once there’s a 30% discount.

So, there’s an added 10% in commission depending on how much a consultant purchases, which is an attractive offer if you as a consultant do have high aspirations.

Therefore, a consultant really should be making an order of £130 or more at once.

Honestly, at-home parties are the best way to hit these potential numbers, because if a consultant is selling to one friend chances are she won’t hit that mark.

As an aspiring consultant you might end up ordering extra product just to get the 30% commission and hoping to sell it at a later time.

There is a delivery charge of £4.50 per order, so having these extra products on hand is not too bad of an idea (if you stock pile the best sellers or items you know a regular client orders often, or maybe even something you’d like to treat yourself with).

Continuing with the company’s compensation plan is somewhat of a typical compensation plan for a MLM company, so here we go…

So, once you are a consultant and if you can directly sponsor 4 new affiliates you now have a team of 5 members.

Now if your team total monthly sales generate 1000 BP (about £1,300), you now can become the manager of your team.

Also, you get more potential income, because you can collect a 9% new commission on all direct affiliates sales, an extra 5% in commissions on all of your personal sales made, and if you have any direct promoted Group Managers another 6% in commissions from their sales.

After that, you can then move up to a Senior Group Manager and start earning commissions on indirect affiliates in your downline as well at 5%.

At a District Manager rank, a bonus at a 4.5% rate is added onto to all your earned commission rates which is included on both your personal sales and the sales of your downstream affiliates.

This commission rate continues on and on upline of the affiliate team, when you reach the rank of Executive Director is where you can reap the true benefits.

Only a select passionate few ever make it up to this rank out of the millions of affiliates (independent consultants).

Costs To Join Oriflame

Affiliates whom wish to join the sales force of the company must become a member as an independent consultant, which is FREE! However, you would be required to buy a catalog, at a cost of 35¢ (cents), so that you may present all the products available to order to your potential clients.

And you also have to buy the products to sell to these future potential clients.

So, if you really enjoy their products, this is the best way to get the best discount, and you just may be able to make a few bucks while you enjoy the products yourself.

Some feel this is how MLM companies are set up, for those at the very top to make the most and earn off those at the very bottom.

Although the company wants you to shoot for the stars and build an empire, that’s not the true earning potential for you to grow, because those top seats are already taken.

I’ve been involved with network marketing for a long while, so I am aware of what to look for when reviewing a new business opportunity.

Last thing to note about this company is if after 12 months you do not make any sales with your affiliate membership under your title as Consultant, you lose this title and have to sign up all over again if you’d like to keep selling the products.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Oriflame review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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