Organo Gold Review – Legit Business Or Scam? Find Out Here…

You stumbled across this Organo Gold review because you want to know the truth behind this company.

Maybe someone approached you about it and you want to do your diligence before you decide to join this business opportunity or not.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you doing your actual research instead of jumping into something without proper planning.

Some people say this is one of the top mlm companies out there while others say it’s a big scam.

In this Organo Gold review, your going to find out exactly what this company is about by someone who is not involved in it…

(I have no biased opinions, just want to share the truth).

Organo Gold review

Organo Gold Review – The Company

Main Website:  www.organogold.com

This network marketing company is the brain child of a man named Bernie Chua who came up with the idea of putting a powerful Chinese herb that has existed for 4000 years in their culture, into a cup of coffee.

The name of these herb is called ganoderma lucidum which has been claimed by the Chinese the most powerful herb on the planet.  It’s actually just a big mushroom and no…it doesn’t get you high or anything LOL!

This mushroom called ganoderma is packed with anti-oxidants that is considered one of the few  things in nature that has all the vitamins and minerals for your body.

There has been negative side effects reported and this is off another side I am paraphrasing:

If you use ganoderma for more than three to six months, you may experience some side effects. Common side effects from taking ganoderma include stomach upset, nosebleeds, dry mouth and dizziness, notes the University of Michigan Health System. You may also experience dry throat, itching, nausea and vomiting, says the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Additionally, you should consult your doctor before taking ganoderma if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, the University of Michigan advises (Continue to read here).

Let’s get back to this Organo Gold review and talk about the people involved.  Bernie met up with a man named Shane Morand who is considered the global master distributor and discussed the idea.

After that meeting, Organo Gold was born!

The company unofficially launched 2008 where it went through some problems and re-launched officially in 2010.

The problem’s they were facing was people not getting their products on time, running out of products etc, which is understandable for a company that is growing at a fast rate.

Another thing they faced back in 2008 was a proper marketing plan which distributors can duplicate.  For that reason Holten Buggs was brought into the company in 2010 as the vice president of sales in Organo gold.

Organo Gold Reviews – Product Line

Organo Gold Products

So what kind of company is it?

Is it a coffee company or a ganoderma company?

The answer to that is…it’s a ganoderma company disguised as a coffee company.  Their product line ranges from Coffee’s, Latte’s, toothpaste, soaps and lotions with all of them infused with their main ingredient…GANODERMA.

I know, it sounds like a disease, but it’s not so not to worry.  The biggest thing Organo Gold talks about is their HUGE profit margins for their products, but sadly that is opposite from the truth.

You can find all of the Organo Gold products for WHOLESALE on eBay and the company has done nothing about it.

I am just keeping it real for you…

Product Packs:

When you first become a distributor, you have to purchase a starter package that costs $49. Once you have done that, you have to purchase a product pack to get paid in their compensation plan which I will review after.  Depending on the product pack you purchase, you will get paid anywhere between 10-20% in their compensation plan.

Bronze Pack:

This is the entry level pack that costs $150.  With the bronze pack, you are eligible to earn 10% commissions in the compensation plan.  To stay active, you need a minimum auto-ship of $50 per month.

Silver Pack:

This is the intermediate level pack that costs $450.  If you decide to go with the silver pack, you will be eligible to earn 15% commissions in their compensation plan.  To meet the requirements of this level, you must be on an auto-ship of $100 per month.

Gold Pack:

This is their highest level pack which will run you $1300.  With this pack, they actually give you $1500 worth of wholesale product so it’s the best value overall.  You will get paid 20% commissions in their compensation plan if you decide to go with this pack.  To be active at this level, you need a minimum auto-ship of $100 per month.

Other companies that fall into this category are Valentus and GanoLife.

I actually have tried the products and they are definitely good overall…

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

This company uses the binary system for their compensation plan, why not have Mr.Buggs explain it to you:

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

You can see this compensation plan is very powerful and for the right people it will make them a lot of money.

Holton Buggs is one of the highest producers in all of network marketing and he is a great speaker.

That should give you a clue…if you want to be successful in this industry, you have to be willing to do what the 98% of people are not willing to do.

