Norwex Reviews – Legit Business Or Another Scam? Find Out in 2017…

Tired of all the fake Norwex reviews?

So was I…

You are on this blog post because you want to learn more about this company.

Maybe someone approached you about Norwex, or maybe you were at a home party but want to do your research to make sure it’s legit…

Well, you came to the right place because unlike all the other Norwex reviews on the internet, this one is completely “non-biased” and I will not be pitching you on this deal…

Plus, I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

All I ask is to pay attention and read this blog post all the way to the end so you get the right information…

Let’s take a look at the company first…

Norwex Reviews – The Company

Norwex Reviews

Website:  http://www.norwex.com

Norwex has a very large leadership team running the company starting with the co-founder, Bjorn Nicolisen, Eivind Schackt, Peter Cartwright, Kristi Hubbard, Judy Letain, Debbie Bolton, Amy Cadora, and Amelia Spolec…

I know that’s a lot of names, but it’s a good thing because every single person brings something new to the company which overall will help it adapt for years to come…

Norwex is a Norwegian-based company that was founded in 1994 and their concept is “Clean without Chemicals”.  They are a pure cleaning products company that has no chemicals in it which is better for you and the environment.

In 1999, the company expanded to Canada and the United States and as of now, Norwex has over 20,000 distributors.

All in all, they seem to still be growing to this date…

Let’s take a look at some of their products in this Norwex review…

Norwex Review – The Products

Norwex review

Norwex is mostly known for their microfiber cleaning cloths.  What these cloths have is anti-bacterial fibers that hold and attract dirt, grease and dust which usually requires chemicals to break down.

The product line also includes personal care, kitchen cleaning and home essentials.

When I was reading some Norwex reviews on the internet, I was looking for any complaints about the products and to be honest I couldn’t find any…

That’s a good thing!

This company reminds me closely to another network marketing company called Pure Haven Essentials.

Just so you know Norwex continues to expand their product line every year…

They are already introducing several products in 2017 alone…

Now that you know about the products, let’s take a look at their compensation plan in this Norwex review…

Norwex Compensation Plan

Most MLM companies when you recruit or sponsor people into a business that purchase products, you earn a commission…

Now with Norwex, I couldn’t find their compensation plan and the only thing I did find was you get rewarded for personal sales only…

If you are in this company, can you please point me in the right direction and leave a comment below…

Now what I did find is the products are mainly sold through “Home Parties” (Like Lularoe)

This is where you invite guests over to your home and do a presentation and demonstration with the product and how it works.

The most sales you get per home party, the more free products you can get.

For example:

  • $750 or more sold in products, you earn 12% in FREE products.
  • $250.99-$749.99 in sold products, you earn 10% in FREE products.
  • Up to $249.99 in sold products, you earn 8% in FREE products.

For each party booked, you earn a FREE window cloth which is valued at $18.

Note:  I ended up finding a video that shows you the income potential and Norwex compensation plan below:

Now the moment you have been waiting for in this Norwex review… the verdict.

Norwex Scam – Does it Really Exist?

Of course not!  The company has been in the market place for over 20 years now and still growing.

I haven’t found any negative Norwex reviews on the products either…

There is ONE big problem though with this company and it’s not really the company…

People just lack the sales skills they need to actually be successful with this company.

Face it, this company is all about home parties and if you suck at those, good luck profiting with this company…

Other than that, the company is overall good.

Unlike all the other Norwex Reviews out there, I hope you found this one informative and to the point.

I hope you enjoyed my Norwex review and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will answer them as soon as I can.


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Bob - April 15, 2015

Hey Jesse!

Great blog post and Norwex review.

I am VERY curious on what you do because those testimonials are powerful.

You can’t fake that stuff, so please let me know how I can find out more information on this thing that doesn’t require recruiting. Thank you!

Suzanne Peaslee - May 18, 2015

Hi Jessie,
Great review!! I am here to help answer some of your questions! I joined Norwex Sept 2014 during their free sign up event and have loved it ever since! I’ve never been big on home parties and really just wanted to try the products free because they are pretty pricy in my eyes for cleaning supplies! My sponsor was kind enough to drive 2 hours and run my very first party for me so I could get a feel for it… I was blown away! The guests all thought it was funny because I was just as if not more amazed by the power of these products!! You can literally live chemical free and have a cleaner home by using Norwex products. At that party and the 2 others I’ve done since, the guests who already knew about the products spent around $150 & those just hearing about it spent $80-$100 on a starter kit. Once you have a customer, they will eventually want everything we have to offer! And since it is not well known in the US, there is HUGE potential for some strong leaders to come in and make bank!!

