Now Lifestyle Review - Good Products And Business Opportunity?

Now Lifestyle Review – Good Products And Business Opportunity?

Welcome to my Now Lifestyle Review!

There has been some buzz about this company so I decided to find out what it was all about…

Some call it legit while other Now Lifestyle reviews out there bash it but usually those blogs have their own agenda’s up their behind.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

At the time of this review, Now Lifestyle is going through a pre-launch so information is very limited, but lets dig in shall we?

Now LifeStyle Review – The Company

Now Lifestyle Review

Right now the website is a capture page because like I said before Now Lifestyle is in their prelaunch phase which is understandable.

The actual Now Lifestyle website domain was first registered on November 2nd of 2015, but it was updated on October 12th of 2016.

The brain child of the company is a man named Joel Therien who is the owner and is located in the US state of Texas.

Joel is actually a great business man and leader in this arena and has created the following companies in the past:

And now in 2017 Joel is launching Now Lifestyle.

Now you a little bit of the history, let’s take a look at the products…

Now Lifestyle Reviews – The Products

Now Lifestyle products include exercise challenges, weight loss and home workout program with nutritional supplements.

I did noticed that Now Lifestyle videos are very similar to 7 Minute Workout.

After filling in the “fit profile” a customized ten-day training plan with supplements is generated.

Then you can do these home based exercises with their “Now Body” resistance product/program.

At the time of this review, Now Body can be used to perform 85 different exercise routines which is pretty good.

There is no information on the actual supplement part as of yet or the price of the membership.

Now LifeStyle Compensation Plan

In the Now LifeStyle Compensation plan you can get paid direct and residual commissions on membership sales.

Membership Commission Payout

Now LifeStyle members can earn 50% commissions on every membership the sell to customers and other affiliates.

Matching Bonus Payout

You can also get a 50% matching bonus on any of your personal Now Lifestyle members commission earnings.

Residual Commission Payout

Residual commissions are paid out through a binary compensation plan structure inside of Now LifeStyle.

Must must personally enroll at least two people to qualify and must sponsor at least one person per month.

You can have up to 6 sponsored members stored up at one time to qualify for 6 months in the binary compensation plan.

For every 6 memberships sold on each leg, you generate a cycle…

Every time this cycle happens, you get paid $20 per cycle generated.

Right now, there is a $40,000 per month limit on the binary compensation plan…

Cost To Join Now LifeStyle

Now LifeStyle membership is $49.95 per year, but not sure what the retail prices are for the actual products just yet….

Verdict On Now LifeStyle

Overall, it’s too early to tell how good Now LifeStyle will be, however, what I do know is Joel is a great leader in this industry.

At first glance it reminds of a re-branded 7 Minute Workout and has the exact same compensation plan structure.

Once I find out what the actual retail products and supplements costs and what they are, I can give you a better conclusion.

What I do know is that Now LifeStyle won’t be a scam or anything so rest assure.

I would say hold up until there is more information…

I hope you enjoyed this Now LifeStyle review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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Now Lifestyle

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