Organo Gold Review – The Conclusion

So does the Organo Gold scam exist?

Of course not!  Far from it, like I said earlier the right people will make a lot of money in this company, but the sad reality is 98% of them will fail.

Why is that?

They are not willing to invest in their own training.

Let me explain…

Doctors go to College to get the specialized knowledge they need to be successful in the field.  They spend 10 years or more of their lives learning these techniques and skills.

People that jump into network marketing believe they can get rich by simply joining the business and if they fail at it, they blame their sponsor, company, and compensation plan..BASICALLY they blame everything else but themselves and that is a big problem.

You see,

the truth of the matter is you have to invest in your education to become a network marketing professional instead of being a newbie.  If you spend the next 6 months educating yourself, getting the right skill sets and learning the right techniques, you will do what the 98% can’t do…which is being successful.

And THAT my friend is the truth!

What’s the solution?

You either master the art of network marketing or you find a different business model.

If you don’t want to recruit a single person and create an income from home…

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Organo Gold Review

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Organo Gold

I have a question to ask you…

…if you are in Organo Gold, tell me your thoughts about the company.  

Have you had success with it?

 What would you recommend for new Organo Gold members…

…to do when they first get started? 

Leave your comments below and let’s connect.


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Bless And Be Blessed,

Organo Gold

-Jesse Singh

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PENDO MHEMA - December 15, 2014

I am a member of organo gold business and I’m proud being one.
I would like to encourage the new member to focus in a business not to worry about how the business being tough in the begining. eveything in life depend on what you think and hope.

Sample a lot so another people know what is in OG products.
Its easy.. its simple.. its coffee.

David Dressler - February 17, 2015

Great balanced site and kudos for writing it. I’ve been an OG distributor for two years now and drink an average of 5 packets per day. I recently got more exited about it after seeing the results in myself and the testimonials from others. My WHY on this whole thing is in helping others by offering the coffee, et at. I see adults and children who’ve taken the coffee and/or spores with amazing results. So simple for such great successes!

    Jesse Singh - February 18, 2015

    Organo Gold is a good company with great products, it’s just the recruiting side where people fail.

      Mike - August 19, 2015

      If recruiting is essential to running a successful business then it is most definitely a pyramid scam. In a legitimate business, people should be able to make a profit just from product sales.

      If recruiting is essential, at some point there will be no one left who is willing to be recruited, which is when the scheme will inevitably collapse. Of course, only the ones on the bottom will lose money 😉

        Jesse Singh - August 19, 2015


        That’s why what I personally do doesn’t require any recruiting 🙂

        Brett - November 28, 2015

        You don’t have to recruit to make money. You can make money strictly off selling product. It’s a prerogative to get a partner to start with you in the business. If you do, you will reak some benefits of it for sure. Just like if McDonald’s recruited a top manager from somewhere and opened another store for that person to run it. Same idea.

          pedro - January 11, 2016

          You can make money only from product retailhowever is not as big as if you start to recruit and after that people start to recruit etc. thats were magic happens and passive income starts to come. Now about pyramid scheme. Tell me one business in the world that does not work as a pyramid scheme. None right. Every company works with pyramide.CEO on top with biggest salary, after pressident, vice president, etc. Even small bussiness. Owner do the big money after manager, after supervisor etc etc. So this PYRAMID SCHEME things is a excuse from faillure people. This is netWORK marketing, is not netSIT marketing or netPLAY marketing. If you dont work you dont get pay.

          Jesse Singh - January 13, 2016


          Organo Gold is legit, but again recruiting part is tough and that’s where the big money is at.

        Gomer Magtibay - April 11, 2016

        There’s something you have to understand here… Money can be made in network marketing via selling products to customers at a retail price, but that’s limited. The income is limited.

        To earn bigger income, you can recruit distributors to have them become part of your team, and earn overriding commission. And that’s not illegal, not a pyramid scam either.

        All sales forces in the world, whether insurance sales, car sales, or real estate sales, they all recruit people to enlarge their sales teams. It’s the same with network marketing!

