NuMedia Review - Legit Biz Op or Big Scam In 2018? Find Out Here...

NuMedia Review – Legit Biz Op or Big Scam In 2018? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my NuMedia Review!

I have been hearing some buzz about this latest biz op to hit the market, so I decided to investigate what it was all about…

Maybe someone approached you about this? Sent a link to join on Facebook? DM on Twitter? Good ‘ole email?

And now you’re wondering what it’s all about? Have no fear!

I am glad you are actually doing your research before jumping in… after all, being scammed is never fun.

So, in this blog post, I am going to do my best to explain everything I know about the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the best decision for you and your investment.

Let’s get started!

NuMedia Review – The Company

Numedia review

Before we begin the vivid story of NuMedia, we have to go all the way back to the tale of TVizion.

Once upon a time, TVizion was a pirated streaming service offered by 247 SmartLife.

Earlier this year, Dish Network sued all of these companies, including the owner for copyright infringement…

And so, then what happened? Well, they ended up pulling the website offline for TVizion and left 247 SmartLife to basically die off due to lack of use.

But they never responded legally… it was just ignored.

And then came late July, when a default was entered into again with undetermined damages against all three parties.

And then comes the knight in shining armor…aka NuMedia…

SmartLife affiliates were told that TVizion was acquired for $220 million… how much of that is true cannot be verified at the moment.

The NuMedia website was registered as on the 13th of June.

They do consider themselves a “Nevis” corporation, but I really couldn’t find any physical proof of this.

And also considering the perfect coincidence that they were sued on the 27th of April, but bought out by the 11th of May just proves that they probably threw this together under dire circumstances.

And honestly, I have no idea where the owner fits into this picture either… whether he has any power over NuMedia like he did with TVizion or not.

NuMedia Reviews – The Products

numedia products

NuMedia offers access to an app with pirated streaming content to affiliates.

It costs $49.95 a month.

The website itself does show various copyright holder logos, which I can only assume means they have legitimate access to said content.

But as far as I can tell, there are no additional affiliations.

The NuMedia Compensation Plan

Affiliates of NuMedia are expected to sell access to this content through monthly subscriptions.

Direct Commissions

Once they start referring, affiliates can earn about $10 a month per affiliate.

Recruitment Commissions

But wait, there’s more! Apparently, if these affiliates sign up for a Director Package (ranging from $259 to $1249), the initial affiliates who sponsored them can earn $100 or $350 in commissions.

Residual Commissions

NuMedia pays residual commissions through a unilevel compensation structure.

When six affiliates are sponsored into a unilevel team, the two who have been sponsored personally are coded to an affiliate and then split into four tiers as outlined below:

  • 1 Star – Sponsor two affiliates
  • 2 Star – Maintain two sponsored affiliates and have a total downline of at least 100 affiliates
  • 3 Star – Maintain two sponsored affiliates and have a total downline of at least 300 affiliates
  • 4 Star – Maintain two sponsored affiliates and have a total downline of at least 500 affiliates

The commissions are then paid out as a fraction of the membership fees generated through sponsorship of these six affiliates.

From the material I have read, once an affiliate reaches the Star rank, the first six affiliates in the downline with the same qualifying requirements are then coded into that tier.

And commissions are paid as a fraction of the volume made by that tier as outlined below:

  • Monthly $49.95 subscription generates $25 in CV
  • $259 Director Package fees paid by a sponsored affiliate generates $100 in CV
  • $1249 Director Package fees paid by a sponsored affiliate generates $500 in CV

CV (commissionable volume) is the sales that residual commission refers to, and is paid out at each Star Rank as outlined below:

  • 1 Star – 10%
  • 2 Star – 20%
  • 3 Star – 30%
  • 4 Star – 40%

Matching Bonus

NuMedia pays a Matching Bonus on direct commissions that personally sponsored affiliates can receive in their first 30 days with the company.

Cost to Join NuMedia

The cost to join NuMedia is linked to criteria outlined below:

  • A $49.95 monthly content subscription
  • $259 Director 1 Star Package or
  • $1249 Director 2 Star Package

Please note that the ‘Director’ package also comes with additional vouchers for potentially sponsored affiliates.

Verdict on NuMedia

I’m going to be frank… I don’t understand why this MLM is linked to the Nevis…

It’s literally an island in the Caribbean, not even near where the country’s economy sources its offshore accounting services from.

So, why?

Maybe Ferras’ masterplan revolved around setting up a fake company on a quiet remote island where no one would bother it with silly things like copyright infringement?

Thus, the birth of NuMedia.

You could easily sum up the entire being of this singular company in its lawsuit and ditching of prior companies.

I can predict it now… this company will implode on itself the minute the copyright holders arrive or the regulators sniff them out.

So, is this a legitimate opportunity? Probably not.

Could it potentially disappear in the middle of the night without many people noticing?

Heck yes.

And that $49.95 monthly fee? Chances are that it’s probably paying off existing affiliates, dragging this company into pyramid scheme territory…

The only thing keeping them going is sponsorships, or rather how easily you can double it.

More people means the money keeps rolling in.

It just sucks that they will probably drown in legal fees once it catches up to them.

Because of that, I rate this the following:  [yasr_overall_rating]

Thanks for reading my NuMedia review! Feel free to leave a comment or question down below in the comment section…

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