My Life Review - Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

My Life Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

Welcome to My Life Review!

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity either in person or on social media and now you want to make sure it’s legit right?

The good news is you are doing your research instead of blindly jumping into this…

Good on you for that.

Also more good news…

I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join it or not…

Find out of this is legit or a scam!

My Life Review

My Life Review – The Company

My Life Products

My Life launched back in 2013 and is based out of Florida, USA.

The mastermind behind the operation is My Life founder and CEO Andrea Maronian.

He has been in a few direct sales companies in the past…

Andrea became well known when he was a distributor for ACN.

In 2007, he left ACN and joined another company called 5 Linx.

In 2011, he left 5 Linx and joined Invado which was a eCommerce, energy and travel MLM all in one.

The bad news is Invado went under in 2013 and then Andrea launched My Life that same year…

Now we know a little bit about the company, let’s take a look at the products…

My Life Reviews – The Products

When it comes to products, My Life doesn’t have any shortages.

They have a mix of digital products and physical products:

  • My Tech Support – “A matrix of Self Help Resources, Remote Support, and Onsite Technicians, which give you effective options for addressing your technical challenges, from big to small” ($14.95 a month)
  • My Credit Score – “A one-stop solution for the credit information you need to become – and stay – an informed consumer” (no pricing provided)
  • My Green Clean – “Some of the world’s most powerful green solutions” (ranging in price from $19.97 to $7.99)
  • My Trust Alarm – “Utilizes trusted technology for providing security systems to protect lives and property every day” ($39.95 to $53.95 a month)
  • Pure Green Coffee Pills – “Green coffee bean weight loss supplement” ($24.97 for a bottle of 60 capsules)
  • My USA Pack & My Canada Pack – “Valued customers can bundle numerous products and services together for one convenient bill and even greater savings” (no further information provided)
  • My Datacloud – “A backup solution that will have you resting easy; knowing all of your data is safely, securely, and automatically backed up by our trusted brand” ($19.95 a month)
  • My ID Protect – “Helps halt fraud before real damage is done and gives you the tools to proactively defend your identity” ($14.95 a month)
  • My GrowMax – “Make your lawn greener than you have ever seen it or make your homegrown food, grow faster, healthier and tastier than you have ever seen. Guaranteed!” ($34.97 for a 1 quart spray bottle or $109.97 for a 1 gallon refill)
  • My Auto – A “fuel treatment (that) contains organometalic compounds and mineral oils that increase the surface area of fuel droplets to increase the burn rate, creating a more efficient use of fuel” (no pricing provided)
  • My Life Discount – “Our dining, shopping and entertainment discount program” ($19.95 a month)

Now you know what the My Life products are all about…

Let’s take a look at the comp plan next…

My Life Compensation Plan

In the My Life Compensation plan, you get paid as a distributor when you sell products to retail customers and also to recruit other business partners…

My Life Ranks

Overall, there are 7 ranks in the My Life Compensation plan…

I break it down for you all which includes the rules and qualifications needed to achieve them:

  • IBO – Sign up as a My Life distributor and pay $30 to $45 a month
  • Independent Life Rep (ILR) – Pay $399, or recruit six affiliates or sell $690 worth of products
  • Certified Life Rep (CLR) – Sell $100 worth of product as an ILR
  • Life Coach – not provided
  • Executive Team Coach – not provided
  • Regional Team Coach – not provided
  • National Vice-President – not provided
  • International Vice-President – not provided

When you see “Not Provided” it literally wasn’t provided anywhere in the marketing material and the website itself…

Retail Commission Payout

Every product in My Life has a Personal Commission Value or PCV.

When a My Life distributor sells a product to a retail customer, they can earn 50% of this PVC.

If they are a ICR, you can earn 100% of the value.

Recruitment Commission Payout

When you sponsor someone in My Life that qualifies as a CLR within a 30 day from when they first joined, you will earn a commission on them.