Jean Pierre - July 1, 2015

Organo gold product is good with a great concept but too expensive. The market is very competitive. One would have to recruit to make money. Hard to sell.
Any one can succeed with hard work.

    Jesse Singh - July 1, 2015

    Hey Jean,

    Yes I agree with you.

    Ego - October 19, 2016

    I totally agree with you completely because I bought from one of their agent’s at a very high price and later saw it on eBay half of what I paid.. To me I felt like I was scammed . But I got my refund from her afterward.. I wonder why can’t it be a fixed price on the product.. I love the coffee regardless.

Marilynn - July 13, 2015

I am so thankful that someone introduced me to Organo Gold products! I have been using the nutraceuticals, coffees, and teas for two months now. I have had Lyme disease for 17 years, and since using the OG products, I feel better than I have in 17 years! It’s as if a light has been turned on inside! I do have to work on improving my recruiting, but my motivation is to share the benefits of the amazing products to help others feel their best! Thank you for the article, Jesse!

Philips - August 12, 2015

I am 39 years old. I am out of a job and out of money. Can you suggest some ways of getting ahead in life.I am desperate to succeed. I want to be very successful. Please let me know. Thanks for the reviews on Organo Gold

    Jesse Singh - August 13, 2015

    Hey Philips,

    What I teach isn’t MLM, it’s just selling on eBay without any inventory.

    I have over 4000 people profiting.

    I can add you to my mailing list to you can learn more, look out for “Jesse Singh – You’re All Set”.

    David York - November 18, 2015

    Where are you based?

mercy - August 13, 2015

this is a huge lie!! dont waste ur time>>>

    Jesse Singh - August 13, 2015


    What is a huge lie?

    People like you make me laugh LOL.

      Jeff - August 13, 2015

      It’s a shit pyramid scheme and an even worse article. Read all those fake ass comments above about how it’s changing everyone’s lives. Nice try though. All you idiots out there that pay $50-$1000 for a starter pack.. You need therapy.

        Jesse Singh - August 13, 2015


        If you actually read my review, you would have found out that I am NOT in Organo Gold LOL!!!

        I think you are the idiot for assuming things.

        The comments on this blog post are from people reading it, they are not fake.

        I approve most of them unless they are ridiculous like yours, but I want to show
        people what kind of person you really are.

        And if you have such a problem with network marketing in general, why are you trolling on
        the internet looking for them?

        Get a life dude.

          benjamin eric ross - November 12, 2015

          haha good point^. thanks for the article bro i respect your nonbiased opinions

        Brett - November 28, 2015

        They are in the DSA #55 and also Greg Norman (golf legend) is the ambassador and manny pacquaio is involved. It’s been on tv. Life is a pyramid scheme… Actually think about it. As well as I’m sure it would of been shut down or investigated already if it was. Why would celebrities want to ruin their reputation?? Clearly it isn’t a scam and you’re just ignorant and uneducated on the subject and or the company.

          Frazer - March 6, 2016

          Life may be a pyramid scheme but that doesn’t mean you continue to help someone make billions from doing no work. This is not living your own dream, it’s making someone else money. Pyramid schemes are immoral in my opinion. If you really want to get ahead in life and make a difference then start your own company making yourself money.

Sylvain - November 13, 2015

It show above: To be active at this level, you need a minimum auto-ship of $100 per month.

What’s happened if you don’t meet the $100 minimum

    Jesse Singh - November 15, 2015

    You don’t get paid in the comp plan.

    Gomer Magtibay - April 11, 2016

    Yes, he’s right. If you fail to meet the $100 monthly maintenance, you don’t get paid in the comp plan, but your team is still intact. Next month you produce $100, you can again earn overriding commission off your team’s production.

    But I’d like to correct, that $100 is not the minimum. It’s $50 monthly. If you fail to reach $100, then maybe you can hit $50.

Rick - December 8, 2015

You are considering going to OG, then yes you should invest in to the gold pack. Believe it, or not, or take it how you will, but the gold pack is the only way you can COMFORTABLY start your Network Marketing career in OG. I purchased the bronze when i stared and if you desire , it’s not required to fast track your self the profits from that should be invested in your upgrade the gold pack. So, in other other words, lets say you decide you go with the silver pack, your profits SHOULD , it’s not required go towards your upgrade to the Gold Pack. My point is this you will be chasing a goal you could have bought in the very beginning. You want your business to grow slow or grow fast? Right , lets say you said fast. Then this is the best way. Aslo, while part of OG, you will be given, YES given means no charge plenty of support to launch your business.

