Options Domination Review - Legit or Another Scam?

Options Domination Review – Legit or Another Scam?

You are on this page because you want to learn more about this new binary trading company.  I know in the past I have tried many that basically led me to waste money with their crappy signal services.

Right now this company is still in it’s Pre-Launch so not a lot of information is out there…In this Options Domination review, I am going to walk you through what I know so far about it.  Read this blog post all the way to the end so you can make the right decision…

Before I get started, I want to let you know once the company launches, I will add to this review…

JULY Update:  Company no longer exists.


You can read the rest of the blog post below, I wrote it before the launch.

Options Domination Review – The Company


Website: www.optionsdomination.com

Note: Company has launched now!

Options Domination is separate from another company with a similar name called DS Domination where they teach people how to sell on eBay by drop shipping.  That just means you don’t need any inventory on hand and once your item SELLS on eBay, you then buy it from the supplier site and ship it to your customer.

So Options Domination is a binary trading service where they will supply you with the right training and signal services to help you succeed with trading.  The company is planning to launch in January 2015.

Just so you know their previous company which will be still going strong has over 100,000 people in it…

Plus, the binary trading industry is HUGE and is trending very high on Google…


Options Domination – The Product

In a nutshell, they will provide you with the right training, the right signal services and the right brokers to help you become successful trading.  For the people that qualify, there will be RISK FREE trading as well which is the first in this industry.

I have been personally put in a trading beta group right now and with NO previous trading experience, and have a 81% success rate so far.

There will be three options for signal services and training.

  • Inheritance Package will be $49 per month
  • Enterprise Package will be $199 per month
  • Legacy Package will be $399 per month

Inheritance will be PURE binary options with:

  • Step By Step Training
  • Signal Service
  • Indicator

Enterprise will have everything that Inheritance has plus you will be able to do Market trades which have higher success rates and 4 LIVE trading room sessions that are worth $50 per session.  That alone makes this level worth it…

Legacy will have everything that inheritance and enterprise has plus REAL investments to grow your money long term.  Plus you get 7 LIVE trading room sessions…

So is Options Domination even competitive?

Of course it is, there are $1000 per month signal services out there!

Unlike all the other binary trading training’s/companies, Options Domination has an affiliate side which can be VERY powerful when you refer people into it.

Options Domination – The Compensation Plan

When you refer someone into the company and purchases a package, you will get monthly residual commissions on your members.  The good thing about Binary trading is the market is SO huge and there is a ton of interest.  It’s a very easy sell if you ask me…

Here a great explanation of Options Domination and the comp plan to give you a better understanding…

As you can tell by their TRI-MATRIX plan, EVERYONE will win in it…

Even if you never sponsored a person in your life and decide just to do the trading part.

Options Domination Reviews – Is it a Scam?

Considering DS Domination is still going strong and binary trading exists in the marketplace today…it’s FAR from a scam.

Like I said earlier, I have been put in their beta group and have been trading for a few months to make sure the average Joe can do it.

I NEVER had any experience prior to this beta group and if I can get a 81% success rate, so can you.

So why should you join me in Options Domination?

First, I am a 6 figure earner and have sponsored over 1500 people in DS Domination.


Here are the latest leaderboards…


Now, I am number 1 but do you see the second place member with the number “50” beside them…

That means I have sponsored 50 MORE members in the month of December…

I am not trying to brag, but just showing you how you will benefit HUGE being on my team because of how I will fill up your matrix fast!

So what does that mean for options?

You see they are IMPORTING all the DSD members into their new Tri-Matrix plan so everyone will make money from day 1 of the launch.

The fact I am a recruiting machine, you will benefit from all the people I will be sponsoring into this company.  By a years time, you could have thousands of people under you without you having to do a single thing.  Heck, you don’t even have to trade LOL.

You will get $1 for every single person under you per month…

Plus, you will be getting spill overs from heavy marketers that sponsored me…

In other words, your Matrix will fill up in no time giving you a nice passive income for just joining me lol.

Another reason you should join me is I will be offering you special bonuses and training for my members.  I am apart of an ELITE group trading and will give you access to this for FREE.  I have members in there making $10,000 per DAY trading.

Imagine what that can do for you learning from the best?

Here are some screen shots from members from our Beta Test Group before Options Domination launched


That person was 8 WINS with 1 Loss!  In other words, they are in the money 🙂


Another 8-1!

I have HUNDREDS of these proof shots in my Beta Options Test group 🙂

I will be personally sponsoring over 100 people a month so even when you become a customer on my team, you will be benefiting from the matrix WITHOUT becoming an affiliate..

You can be trading profitable now and have a ton of people under you in the Tri-matrix.  Like I said earlier, you don’t have to do anything but be active to be part of the matrix.


I hop you enjoyed my Options Domination review and I will be updating it once the launch is here.

Company No Longer Exists, Click Here For My #1 Recommendation


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Options Domination

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