How big of a commission will depend on your rank:

  • CLR ranked affiliates earn $50
  • Life Coach ranked affiliates earn $100
  • Executive Team Coach ranked affiliates earn $130
  • Regional Team Coach ranked affiliates earn $200
  • National Vice-President ranked affiliates earn $250
  • International Vice-President ranked affiliates earn $270

When personally sponsored members sponsor their new distributors, these are the commissions paid:

  • Life Coach affiliates earn a $50 residual recruitment commission
  • Executive Team Coach affiliates can earn up to $80
  • Regional Team Coach affiliates can earn up to $150
  • National Vice-President affiliates can earn up to $200
  • International Vice-President affiliates can earn up to $220

Residual Commission Payout

My Life products also has a leadership commissionable volume value or LCV.

When you sell a product as a My Life distributor, you get paid the following commission on the LCV value:

  • Direct upline – 6%
  • Life Coach – 6%
  • Executive Team Coach – 12%
  • Regional Team Coach – 12%
  • Regional Team Coach 1 Star – 6%
  • National Vice-President – 24%
  • National Vice-President 1 Star – 10%
  • National Vice-President 2 Star – 6%
  • International Vice-President – 12%
  • International Vice-President 1 Star – 6%

2&10 Bonus Payout

To hit this 2&10 bonus, a My Life distributor has to generate at least 10 BV and have personally enrolled two people at the CLR rank within a month.

This 2&10 bonus pays My Life distributors once they get their downline to achieve the same.

The amount of money earned will depend on your rank:

  • Life Coach – 1 recruited affiliate achieving the 2&10 Bonus pays $100, 3 affiliates pays $1000 and five affiliates pays $3000
  • Executive Team Coach – 2 recruited affiliates achieving the 2&10 Bonus pays $500, 5 affiliates pays $1000, 6 affiliates pays $2000, 8 affiliates pays $4000, 10 affiliates pays $6000, 15 affiliates pays $10,000 and 20 affiliates pays $15,000
  • Regional Team Coach – 3 recruited affiliates achieving the 2&10 Bonus pays $750, 6 affiliates pays $3000, 10 affiliates pays $7000, 15 affiliates pays $14,000, 20 affiliates pays $20,000, 30 affiliates pays $30,000, 40 affiliates pays $50,000 and 50 affiliates pays $75,000
  • National Vice-President – 10 recruited affiliates achieving the 2&10 Bonus pays $4000, 20 affiliates pays $13,000, 30 affiliates pays $13,000, 60 affiliates pays $20,000, 75 affiliates pays $35,000, 100 affiliates pays $50,000, 150 affiliates pays $100,000, 200 affiliates pays $150,000
  • International Vice-President – 50 recruited affiliates achieving the 2&10 Bonus pays $5000, 100 affiliates pays $15,000, 150 affiliates pays $40,000, 225 affiliates pays $75,000, 300 affiliates pays $120,000, 400 affiliates pays $180,000, 500 affiliates pays $250,000 and 750 affiliates pays $500,000

A distributor can increase their 2&10 bonus payout by 10% if they qualify for a 1 star and 25% if they qualify for a 2 star rank.

Cost To Join My Life

The regular or basic membership in My Life is $30 one-time then $45 per month.

My Life distributors can also purchase the Independent Life Rep Rank for $399.

The $30 one-time and $45 per month applies to that membership as well.

My Life Review – The Verdict

Overall My Life is a good business…

It has retail products both physical and digital and you can make money with those.

You can also get paid well in their compensation plan.

The only issue is that because it’s a typical MLM company, you have to do a lot of belly to belly prospecting and getting people to buy your products or join your business as a distributor.

Because of that, many people fail…

So if you do decide to join, make sure you get some skill sets that will help you with recruiting because lets face it…

If you can’t sponsor people, you won’t do well here..

Now if you want to discover a business model where you just drive traffic to a high converting sales funnel that spits out commissions, I will let you know what I do in a moment but first…

I hope you enjoyed My Life Review and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below…

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