In OG, the idea in it’s MLM strategy is to not allow your upline to neglect their down line. Don’t get caught up in the ” up/down line” title, just means your superiors and your subordinates. OR what ever hope that helps. Well, that help can include serveral opportunities for you as an OG_____ (title) Ditro/Marketer/ Consultant etc. to excel and meet other OGs’ as well. In other words, while your at these conferences or meetings it’s an opportunity for you to widen your NETWORK!!

Talk with the men and woman who have been doing what your starting in for the past 3 or 6 years and have been where you are today. Just stay motivated, be determined and consistent in your efforts. With model with a 98% nutrition rate, you can either say, damn how can i be part of that 2% there’s no way. OR , you can say GREAT! that means in no time as I remain relentless and consistent in my efforts I can out last that 98% and make my way to the 2 %. and be successful.

There’s so much more that you can learn while apart of the OG community. There’s also plenty of SUCCESS to be made as well.

Paul - February 25, 2016

Highly dubious review. A guy who SAYS he’s unbiased but sells people on the IDEA of selling the coffee so HE can profit? Unbiased? Ehhh….don’t think so. As for the veracity of the “science” behind this horrible tasting crap coffee? Also highly dubious and the only “research” was done by companies affiliated with the coffee company itself. Seriously folks….you all need to re-read the meaning of “unbiased.” As for Mr. Singh…he’s a snake-oil salesman like so many before him and just as laughable in his attempts to sound sincere. He might not actually sell the products he asks his minions to minions to hawk. But that “guilt by association” saying exists with this guy. He attempts to remove himself from being affiliated with the actual thieves but he’s really still quite culpable for the deception in that he genuinely acts as an agent for them and profits from THEIR success. So…he’s just as big a con-man as the rest of them. Is it a pyramid scheme as defined by the DOJ….YES. It is. Is Mr. Singh a thief and a conman? Yep…you betcha.

    Jesse Singh - February 26, 2016

    Hey Paul,

    I guess you don’t how to read do you?

    I am NOT in Organo Gold.

    I do NOT have an affiliate link to Organo Gold.

    Get some glasses dude.

Diamond Distributor - March 13, 2016

Organo Gold it is a Joke…..!!!
Too difficult to make a profit even if you are a Diamond…..!!

I have a Diamond Position and i know what im saying….!!!!

phil - March 14, 2016

The bottom line for all the skeptical people about Organo. Have you tried it? Have you educated yourself on it? Then how can you judge or accuse it to be anything. I understand fear of change. Fear of not fitting in as I have all these qualities. Until I started with organo I was a pawn just like you. Thinking that the problem was MLM or the government or anything else you could put a label on but the truth is the problem is YOU and until you can admit that you will never grow and you will continue to come onto internet sites bashing things you know nothing about, one day in hopes that it will fill the hole and erase the fear you have deeply embedded inside yourselves. Now this is not a hateful bashing comment but a reach out to all those people who feel that posting their opinions in every nook and cranny in hopes of satisfaction. Look inside yourselves, and learn to love yourself. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing because in this beautiful world you don’t have to do it if you don’t want. Focus your efforts more on making yourself happy and finding activities you enjoy instead of trying to belittle everyone elses efforts around, believe me those people are what almost made me give up on this before I realized how wonderful it is an opportunity, not just for “money” but for personal development as a genuine human being. And if i was to not make 1$ off of this company I would be more than happy with the friends that I have met and the skills and confidence I have established within myself. So people please stop this childish bickering and go out there into the world. Do something new tomorrow, push your boundaries, and if your afraid of something… go try it and learn about it I can guarantee the outcome will surprise the hell out of you. But if not then when you wake up tomorrow and your still the same miserable person in the same job and life that you hate…Don’t point the finger out at everyone else…point it back at you and change 🙂 much love my fellow humans.