So, about the bank to be made… I put in a request to the home office asking them to make the comp plan available to view publicly because I too couldn’t find it unless I logged into my back office. There is more to earning than just your own personal sales. The company has 8 levels in their career plan. See the breakdown below!

1. Sales Consultant (SC)- 35% personal retail 2. Team Coordinator – 35% personal retail
+ 3% from personal recruits total sales 3. Sales Leader (SL) – 35% personal retail
+ 5% on Group sales, except for personal recruits of a TC
+ 2% on personal recruits of a TC in your group
+ 1% on 1st level
4. Executive Sales Leader (ESL) – 35% personal retail
SL + increase 1st level from 1% to 2%
5. Sr. Executive Sales Leader (SESL) – 35% personal retail
ESL + 1% on 2nd Level
6. VP Sales Leader (VPSL)- 35% personal retail
SESL + 1% on 3rd Level
+Eligible for a $500 monthly car bonus
7. Executive VP Sales Leader (EVPSL) – 35% personal retail
VPSL + 0.5% on 4th Level
8. Sr. VP Sales Leader (SVPSL)- 35% personal retail
EVPSL + increase 4th level from 0.5% to 1%
+ 0.5% on 5th Level

I tried to summarize the best I could since this is going in as a comment 🙂 Feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions! I could also provide you with a pdf of the “success builder” brochure that goes over all these numbers with examples.
And to anyone who would like more info on the opportunity or to learn more about the company… Thank You!

    Jesse Singh - May 19, 2015

    Hey Suzanne,

    Thank you for the additional information on Norwex, it makes my life easier 🙂

    Karen Couch - February 17, 2016


    I was told about these products and how great they are but have not seen them yet! Are you still selling them? If so, is it working out well for you? I am wanting to start working some type of business for myself so if you could let me know how it’s working out I would appreciate it.

    Becky - September 10, 2016

    Suzanne are you still selling norwex

Terry - March 17, 2016

Does it concern anyone that these products are made in China?

    Jesse Singh - March 17, 2016

    Well to be honest, everything is made in China these days lol.

    Kerri Goodell - March 29, 2016

    I started selling Norwex in 2014. Yes, Norwex microfiber is made in China because China is the leader in textile manufacturing. However, Norwex also owns their own plants in China providing wonderful working environments and wages. Many of Norwex’s other products are manufactured in other countries around the world, such as Canada, US, Germany, etc.

    Christina - May 17, 2016

    Not all of Norwex products are made in China. However, China was chosen for making some of the products for the sole purpose of the fact that China is known for its textiles, therefore creating the best materials for each product. Norwex has outstanding oversite in every country with which they do business. They guarantee their products to the consumer as well as treat their employees well.

    Louise - April 4, 2017

    Without going political, why couldn’t Norwex manufacture these products in the USA. Instead of utilizing slave labor in China to make insane profits, how about setting an example by setting up manufacturing in the USA, using american workers and making more modest profits?

Tony Bagudso - March 20, 2016

Fact…a green microfiber car wash mitten can be purchased at a retai store for $5.95 or less.The same identical mitten with the Nowex name sells for $26.99.
are you kidding me !!

Someone is getting rich! It definitely appears to me that this is a pyramid scheme!!

Don’t get suckered in !!!

    JODI - March 22, 2016

    The cheap microfiber car wash mitt is NOT AT ALL the same as a NORWEX mitt. I was skeptical about NORWEX products, too. Dozens of you tube videos convinced me to give it a try, and the products are spectacular, and they really do pick up the bacteria and the silver in the cloth kills it. I became a norwex consultant just to get the 35% discount for family and friends, I do not sell it or earn money from it. I don’t even get free product. Cleaning my home without chemicals is a marvel…..and it really does pick up the bacteria. I haven’t needed to wear deodorant in six months because the body cloth picks up any bacteria from my underarms. That is what causes odor, and I swear I don’t smell like anything at all, and my pits are no longer irritated. You can also watch the chicken bacteria tests on you tube.

