National Wealth Center Review - Legit Business or Scam?

National Wealth Center Review – Legit Business or Scam?

Welcome to my blog – you are here because someone approached you about this business opportunity or you have been searching the internet to find out more information.

The chances are you ran into a TON of biased reviews done by affiliates.  In this National Wealth Center review, you are going to find out the truth… Why?  That’s because unlike all those fake reviews out there, I am not biased.  I am not affiliate with this company.  Let’s first check out what the company is all about…

First before we get started…

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National Wealth Center Review – The Company



NWC (National Wealth Center) is the brain child of Peter Wolfing (CEO) who has been in the network marketing industry since the early 90’s.

He also runs another company called Easy 1Up.

He brought abroad two more members to run NWC…

Marcus A. Taylor and Dr. Stan harris who are all about personal development and very big in the network marketing world…

Both of them are 7 figure earners in this industry…so far this is a good sign.

Now that we know the leadership looks good… Let’s take a look at their product line.

National Wealth Center Reviews – The Products

In order for a network marketing company to do well – they have to have good products.  National Wealth Center has 6 products that are organized in levels.

The product packages from Level 1 to 6:

Self Development – $25 per month

This is where you get access to their personal development content which consists of audio and videos.  New content is added every month.

Business Development – $50 per month

This business development trains you on key elements to run a successful business.  Again, there are audios, videos and write ups at this level.  New content is added each month.

Wealth Advantage – $100 per month

This level is about saving money, making more money and managing your money better.  New content is added each month.

Fitness Advantage – $250 one-time

This is where they teach you about the right nutrition and exercise plans to help you enjoy the wealth for years to come.  In other words, you can’t enjoy wealth if you are sick as a dog.

Wealth Advantage Elite – $1000 one-time

Wealth advantage elite shows you how to invest properly and do stock trading.

Network Marketing Elite – $3500 one-time

Network marketing elite shows you how to build an organization and make a massive income (according to NWC).  This is taught by 6 figure earners in the industry.

I did have a sneak peak at the products and they look alright… I can only see one problem with it… Information overload and the reality is… People are not in for the products- they are in for the recruiting people in the business…

You probably figured this much from all of those biased National Wealth Center reviews out there… All they take about is “Get your 4 and then help them get 4… and help them get 4 and you will make $52,000 per month in 10 weeks”.


Alright, let’s check out the compensation plan…

National Wealth Center Compensation Plan Review

Instead of me trying to explain this… Let’s let NWC explain it.

WARNING – It’s going to ask you to join and sound extremely sales pitchy… 

Again… This sounds good on paper but lets face it… It NEVER goes that way.  Here is the biggest problem…

National Wealth Center Scam – Does it Work?


It “Could” work, but it won’t go anything like how the video explains it.  Not everyone is going to get their 4 because the industry standard is 1.6 people lol.

I don’t like how the IBO’s or affiliate’s are pushing the whole “Get your 4 and help them get 4….etc” and not the actual products.  This makes it seem like it’s a pyramid scheme.

The National Wealth Center scam doesn’t exist, it’s a legit company but their affiliates are making it look bad.

The only way to be successful in this is if you are a recruiting master and let’s face it… if you have failed network marketing in the past and you think it was just the company – you are wrong!

You need to improve on your skill sets which National Wealth Center gives you with their products…

If you want to generate leads online and sponsor them on auto-pilot…

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I personally used that and personally sponsored over 1360 people into my primary business… In other words it works, but you have to put in the time and effort.

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Or if you want to get paid even more, just promote the done for you system…

It’s the only business where you get a one on one coach in the system to help you succeed!

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You will thank me later 🙂

If you are in National Wealth Center, please leave a comment below about how are you doing and if it’s actually feasible to get 4 and all your team members to get 4.  What is your personal experience.


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