yoma ma - March 24, 2016

ok answer me this. ive met many high end people, real high end,billionaires. ok they can purchase anything to make their lives better, an island if necessary, just so you have a glimpse of how high end these people are. ok movie stars,heads of state,celebrities,billionaires. NONE use it, NONE endorse it, why is it that if Ganoderma is the fountain of life not a single one of those people are using it, why? if it was what it says it is, these people would have bought the entire production dont you think? Its a Piramid, that allows the head master to earn some big bucks but what about the ladder? how long before he sees some real revenues that anount to more than what you have to invest everymonth to keep your company status. 2 endorsers Jack Nicklaus, and Manny Paquiao. both millionaires what the hell do they know about having to EARN money the hard way,one a Boxer (you have to be a high IQ to have that job) and a natural golfer that had the chance to do what he liked and got payed, not much effort there. im talking about people that start up as grocery packers and have multimilion dolar companies like Ron Burkle,or Golden State foods Mark Wetterau. if ine of those guys would say Ganoderma changed my life, then maybe id think about joinin.otherwise im not gonna sell sell sell and not earn earn earn. good luck ill see ya in a few years see how rich everyone involved is, i mean EVERYONE, not just the head of the group.

Haridaking - April 1, 2016

Great reading comments about Organo Gold. I was just introduced with a similar MLM company called Valentus selling coffee too. Is there a review about that too?

Fiona Morrison - May 29, 2016

Interesting read…. I tried a cup of black gold yesterday and was (to put it lightly) blown away by how relaxed and calm I felt – for the entire day. I normally have a strong reaction to caffeine, I limit my tea/coffee drinking accordingly but still some days leave me with jitters and palpitations after just one cup. Yesterday I drank three cups of different Organo products to try them with no ill effects whatsoever, and actually I felt really good. The reason I read this is that I thought something that made me feel that good must be a scam; or at worst dangerous for my health. I’m not interested in selling the product, or being part of any network marketing. What I am concerned with is my health and that of my ageing and chronically/terminally ill parents. If this product makes things a little more comfortable for them then I will be happy to buy it for them. I will be buying this product, the benefits will hopefully speak for themselves. There are real scams out there, costing thousands to innocent people. This may be an overly priced cup of coffee with health claims that it may/may not be able to support, but I’m willing to give it a try for a few dollars/pounds (I’m British!), if it doesn’t hold up, what have I lost?

Thefather Youneverhad - June 17, 2016

This shit is totally fucking lame. I’ve witnessed people get scammed by this and when they tried to recruit me I just looked at them like they were the dumbest sacks of shit on the planet. The coffee is shit too. The conference calls, audio tapes, meetings, etc are really fucking hilarious too!!! The speakers talk literally non stop for hours, yet have absolutely nothing of substance or specificity to say whatsoever. It’s complete generic, brainwashing nonsense, and they try to pray on people with no education because they know anyone whoever paid attention in school would never fall for it. If you fall for this, you will end up being your biggest, and most likely, only customer, and that is how they make all their money.

    Jesse Singh - June 17, 2016


    Thanks for the comment.

    It’s funny people complain and moan about network marketing, but can’t put their real names on here LOL.

      Arman - July 16, 2016

      The problem wit MLM is that is has a bad name because of all the people who fail to do it.
      However, it are the people who fail an not the company or plan.
      You have 24 hours in a day, so you can spend your time wisely, get the same education and put the same effort in.
      In MLM you have the oppurtunity to earn more then your sponsor, so i don`t get all this pyramid bs.

      “Normal” companies, which i saw in a couple of comments are in fact bigger scams, because you can never be a top earner in that company, and in mlm you can choose how much you earn by your own effort.

      I would start with OG although i don`t want to do too much at the same time. So maybe later but not now.

Idontwanther TorealizewhoIam - June 20, 2016

Personally I really like the latte. I make it with just enough hot water then freeze it for a bit, then I pour it over ice to make my own delicious iced coffee! I don’t know if it is because the distributor told me that the coffee has the mushrooms that’s healthy..and I mentally make myself feel better after drinking it..but I do feel better and happier when I drank those coffee.