    Lisa - February 16, 2017

    To be considered a microfiber cloth it strand has to be 1/6th the size of a human hair, Norwex go so far above that….Norwex microfiber clothes are 1/200th the size of a human hair, which makes for a much tighter weave…the Enviro cloth if you unravel it is 10,000,000 ft long, it would stretch from Canada to the gulf of New Mexico.

    Pat Schutt - June 5, 2017

    Not the same materials! You need to study the products. There is nothing like Norwex because Norwex has the patent on the Enviro cloth and NO ONE can copy it. It is superior to any cheaper micro-fiber cloth, rag, dust mit, car mit, etc. on the market. Not even close

Meyer - July 3, 2016

Still no unbiased review 🙁

Jenn - September 25, 2016

Actually, not all sage cleaning products are made in China and that would be my biggest concern. I market for a US based company that has been around for 31 years with a liability free history and integrity above reproach.

Mary Brown - October 18, 2016

I could care less about the products, which I had never heard of until Norwex dinged my bank account for $61.64 for an order
I did not place. I disputed the charge with my bank, now must go through the hassle of replacing my debit card. Norwex could tell me where this “order” was sent. Even though I was charged
I certainly have not received anything, including an order confirmation. Try calling them…they do not answer, nor will they return my phone calls. Anyone looking to get into a legitimate business should steer clear of this!

Eric Lynch - November 11, 2016


You said there’s no chemicals in your products and that that’s your claim to fame. That’s when I knew this was a sham. Literally EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD is made of chemicals. If you’re too ignorant to know that, why would I care about your biased opinion?

    Jesse Singh - November 16, 2016


    Not my product, I am not in Norwex 😉

Mikayla - December 19, 2016

Saying “no chemicals” in incorrect.
Norwex mission statement is “radically reduce the use of harmful chemicals in cleaning and personal care”
They make lines of products that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
Car wash mitts and cloths can be purchased at Walmart and dollar store , but they never come close to the quality and longevity you’ll get from norwex products.

Karen Hopley - August 20, 2017

I was asked continuously to try a Norwex Basic package by a friend of mine and it took me 6 months to take it off the shelf and give it a go. I have owned my own cleaning company for 15 years and have always used chemicals. Biggest skeptic there ever was. That being said, I used it on my windows and loved it but wouldn’t take it any further without properly researching. By properly I mean bio-Chemist sites, microfiber professionals, college professors etc..

Eric I can see your point on the sham. The founder of Norwex “started” the company in 1994 but he initially used it in Sweden to take bugs off his windshield. “Magic cloths” as they called them have been around long before 1994 in the European countries but we were slow to welcome it in the United States because just like you said.. “everything has chemicals” companies make billions on us for that reason. And some people are obviously still not open to using something that doesn’t have “fatal if swallowed” on the back of the labels.

Very true on what seem to be duplicates in every store. They all have the microfiber label on them because the fibers themselves only need to be 1/6th the size of the width of a single piece of human hair. In order for them to be called “antibacterial, antimicrobial or antiviral” they need to be much smaller in size as Lisa mentioned, 1/200ths in size. They also have to be made of split-fibers. In Norwex’s case and most all other companies that make the claim of “superior” its two fibers are polyester and polyamides, which are man made synthetic fibers. Polyester adds the softness and thickness and polyamides add durability and absorbency. You will mostly see a 80%-20% or 70%-30% ratio. Companies will make claims that they are the same as ours because of that reason but the government only requires that the fibers used and where it is made are on the labels. The percentage can be whatever they wish as long as its “close”. Something great that Norwex does offer is a recycling program for your cloths at the end of there life. Being that they are synthetic they are not bio-degradable. OR you can bring them to any thrift store and they send them off to a textile company to break them down and reuse them for cushions and batting.

The Made in China labels.. ya that’s a bummer and yes Jesse I agree with you! What isn’t these days. We do have our own factories in which they are made and actually the best microfiber made is from Korea, and it’s very common for them to ship it to China to have them cut it.

We do have a patent but it’s not on the Enviro cloth itself it’s on our micro silver (Backloc). Which when the cloth is wet it activates and self purifies from within the cloth, preventing mold and mildew regrowth and bacterial odor. Other companies can use the silver but not the way we do. We have it embedded in our cloths and it will only leach out when the cloth totally falls apart. They would have to put it on top of there fibers in which case they will wash out. Make sure it’s Micro and not Nano. Nano will leach into your skin.

