Organo Gold Review - Legit Business Or Scam? Find Out Here...

Organo Gold Review – Legit Business Or Scam? Find Out Here…

You stumbled across this Organo Gold review because you want to know the truth behind this company.

Maybe someone approached you about it and you want to do your diligence before you decide to join this business opportunity or not.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you doing your actual research instead of jumping into something without proper planning.

Some people say this is one of the top mlm companies out there while others say it’s a big scam.

In this Organo Gold review, your going to find out exactly what this company is about by someone who is not involved in it…

(I have no biased opinions, just want to share the truth).

Organo Gold review

Organo Gold Review – The Company

Main Website:

This network marketing company is the brain child of a man named Bernie Chua who came up with the idea of putting a powerful Chinese herb that has existed for 4000 years in their culture, into a cup of coffee.

The name of these herb is called ganoderma lucidum which has been claimed by the Chinese the most powerful herb on the planet.  It’s actually just a big mushroom and no…it doesn’t get you high or anything LOL!

This mushroom called ganoderma is packed with anti-oxidants that is considered one of the few  things in nature that has all the vitamins and minerals for your body.

There has been negative side effects reported and this is off another side I am paraphrasing:

If you use ganoderma for more than three to six months, you may experience some side effects. Common side effects from taking ganoderma include stomach upset, nosebleeds, dry mouth and dizziness, notes the University of Michigan Health System. You may also experience dry throat, itching, nausea and vomiting, says the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Additionally, you should consult your doctor before taking ganoderma if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, the University of Michigan advises (Continue to read here).

Let’s get back to this Organo Gold review and talk about the people involved.  Bernie met up with a man named Shane Morand who is considered the global master distributor and discussed the idea.

After that meeting, Organo Gold was born!

The company unofficially launched 2008 where it went through some problems and re-launched officially in 2010.

The problem’s they were facing was people not getting their products on time, running out of products etc, which is understandable for a company that is growing at a fast rate.

Another thing they faced back in 2008 was a proper marketing plan which distributors can duplicate.  For that reason Holten Buggs was brought into the company in 2010 as the vice president of sales in Organo gold.

Organo Gold Reviews – Product Line

Organo Gold Products

So what kind of company is it?

Is it a coffee company or a ganoderma company?

The answer to that is…it’s a ganoderma company disguised as a coffee company.  Their product line ranges from Coffee’s, Latte’s, toothpaste, soaps and lotions with all of them infused with their main ingredient…GANODERMA.

I know, it sounds like a disease, but it’s not so not to worry.  The biggest thing Organo Gold talks about is their HUGE profit margins for their products, but sadly that is opposite from the truth.

You can find all of the Organo Gold products for WHOLESALE on eBay and the company has done nothing about it.

I am just keeping it real for you…

Product Packs:

When you first become a distributor, you have to purchase a starter package that costs $49. Once you have done that, you have to purchase a product pack to get paid in their compensation plan which I will review after.  Depending on the product pack you purchase, you will get paid anywhere between 10-20% in their compensation plan.

Bronze Pack:

This is the entry level pack that costs $150.  With the bronze pack, you are eligible to earn 10% commissions in the compensation plan.  To stay active, you need a minimum auto-ship of $50 per month.

Silver Pack:

This is the intermediate level pack that costs $450.  If you decide to go with the silver pack, you will be eligible to earn 15% commissions in their compensation plan.  To meet the requirements of this level, you must be on an auto-ship of $100 per month.

Gold Pack:

This is their highest level pack which will run you $1300.  With this pack, they actually give you $1500 worth of wholesale product so it’s the best value overall.  You will get paid 20% commissions in their compensation plan if you decide to go with this pack.  To be active at this level, you need a minimum auto-ship of $100 per month.

Other companies that fall into this category are Valentus and GanoLife.

I actually have tried the products and they are definitely good overall…

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

This company uses the binary system for their compensation plan, why not have Mr.Buggs explain it to you:

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

You can see this compensation plan is very powerful and for the right people it will make them a lot of money.

Holton Buggs is one of the highest producers in all of network marketing and he is a great speaker.

That should give you a clue…if you want to be successful in this industry, you have to be willing to do what the 98% of people are not willing to do.

Organo Gold Review – The Conclusion

So does the Organo Gold scam exist?

Of course not!  Far from it, like I said earlier the right people will make a lot of money in this company, but the sad reality is 98% of them will fail.

Why is that?

They are not willing to invest in their own training.

Let me explain…

Doctors go to College to get the specialized knowledge they need to be successful in the field.  They spend 10 years or more of their lives learning these techniques and skills.

People that jump into network marketing believe they can get rich by simply joining the business and if they fail at it, they blame their sponsor, company, and compensation plan..BASICALLY they blame everything else but themselves and that is a big problem.

You see,

the truth of the matter is you have to invest in your education to become a network marketing professional instead of being a newbie.  If you spend the next 6 months educating yourself, getting the right skill sets and learning the right techniques, you will do what the 98% can’t do…which is being successful.

And THAT my friend is the truth!

What’s the solution?

You either master the art of network marketing or you find a different business model.

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Organo Gold Review

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Organo Gold

I have a question to ask you…

…if you are in Organo Gold, tell me your thoughts about the company.  

Have you had success with it?

 What would you recommend for new Organo Gold members…

…to do when they first get started? 

Leave your comments below and let’s connect.


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Bless And Be Blessed,

Organo Gold

-Jesse Singh

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