So I was researching about what to do with myself..whether if I should just become a distributor as well to get commission AND wholesale price for my own supplies of coffee or just buy for my own supplies from the distributor. I would like to make money while I enjoy myself BUT after learning about the whole “membership fees” and “how much I need to sell per month” just seems a little too complex and annoying. I think that’s why I don’t like Avon or marykay either because of the whole “monthly sales” thing.

Maybe they put the monthly thing do people wouldn’t get lazy and won’t make profits for the upper pyramid.

Love the product but I probably won’t join. I’ll just stick to what I do for a living and just purchase the product when I want it.

Plus the distributor I talked to talk too much about money. She’s always like “don’t you want to make more money?”, “you can make so much money”, “There’s no such thing as too much money”. Omg woman. Sometimes it’s not all about the money. You’re so pushy and you talk wayyyy too much. ?? (end rant)

Gary - August 11, 2016

Hi. Have read through these in the last 20 mins, as I am a relatively new distributor within Organo, and one of my friends has warned me to be careful due to it being a ‘ scam’.

A scam, as far as I am aware, is where an unsuspecting person invests some money or some time in a venture and has the rug pulled, or is not successful !? Right ?

Well , that being the case, Organo, like many other good NM companies , are not scams or scam companies . They are legitimate . And they do what they say.

The product is first class, and the Ganoderma used is top quality .
Research how much quality Ganoderma costs per kilo ! So when Mr Chua had his vision to get this out to the people of the world, I would say he has chosen the right vehicle – coffee and tea !
Just a few questions for you……..
Do you, or anyone you know, drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate maybe occasionally ?
What’s your favourite brand?
Oh , Starbucks!!!! When was the last time Starbucks paid you to drink their coffee ?

This is a wonderful opportunity , and like everything else on the planet , you get out of it ( health, wealth , personal development ), what you put into it!
It’s Easy. It’s Simple. It’s Organo!

Gary Hughes

    Angie - May 31, 2018

    Hey there, please tell me about oregano as am about to join the business very soon.

Cloud Leong - September 25, 2016

To be honest in all MLM companies there is only one thing you need to be : commited , determined and positive. ( trust me i’ve been in three of these things and I only atarted to understand this at OG)
Before OG i also thought all MLMs are scams but then i started to change my mindset around things and needless to say it worked, determination and hardwork did do the trick. As the author of this review said 98% of people dont do this with the correct mindset and that is why they think its a scam, they have no production. And to those who say that the coffee taste like crap, im working part time at a cafe and at OG, and I know one thing, yes OG’s coffee might not be as nice as the taste of coffee from a cafe, I get that but in truth OG’s coffee is instant coffee so thats why most of you think it taste like normal coffee because you people already got used to cafe style coffee. Im only 18 but im doing fine at OG and all everyone needs is a good mindset and take some time to invest in education (sales, talking to clients ect)
And I know pretty soon there will be people saying that im 18 and dont know anything. But this is what i’ve experienced and im just sharing it out. Thanks to the author 👍

MIchael - November 21, 2016

OG is a scam, nothing but a big joke. My brother inlaw is brainwashed and now its all about OG coffee and GOD. They present fake cheques at seminars all a big con.

    Jesse Singh - November 22, 2016


    They aren’t a scam, but the people who join are not entrepreneurs and if they think
    by just joining you will become rich over night, that’s far from the truth.

    You have to start working on your mindset that gears towards being an entrepreneur.

    Organo Gold is one of the good MLM’s out there, but again business isn’t for everyone 🙂

    Just so you know I am not in this company, just stating the facts.

Pierre Perpall Jr - March 10, 2018

The bottom line is that most of the time when someone fail they say they’ve been scammed and when they have success they say they worked hard and had faith, here is the Real Knack about it. IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE. Selling cars can make you rich but if you suck at selling you will still be broke. There is nothing wrong with recruiting but if you’re good at it maybe you should teach your downline how to do it or close the deal for them, in order to make money and lots of it you need to help others to make money. But then again ,if you teach people and they don’t apply they will still be broke, like Jesse said, if you don’t invest in your learning you will fail and blame everything else but you!!!!


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