There are three categories of clean

Remove.. the breaking up and removing of bacteria and even some viruses
Sanitize.. killing 90% of bacteria and viruses
Disinfect.. killing 100% of bacteria and viruses

Norwex does not claim in any of there material that our products kill anything. Including the micro silver. Our microfiber “removes” up to 90% of germs off surfaces. The silver self purifies from within the cloth. So Mikayla is spot on. We radically reduce chemicals BUT you still need a sanitizer/disinfectant especially for sinks, toilets and bottom of tubs/showers. Bleach will work but use it correctly. You need to leave it on for the correct amount of “kill” time that it says on the back of the product. I prefer to use medical grade Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide which includes no bleach, chlorine or harsh Chemicals but again needs to be used as the directions say.

Mary I am sorry to hear about your experience with the home office. Had I seen this sooner I would have attempted to contact them for you. I have not had any issue so as of yet with there customer service.

Ok.. I think that’s it. Lol. Sorry all I do is research.

Angela Cameron - October 28, 2017

If these products are so great and work so good send me some samples to let me try them. You have to get the product out there for people to try especially when they are so expensive. So that being said send me some please.

    Jesse Singh - December 1, 2017


    I am not in this company, this is third party…

    Go on Amazon or eBay and see if they are selling them there…

Julie - November 4, 2017

I bought the Kitchen Scrub Cloth Blue just to be nice to the girl at the party and it was about the cheapest thing they had at $13.99 for a cloth 13.5 x 13.5. Plus then they add on shipping for a lightweight towel the weight of a washcloth of $6.99 and tax bringing it up to a grand total of $22.60 for a washcloth made in China with a big snag that will certainly leave a hole after some use. They should use some of the exorbitant shipping charges to pay for a quality control person in shipping. I’ll be their worse advertisement from this day forward.

Brandi - December 15, 2017

This sounds great and everything. My question is just how much money would I have to plop down if I decide to start a business of my own? And is there a quota that has to be met to get my business to get started like some other businesses? If so just how much of a quota are we talking exactly? This would be great for me to do since I have a limited cash flow every month but I would have to be careful as to how much I make.

    Jesse Singh - January 13, 2018

    I would contact Norwex for that one…

Marie - March 26, 2018

I am a former Norwex consultant and I found it to be very pricey like many people, I mean to by the stuff that would really clean your home you could spend a grand at least, and then they come out with new products almost every month, so you spend more money to be able to show the product, and the only thing that would be difftent is a limited time color. Then no-one has mentioned the fact that once every six month the marketing material and books need to be pursued again.
No for the positive side of Norwex, expensive,yes but if you can control yourself and just stay the the minimal amounts because some clothes have multiple uses, then the product is so worth it!! And the mop…well I do not know what I would do without it as my place is all tile. The ease of it is phenomenal. And then one day I was in a hurry and my cleaning paste was still sitting on my counter opened and I mistakenly and not thinking what I was doing, I brushed my teeth with it and the only fault with doing that, of you even call it one, is my teeth came out whither than any whiten tooth paste on the market. The bath towels, are just fantastic they whisk that water right away.
I am HONESTLY thinking about signing back up, with the more, that I know about the company, but I will let people know that they do not need all the diffrent things and by being honest I beleive that I will be very success this time.

marty rice - July 20, 2018

It would take more than NORWEX to get me moved from the industry of environmental awareness, cleaners that are biodegradable, effective and certainly at terrific pricing.
I have been associated with SHAKLEE Corporation for 40+ years, use the cleaners and more importantly for me their supplements,protein powders and weight control products.
If you are looking for a business plan that is fair, makes sense and honestly provides distributors with a living income or supplemental income program. I have enjoyed free cars, trips and promotions earned from following the business plan and consistent recruiting others. NO ONE comes close to competing with SHAKLEE’s vitamin and other health products. SHAKLEE was founded by Dr. Forrest Shaklee who envisioned products that would truly benefit the consumer and a line of cleaners that are biodegradable,work in harmony with nature and are very inexpensive in the world of MLM…..full disclosure, I have not been involved as an active Supervisor/Distributor for a few years now but I do and FOREVER will use their product….worth your time to check them out….good luck to all as you work toward to your life goals no matter which company you decide to work with!


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